Differential Picks For Gameweek 32

Differential Picks For Gameweek 32

Juicy Differentials For Gameweek 32:




Today I will be looking at some interesting differentials for Gameweek 32! I wanted to look at some players that are maybe getting overlooked at the moment & also some that may be well known, however not highly owned. I have chosen five players to look at, all with nice fixtures for Gameweek 32 (and beyond if you were planning to keep them long term).

I enjoy looking into differentials personally, as I feel my rank needs improving and I like the idea of jumping on a player before they are doing well and become heavily owned. I feel the fixture swing that happened last week gives players like me a chance to gain rank by moving away from the “template” team by transferring in some players with lower ownership.

Lastly, I’d like to note that these figures & stats are all taken from the last 4 Gameweeks. Now, let’s jump into some of the picks!

Lucas Moura: £6.6 – 2.3%

Fixtures: Everton & Southampton

First off ladies and gents, I present to you Lucas Moura. Now, some of you may be thinking: “I’ve already got Kane & Son’. Managers with those two might be right to not be looking at Lucas Moura as an option, but for those who are priced out of Kane & Son then this could be a great budget option for you to consider. Let’s look at some of his numbers:

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG:0.06 xA: 0.52 
  • 3 Assists 
  • 47 Mins per chance created
  • 7 chances created (2 big chances)
  • 85 touches in final 3rd of the pitch (6 in the box)
  • 9 Corners taken

One of the main reasons I wanted to put Lucas Moura in here is because a Tottenham player is the obvious choice considering their Double Gameweek coming up. You can also look at a defender, however, we’ve seen that the Tottenham defence can be fairly unreliable. Tottenham have kept only 10 clean sheets all season and when you think about the manager they have (Jose Mourinho) who in the past has been far more defensively capable, you start to wonder if the Tottenham defence is a bit stale at the moment.

In conclusion, Lucas Moura does pass the eye test for me and is usually heavily involved/influential when Tottenham play well. I feel if you’re slightly priced out of transferring in Son, then Moura is a good alternative to cover the Double Gameweek. I’m not saying Lucas Moura can cover Son’s score, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he bagged at least an assist.

Jarrod Bowen: £5.9 – 2.1%

Fixture: Newcastle

First of all, I would just like to bring to your attention that Jarrod Bowen’s xGI over the last four Gameweeks is higher than Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford & Diogo Jota. He has been a real dark horse and has definitely flown under the radar of Fantasy Premier League Managers. Let’s have a look at some numbers for Mr Bowen.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 1.08 xA: 0.29
  • 3 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 3 Big chances created
  • 8 Goal Attempts
  • 2 Winning Goals
  • 11 Penalty area touches

I really like the idea of doubling up on the West Ham attack. Even without Antonio, they have scored the most goals (9) in the last 4 Gameweeks (this is the most in the league). However, as a caveat to that, West Ham has also conceded 8 goals so I do not really want to go near the defence; we have seen in recent games they keep letting in goals from winning positions.

In conclusion, I think Jarrod Bowen might be my pick of the bunch, especially with the fixtures West Ham have. They probably have the best fixtures of any team and also seem to be flying really high of late. They have been super entertaining to watch and if you’re a little bit like me and are looking to gain rank quickly in the final stretch; strongly consider Jarrod Bowen!

Youri Tielemans: £6.4 – 3.6%

Fixture: West Brom

Youri Tielemans has really impressed me and I’m sure a lot of other people this year. He came to the Premier League with a reputation of a young, super talented player for the future. He came with big boots to fill and at such a young age I wasn’t sure how he would look playing week in week out. However, he has proved that he can certainly hold his own. Let’s have a look at his stats.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 0.26 xA: 0.99
  • 1 Assist
  • 10 Chances created
  • 5 Goal attempts (2 in the box)
  • 36 Minute per chance created
  • 7 Penalty area touches
  • 83 Touches in final 3rd

Referring back to a point I made in the Jarrod Bowen discussion, Leicester has great fixtures; both for their defence and attack. In the next four Gameweeks, they play WBA, CRY, SOU & NEW. Another little link between WHU & LEI are that in the last few games they have both scored a lot of goals. In the last four Gameweeks, Leicester rank fourth for goals scored. This again is another reason why the double attack does look to make sense. The 36 mins per chance created stat really does resonate with me the most considering they have probably the most prolific goal scorer in the league right now, meaning hopefully more assists are on the cards.

In conclusion, I feel Tielemans does warrant a serious consideration; even a triple attack might be an option as a super differential tactic, especially when they are scoring on average 1.8 goals per game this season. Watching Tielemans is truly a joy, he has it all… He can run with the ball, beat a man, loves a tackle, picks a great pass & goes box to box.

Alexandre Lacazette: £8.3 – 7.9%

Fixture: Fulham

Alexandre Lacazette is one of those players that you ask me if I wanted him five or six Gameweeks ago, I’d have probably laughed in your face. However, he has been undeniably good over the last few Gameweeks. Arsenal’s form has been fairly average this year but they do still provide entertainment going forward with the likes of Emile Smith-Rowe & Bukayo Saka (even with those two injured and not getting as many minutes they are still managing to score goals). Let’s have a look at some stats.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 2.86 xA:0.72
  • 4 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 13 Goal attempts
  • 5 Big chances & Scored 4 of them
  • 6 Shots on target
  • 18 Penalty area touches

Alexandre Lacazette has the second best xG in the league over the last four Gameweeks and is second for goals scored only behind Iheanacho. Another string to the bow of Lacazette is that he is on penalties which is always a nice bonus. If an FPL asset isn’t having a good day at the office (Bruno’s made a season off of this).

In conclusion, I am considering Lacazette as a replacement for Sergio Aguero due to him not looking like he is going to be fit enough to be a strong player in my team. Lacazette does make sense and with FUL, NEW & WBA in the next four, I think he is a sensible option moving forward. However, with his form + Arsenal’s fixtures, he probably won’t be a differential for long.

Nelson Semedo: £5.2 – 2.7%

Fixture: Sheffield United

Eh, where do I start with this guy… I had him all the way up to the deadline in my wildcard team and at the last minute transferred him out to bank funds for the easy transfer of Ferran Torres > Son. He then goes and bags all three bonus points in the next game! However, I had been singing his praises and having watched a lot of La Liga before I knew what Wolves were getting when they signed Semedo. Let’s have a look at some numbers.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 0.13 xA: 0.30
  • 16 Tackles (3rd of any Premier League defender)
  • 2 Clean sheets
  • 4 Chances created
  • 2 Goal attempts in the box
  • 19 Recoveries & 12 Clearances
  • 5 Penalty area touches

Nelson Semedo isn’t on my radar anymore due to the fact I have already got Coady, but as I mentioned before I had strongly considered him on my wildcard. In the last few games, I have seen him getting forward more and almost playing as a RW for Wolves due to their injury worries further up the pitch. Semedo has got a better xA than Andy Robertson, Ricardo Pereria & Aaron Cresswell in the last four Gameweeks.

In conclusion, one thing that I took into account when bringing in a Wolves defender is that they are usually a low scoring team and are involved in low scoring games. This means a lot of the bonus points will go to the goalkeeper and defenders. With SHU, BUR, WBA & BHA in the next four, I anticipate at the very least one clean sheet within this four game period.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this useful!

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