Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW32?

Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW32?

The FPL returns again on Friday 16th April with a deadline to finalise your team by 18:30.

To help you out with your team, we’ve created our top picks for Gameweek 32. As always, our picks are based on having 100 million in the bank and this week’s team comes out at just 99.4 million. We understand you have probably gained a lot of value from players so possible upgrades could be on the cards for your team.

Here are our Gameweek 32 Picks

DGW: Everton vs Spurs | Spurs vs Southampton

With Spurs playing twice in Gameweek 32, it’s inevitable that we have tripled up on Spurs assets. For this selection, we’ve gone with Harry Kane (11.6m), Heung-Min Son (9.4m) and Sergio Reguilón (5.5m). Kane is currently the joint top goal scorer along with Mohamed Salah; both players have an incredible 19 goals so far this season. With this in mind, we feel Kane could easily get a few goals/assists in these two matchups, especially since we expect him to start both games and get at least 70 minutes of game time in each match. Although he blanked in the last meet up with Man Utd, we feel he will bounce back and have a great partnership with Son. He needs to be fighting for goals every week to become the golden boot winner! Son got a goal in the previous game and is looking locked in to start at the moment, which is why we have added him to our selection also. With Reguilón being a regular starter for Spurs, we’ve simply added him for the possible benefit of playing two games with high hopes of him bagging at least one clean sheet as a minimum.

Newcastle vs West Ham

Our only pick for this fixture is nobody other than the main man; Jesse Lingard (6.4m). Did you know that Lingard’s current points per game this season is 9.1 points! That’s two points higher than the second contender which is Kane. Lingard has been an exceptional player on his loan to West Ham and with a whopping 9.5 form, we simply couldn’t imagine going without him in our Gameweek 32 selection.

Wolves vs Sheffield Utd

Wolves are up against the bottom of the league which is why our pick for this game is Nélson Cabral Semedo (5.2m). Semedo achieved 9 points in his previous game against Fulham away (with 3BPS), so we feel pretty confident he will get another clean sheet in this fixture and hopefully some bonus points along the way! With Sheffield Utd only managing to bag 17 goals this season in 31 matches, we have high hopes of him repeating a similar score to the previous fixture, especially with Wolves playing at home.

Arsenal vs Fulham

Our pick for this fixture is Alexandre Lacazette (8.3m). He seems to be getting more game time recently and following the 2 goals he scored against Sheffield Utd, we have no doubt that he will start and add to his scoring tally. With only 7.3% ownership as well, he could well be a very good differential, not only for this week but in upcoming fixtures as well.

Man Utd vs Burnley

Once again, we have only one selection in this fixture and it is none other than Bruno Fernandes (11.6m). Burnley have not managed to keep a clean sheet in their last 8 Gameweeks. Fernandes is definitely due to a burst of points and we can’t ignore him for this Gameweek 32 fixture. With 16 goals and 13 assists so far this season, how could you possibly ignore this Portuguese star?

Chelsea vs Brighton

In this fixture, we have gone with Edouard Mendy (5.2m) and Kai Havertz (8.2m). The reason behind the Mendy pick is that he has managed 4 clean sheets in Chelsea’s last 6 fixtures and we can definitely see this becoming 5 in 7. And then for Havertz, if you saw him play in his last game against Crystal Palace, you’ll no doubt already be thinking about bringing this guy into your team. Fulham have conceded 9 goals in their last 4 games, so we are expecting a high score in this fixture, especially in Chelsea’s favour!

Leicester vs West Brom

Finally, our picks for this game are Wesley Fofana (5.0m) and Kelechi Iheanacho (5.9m). The next four fixtures for Leicester are against teams rated ‘2’ in the FPL fixture difficulty ratings and in 3 of those games they are playing at home. With their incredible upcoming fixtures, these two picks were a no-brainer, especially for a combined value of only 9.9m for a solid defender and striker. We’re expecting some clean sheets here and at great value too, which is why we have selected Fofana. Iheanacho was an easy selection following their game against West Ham, where he managed to bag 2 goals. If that hasn’t sold it to you already, did you know that Iheanacho has only blanked once in his last 5 games? During those games, he has managed to score 7 goals and get 1 assist! I’m pretty sure I would be hiding behind the sofa during Leicester games if I didn’t have this guy in my team.

Our Bench Picks

We selected Fraser Forster (4.0m) as he is a current starter for Southampton and because of his value. For only 4.0m we then had the ability to upgrade our team elsewhere. For that exact reason, we have also selected Jorginho (4.7m). Rob Holding (4.2m) again was a simple decision, especially when injuries to other Arsenal defenders means he is likely to start. Finally, for the same reason, we have also selected Nathaniel Phillips (4.1m). It’s always good to have a strong bench of reliable players to come on in case one of your main picks doesn’t play. Not only that but if you still have your Bench Boost Chip, you will no doubt be wanting a reliable bench to get points from all fifteen players!


It seems a lot of people have used their Wildcard in Gameweek 31 due to the fixture swing and to prepare their teams in the best possible way for the end of the season. With a DGW for Spurs, the obvious captains here are Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son, who will you pick? Don’t worry if you have not decided yet, we will have an article later this week to help you with your final decision. We sure hope our FPL Way XV picks have helped you with your managerial selections for the upcoming Gameweek and as always, we wish you the best of luck!

If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay


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