“Double” Gameweek 32

“Double” Gameweek 32

By @FPL_Will

Brace yourselves for this one… it’s Double Gameweek 32!

In this mammoth Gameweek, there are now TEN fixtures to contend with – hang on, isn’t this just a normal week? No! It is easy to miss the fact that Crystal Palace don’t have a fixture this week, since any sane manager won’t have had any of their players since Mitchell was dropped in GW7.

The FPL overlords have decided that since Palace have become irrelevant in FPL, they can have the week off. Instead, they’ve allowed Spurs to play twice this week to give people a chance to triple captain Harry Kane.

This will be a short article since the only team we have to look at is Spurs, made shorter still since nearly all of their players are completely useless for FPL. Kane (206 points), Son (187) and Lloris (123) are the only players who have managed to get past 100 points so far this season, with the rest let down by rotation, injuries and ineptitude.


The Fixtures

In GW32, Spurs face Everton away on Friday 16th followed by Southampton on Wednesday 21st. It’s worth noting that they will also be losing to playing Man City on Sunday 25th in the EFL Cup Final, which might impact playing time for some of their key players in FPL. Spurs players are unlikely to get many points in GW33 as they don’t have a fixture.


Spurs’ Defence

This section could just be a giant flashing ‘NO’, but I’m not that lazy and I’ll at least explain why I don’t recommend any of these players.

Starts in the last 5 GWs:

(Green = Started, Orange = 0-59 Minutes, Red = Didn’t Feature, * Injured)

Just what every FPL manager loves, inconsistent line-ups! If you were to throw your hat into this unappealing ring, it seems that Lloris and Reguilón are your only ‘safe’ bets, with both starting all of Spurs’ last five fixtures.

Spurs have conceded 8 goals in 5 matches, almost exactly in line with their xGC of 7.69. This puts them in 10th for xGC per 90 minutes, which is what many like to call bang average. Per 90 minutes played, they’re mid-table for shots conceded (12), shots in the box conceded (7.8), shots from set pieces conceded (0.6), and are 5th worst for big chances conceded per 90 with 2.4. All of these mediocre stats have resulted in 1 clean sheet in 5 games, despite playing Newcastle and Palace in that run.

Lloris has made 10 saves in these 5 games, with 0 bonus points to show for any of it. It wouldn’t appear he has a particularly high ceiling for points even in this Double Gameweek. In fact, he’s only received 2 bonus points since GW14.

Reguilón is the other candidate, who has registered 0 goals and 4 assists in 20 appearances this season, with 3 of those assists coming between GW5-18. At 5.5m you’d be expecting more bang for your buck with Reguilón, but in his last 5 games, he’s only had 2 shots (xG 0.11) and only completed 4 key passes (xA 0.26).

Their opponents Southampton and Everton are 4th and 14th for recent xG, respectively, and although Everton aren’t being very clinical, they have still scored in 4 of their last 6 games. Saints are producing some exciting scorelines and have scored 8 goals in their last 6 games, which includes putting 3 past Burnley and 2 past Man City. They blanked vs West Brom on Monday night, but with an xG of 1.5 they were unlucky not to score one or two in this game as well.

I won’t be buying any Spurs defenders as there are other defenders with only one fixture that are just as good an option, and I’d rather use my transfers elsewhere.

In summary:

  • Spurs’ defensive stats are average and they could easily concede in both of these games.
  • You don’t know who will play both games unless it’s Lloris and (possibly) Reguilón.
  • You’ll be stuck with them for their blank in GW33 and Spurs’ average fixtures beyond that.


Spurs’ Attack

Some people would be tempted to just put ‘Kane, great. Son, good.’ and finish the article. I am indeed tempted, but I have resisted that urge and will chuck a few stats at you instead.

The Star Pick: Harry Kane (11.7)

The most goals in the league? Kane (19). The most assists? Kane (13). Convincing you to get Kane should be as easy as selling dog treats to a Labrador. These stats aren’t even skewed by a mad rush at the start of the season; he’s got 6 goals and 2 assists in his last 8 games, consistently returning points even when Spurs are trying really, really hard not to win.

Kane’s record vs Southampton and Everton:

Just the 28 G/A in 28 matches for him.

Earlier this season, he scored 1 and assisted 4 in the mauling of Southampton, scored vs Everton off the bench in the FA Cup and blanked in the opening fixture against Everton.

If you have your Triple Captain chip left, Kane is maybe the last great Double Gameweek option this season, especially since he can haul in games where Spurs don’t even play well.

No one shoots more, has a higher xG or takes better penalties and if you can afford him, Kane really should be a no-brainer for your team this week. Chuck the captaincy on him as well, that’s an order.

And The Rest:

Gareth Bale (9.2) has managed 10 minutes in the last 3 GWs, with this extended spell on the bench suspiciously coinciding with his comments that suggested Spurs was just a training camp before he could return to Madrid. It’s not worth having someone in your team that might not play either match (let alone both of them) and he could be a waste of 9.2m in your team for future Gameweeks too. AVOID.

Lucas Moura (6.6) has started all of their last 5 games, scoring 0 goals and registering 3 assists (from an xA of 1.05). He’s actually mustered a pathetic, measly, abominable ONE shot in those 5 games which wasn’t even on target. AVOID.

Vinicius (6.9) didn’t feature at all vs Man United and apart from his 45, 90 and 10 minutes vs Newcastle, Aston Villa and Chelsea, respectively, he’s not played since GW22. AVOID.

The only other person worth mentioning is Son (9.4), who I personally hate owning in Fantasy since he seems to often only have one shot on target per game (in reality it’s 0.97 shots on target per game this season). But, for this Double Gameweek, it is not the stupidest decision to have him on your team. He scored against United and pre-injury had managed 3 assists in 3 games vs Palace, Fulham and Burnley. 14 goals and 9 assists this season are great returns from Son and if it’s not painful to do so, I would put him in your team. I do think that there’s a chance he doesn’t score in either game though, so I wouldn’t take a hit to get him in (especially since he blanks the following week). You never know though, he might score 4 goals against Southampton (again).

In summary:

  • Kane, great. Son, good.

Thank you and good luck!


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