Who’s The Best Captain For Gameweek 32?

Who’s The Best Captain For Gameweek 32?

Who Will You Choose⁉️

This article was written by @FPL_D5l (Daniel Lison)

I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 32 (GW32).

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Who Are The Top Performers (Stats Table)

📌 Premium & Differential’s

📌 My Conclusion

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band


Results of the Poll:

First of all, 82% is extraordinary for a poll percentage, I might as well just stop here as we know who will be the clear favourite for this Gameweek. But nevertheless, let’s explore some possibilities for the other candidates.

The following stats will be sourced from @FFscout.

Who Are The Top Performers?

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

The table above you is an attacking stats table I like to choose from when I’m choosing my captaincy picks. If I narrow it down to 2 stats, I particularly look out for shots on target and shots in the box. The more shots on target you see in a player, the higher the quality of a player’s shooting ability & accuracy in front of goal.


Harry Kane: £11.7m

Fixtures: Southampton (H) & Everton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 3.37
  • Goals: 3
  • Shots Inside The Box: 9
  • Assist: 0
  • Chances Created: 0
  • Big Chances: 4

We start off with the main man himself Harry Kane, who clearly will have the most EO for this game week & I’m definitely not going to talk you out of him in this article. But what I am going to do is write why we should captain Kane.

I have heard some mumblings about Spurs not doing so well against Man United in Gameweek 31 & therefore doubting captaining Kane due to their poor performance. However, I need to remind you guys, Man United have a really good record against the top 6 teams, so don’t let that game put you off.

Spurs are playing Southampton at home, let me throw in some stats: In the last 6 games, the Saints sit 3rd for Big Chances Conceded (18), Top 6 for xGC (9.78), & 2nd for Goals Conceded (13). Looking at these poor defensive stats it’s very encouraging from an attacking point of view for Harry Kane. Everton are looking slightly better defensively, they sit bottom half of the stats table for Goals Conceded (10), bottom 6th for xG Conceded (6.73) & sit in the bottom 5 for Goals Conceded (5). Everton will be the trickier team out of two teams & the stats proves that.

So if we take a look at Kane’s attacking stats, I’m going to introduce you to more favourable stats that I like to choose when I look for my captain. In the last 6 matches, he’s joint second for chances in the box, 7 Big Chances which is joint best & 11 shots on target (also joint best in the league). We also need to mention his goal involvement; Harry Kane has 32 goal involvements this season, Son 23, which makes them both extremely good FPL options. I would strongly recommend owning them. Kane is clearly a very strong candidate & will be hard to match.

Son Heung-min: £9.4m

Southampton (H) & Everton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 0.75
  • Goals: 1
  • Mins Per Goal Attempt In Box: 48.8
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 4
  • Big Chances: 2

Now we’ve cleared up the clear favourite, I’m now going to add the second most voted player; Son (12%). Worthy for the captaincy? Well, compared to Kane he doesn’t have as much attacking potential as we would like him to have. Son’s creative ability has become more his game this season than goals: in the last 6 matches he has (4) chances created to Kane’s (0), but that doesn’t strike me as the go to stat. I’m going to show you some comparisons between them both.

Kane & Son

Shot’s in the box: 9 ↔️ 5

Shots on Target: 7 ↔️ 3

Goal Attempts: 17 ↔️ 6

As my go to stats, this show’s Kane has far more attacking potential than Son. I would Say Son is the creator not the scorer, so that dents his chances for the armband. I do think if you need play aggressively to gain rank, Son is a good differential Captain.

Bruno Fernandes: £11.6m

Burnley (h)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 1.56
  • Goals: 1
  • Mins Per Goal Attempt In Box: 119.3
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 11
  • Big Chances: 3

Now we go to the 3rd most voted (3%), Bruno Fernandes. I think its fair to say Bruno Fernandes is running out of steam slightly & to be honest I’m not surprised considering how long he has performed so strongly in FPL since joining United last year in January. It just shows that he is actually human after all. Bruno is heading to Burnley and on a defensive note I will put out some stats on the table: In the last 4 matches Burnley are in the top 4 for Big Chances Conceded (13), top 6 for Goals Conceded (7) & in the top 5 for xG Conceded (7.52). I think Bruno has a good chance of an attacking return in this match.

