EURO 2020 – Let’s discuss Matchday 3

EURO 2020 – Let’s discuss Matchday 3

We hope you’ve all had a great start to EURO 2020 with green arrows throughout Matchday 2.

We’ll be focussing on all aspects for Matchday 3 in this article. As a reminder, the Transfer Deadline for MD3 is on Sunday 20th June at 17:00 (BST).

If you are looking to gain a bit of knowledge and tips in preparation for MD3, then this article is for you.

We will be covering the following:-

  • Which Fixtures To Target
  • Our Differential Picks
  • Player Picks For Each Position
  • Should We Save Our Wildcard?
  • Our Wildcard Team
  • Our Limitless Team
  • Captaincy Picks For Each Day

Here are the Fixtures for Matchday 3

Which Fixtures Should We Target In Matchday 3?

At the time of writing this article, all fixtures are yet to be played so a word of warning is necessary. Teams who have already qualified (as The Netherlands have) will need to be approached with caution, as player rotation could be more prevalent. That being said, I believe the fixtures to target are:

Italy (vs Wales – ranked 19th)

With two 3-0 wins, Italy has been one of the standout teams of the tournament, looking well drilled in almost every area. Wales has everything to play for and did well against Turkey, but we believe this Italian side will be too much for them. Italian assets should be on the radar for MD3.

Ukraine (vs Austria – ranked 15th)

This should be an interesting match. Austria dispatched North Macedonia with ease but was dominated by a much stronger Dutch team. Ukraine has plenty of firepowers to break down the organised Austrians.

Netherlands (vs North Macedonia – ranked 24th)

The Dutch team were very impressive against Austria and were unfortunate not to get more, with Depay missing a sitter. I can see North Macedonia getting a severe thumping in this match although, as mentioned above, be wary of rotation as the Netherlands have already qualified.

Belgium (vs Finland – ranked 22nd)

With Kevin De Bruyne now available and seemingly firing on all cylinders, the already competent Belgian side, have an extra dimension to exploit. Expect plenty of attacking threat, deadly penetrating passes, and a difficult evening for Finland.

Croatia (vs Scotland – ranked 21st)

Ranked just above Finland, Scotland will be in for a tough night against a decent Croatian side. This could be a great fixture to target some attacking options.

Spain (vs Slovakia – ranked 23rd)

Spain started the tournament with an unexpected goalless draw against Sweden, however with 86% possession and 17 shots (5 on target) we would be surprised if they don’t get on the score sheet soon. In MD3, they face the 2nd lowest-ranked side in the tournament. This could well be the week to target their assets.

Germany (vs Hungary – ranked 20th)

It is hard to be too judgemental against Germany, as they faced the tournament favourites, France, in their opening game, but they did not look their usual selves. That being said, they have a well-organised squad full of talent and should be back to winning ways against a Hungarian side who were thrashed by Portugal.

Our Differential Picks For Matchday 3

Hi Guys, we hope you’re all doing great and enjoying the Euro’s, we sure are. We’re going back to our routes and will be presenting a differential in each position for the Euro Fantasy Game.

We used our Limitless Chip on Matchday 2 and will be saving our Wildcard for later in the competition as you essentially get a free Wildcard in Matchday 4 (Before the round of 16). So for us, these will be the best low owned players for the next Matchday.

Goalkeeper: Georgiy Bushchan UKR / 2%

Fixture: Austria

vs North Macedonia:

Pen save: 1
Diving Saves: 4
Saves in the box: 2

Ukraine has been fairly impressive so far in this competition and will be looking to build on the momentum they have created. It’s probably our biased opinion, however, we’d love to see Shevchenko do well. Coming in at a cool price of £4.5m it’s kind of a no brainer considering you’ll have a backup on the bench. This is a budget enabler that has a good fixture to go with it.

Defender: Robin Gosens GER / 2%

Fixture: Hungary

vs France:

xA: 0.27
Chances Created: 2
Accurate Passes: 51 (81% completion rate)

Coming off a really solid game vs Latvia with a goal & assists he came into the tournament with some momentum and he certainly looked good in the fixture against France. It was a competitive game throughout and Gosens looked although he was pushed right up to the Left-Mid spot. Certainly the most attacking defender for Germany moving forward.

Midfielder: Eden Hazard BEL / 1%

Fixture: Finland

vs Denmark (31 mins played):

Assists: 1
xA: 0.23
Chances Created: 2
Accurate Passes: 22 (91% Completion rate)

We all know the ability this man has when he’s fully fit, with him and De Bruyne on the pitch Belgium look like a different beast and our opinion can go all the way. It just seems to be their defence & lack of fitness where they may fall short. Rumours claim Hazard & KDB is going to be fit to start the next game and with that in mind be sure to consider Eden Hazard for your Matchday 3 squad vs Finland.

Attacker: Alexander Isak SWE / 2%

Fixture: Poland

vs Spain:

xG: 0.40
xA: 0.62
Shots: 1
Chances Created: 1

vs Slovakia:

xG: 0.51
xA: 0.86
Shots: 5 (1 on target)
Chances Created: 1
Big Chances: 1

Coming into the Euro’s, Isak was being touted as a lot of people’s Young Player of the Tournament. He certainly has shown promise but hasn’t managed to get on the scoresheet just yet, we are expecting this to change soon. He’s certainly passed the eye test and particularly that match vs Spain, he looked a real threat going forward and seemed to be the creative outlet for Sweden.