Taking a look at Bruno’s attacking stats he only has (1) assist in the last 4, which isn’t great. What I do like to see is his Shots on Target (7); that is comparable to Kane, Lingard & Iheanacho. As you can see Bruno is much of a distance shooter as he has (3) Shots In The Box, compared to the like’s of Kane (9), Lingard (10) & Iheanacho (10), which again put’s him down as the non favourite compared to the others.

Of course, we have to note down that Bruno is on penalties, which is good as if he scores he inevitably gets at least 10pts. But if you compare that to Kane, he’s 1) on a Double Game week, & 2) his attacking potential is far greater. Bruno is a brilliant player and playing against Burnley is a tasty fixture, but he will not be my captain this week.


Jesse Lingard & Kelechi Iheanacho:

Fixtures: Newcastle (A) & West Brom (H)

Underlying attacking stats compared in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 2.35 ↔️ 2.75
  • Goals: 5 ↔️ 6
  • Mins Per Goal Attempts: 35.7 ↔️ 34.1
  • Assist: 2 ↔️ 0
  • Chances Created: 4 ↔️ 6
  • Big Chances: 5 ↔️ 4

We now come to the interesting part, the other choices of the poll with (3%) of the vote. Jesse Lingard! A worthy differential captain as he can’t stop scoring right now, with 6 goals in 4 games. He is also playing Newcastle (A) which is a nice fixture to target. I did mention in my last article whether Lingard would play as well without Antonio due to him having no shots after Antonio came off in the 1st half. Obviously I was wrong as he scored 2 goals against Leicester.

Let’s run through Jesse’s last 6 matches. He’s joint second in the whole league for Shots on Target, he also has had (5) Big Chances which is joint 3rd highest in the whole league. Surprisingly Lingard’s xG doesn’t match up compared to most of the players above but he still provides a decent amount of shots on goal & his chances compared to those above are pretty good too. If Spurs weren’t playing a double game week then he would be most likely my captain this week.

Iheanacho has also been in top form recently. Scoring 6 goals in 6 games, they have very similar xG: Iheanacho (2.75) and Lingard (2.35). Iheanacho’s other stats are similar to Lingard: Shots on Target 8 ↔️ 8, Shots Inside the Box 10 ↔️ 10 & Big Chances Total 4 ↔️ 5. You can see clearly the stats are great for both players. Leicester are playing against West Brom, who I would say are one of the best defences in the league at the moment. So again, compared to the mighty Kane, these boys just can’t compete and for the obvious reasons both will not have the armband. After Gameweek 32 they are very much up for consideration, but just not this week.

My Conclusion:

We finish off with my conclusion. I think it goes without question who my captaincy pick will be in Gameweek 32. When it comes to stats, form and comparing the other players that we have previously mentioned, the choice is obvious. This man has a double game week, is the top goalscorer in the Premier League and has 34 goal involvements this season. There’s only one man we can choose and that is Harry Kane. So yes, he is my captain for this week. The other candidates would all likely be great options if he didn’t have the double gameweek. You don’t have to Captain Kane, but you have to consider what could happen if you don’t. We know his effective ownership is very high and he could really cause some damage to your rank. On the flip side, if he doesn’t get any points and you go for a differential perhaps, you could potentially gain a bit of rank here. I’m pretty confident Kane will bag quite a few points in his double Gameweek, and in all honestly, I couldn’t justify captaining anyone else.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, I wish you all the best for your Gameweek. Please give me a follow @FPL_D5L. Below you will see who’s winning the armband, all the order for all the candidates we have spoken about from 1 to 5

Have a great weekend!

Who’s Winning The Armband?

1️⃣ Kane

2️⃣ Son

3️⃣ Lingard

4️⃣ Iheanacho

5️⃣ Bruno Fernandes

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