Player Picks For Each Position

Here we present a top pick for each position for Matchday 3. Rotation is a risk, so starting off in goal, we address that worry…


€5.5M / 30% / MD3 = WALES (H)

Slightly more expensive than other options, and the highest ownership percentage on this list, but also a safe bet. With 12 points thus far, Donnarumma anchors the best team in the tournament up to this stage. Add to that, we will have the luxury of pre-match team sheet news, and this is a no-brainer. Italy will still want at least a draw to lead the group, so expect the defence to be stout. Worst case, if there is rotation, you’ll have time to pivot to Sirigu or Meret in goal at savings, as both are €4.5M.


€4.5M / 4% / MD3 = RUSSIA (H)

This is a sentimental pick to be fair, but also one with merit, as the energy at Parken Stadium will be buzzing for a win. Mæhle has shown attacking intent, and with the display, the Danes put up against Belgium, we feel the defence will be pushing forward as much as possible. A clean sheet looks like a valid gamble, and with this possibly being the final match for Denmark in what has been an emotional journey, defensive attacking returns could be on offer as well.


€10.5M / 7% / MD3 = FINLAND (A)

Not a ton to explain here. In the most recent presser, KDB has been tapped to start after recovering from his injuries. His ownership percentage will surely go up, as he changed the match by himself in 45 min against Denmark. 10 points in half a match, an assist and even an extra point for a goal outside of the box. Easy choice for the best midfielder in Europe.


€9M / 4% / MD3 = HUNGARY (H)

No matter the result with Portugal, Germany will want a hearty win against Hungary, the weakest side in the group of death. Germany has a distinctive team mentality, but surely Müller wants his first goal in the Euro tournament to add to his list of accomplishments. At home in Munich, the crowd will be wild in support. Depending on the next match, you could also take a shot on Werner at a savings (currently €8.5). Either way, I think a German striker scores here.

Should We Save Our Wildcard?

This is a tough question and ultimately, it depends on various factors such as:

  • Have you already used your Limitless Chip?
  • Have you already Wildcarded
  • If you’ve used a chip already, should we save it for the Quarters or use it in MD3?

Well, we’re here to give you our thoughts on this. Originally, our plans were to use Limitless in MD2 and then Wildcard in MD3. Whether you stick to this or not would essentially depend on how your team looks for MD3 and whether you can keep hold of it until the Quarter Finals. There are arguments for both but we’ll go through both routes anyway. Before we start, here is how many transfers you will get after MD3:

PhaseNumber of free transfers
Before the round of 16Unlimited
Before quarter-finals3
Before semi-finals5
Before final5


We asked the community on Twitter whether they are going to be using any chips on Matchday 3 or if they are planning to save it for the the Quarter Finals and here are the results:

We would say the majority of people used their Limitless chip on Matchday 2, but the majority of people will still be using their Wildcard on Matchday 3. There are benefits for both cases so we’ll take you through the thought process between each circumstance. So let’s say you did the following:

I used Limitless/Wildcard in Matchday 2 – I’m saving my Wildcard

If you have used Limitless in Matchday 2, you will be back with the team that you originally selected for Matchday 1. From here, you will have 2 free transfers to use for Matchday 3. If you believe you have a solid team that can make it through Matchday 3 with the 2 free transfers, then we’d say you could then save your Wildcard for the round before the quarter-finals.

Before the round of 16, you will get unlimited transfers anyway (essentially a Wildcard). That being said, when picking your players before the round of 16, you will need to focus on the players of teams you feel would make it to the quarter-finals as in this Matchday, you will only have 3 free transfers. This could take an impact, especially if you end up with players that are no longer competing in the quarters. If you plan your team wisely and we have no surprise results, then you should be fine. However, on the other side, if we get a few unexpected teams winning, you could be in a bit of a sticky situation and could then be thinking; ‘I wish I saved my Wildcard’. The same applies if you used Wildcard on MD2 and still have your Limitless chip, to be honest. The only issue if you have already used your Wildcard and still have Limitless is that you will have your team reverted back, in this case, you would have to be even more careful with your Limitless team selection.

I used Limitless/Wildcard in Matchday 2 – I’m using my last chip for MD3

If you can’t field a decent team for Matchday 3 with your current team and still have your Wildcard available, well, maybe you should consider using your Wildcard. We feel there will be rotation risks and you could potentially lose out on a lot of points and fall behind with a team that doesn’t look so strong. I mean, let’s face it, we essentially get 15 players per week, subbing out the guys that blank, it could be a huge loss that you could fall massively behind if you don’t use your Wildcard. There are pro’s and cons to Wildcarding in MD3 but this ultimately depends on your current situation. Personally, I have used Limitless in Matchday 2 and did plan to Wildcard in MD3. Saying that; I’ve had a look at my team and feel that I’m in a reasonable position moving forward and will be saving my Wildcard for the Quarter-Finals now.

Honestly, it can all change and it’s still early days, but if you would like some advice with your team, drop us a comment below or drop us a message on Twitter, we’d love to help!

One concern is that we have teams that have already qualified for the round of 16. Saying that there will no doubt be a fair bit of rotation, so having a full team of likely players to play in MD3 could seriously benefit you. If you play it right, you could get a nice boost of points that won’t be catchable as we progress through the tournament. Let’s face it, the further we go, the more ‘templated’ teams are going to be right? So let’s get as many points as we can from the get-go!

Best Captains For Each Day?

So far this Matchday Italy, Belgium, and The Netherlands have all qualified for the knockout stages of Euro 2020. These teams will now be looking to rest key players for their final group fixtures. This could make picking our captains a lot trickier.

However there will still be plenty of teams with much to play for in the final round of fixtures, and rotation won’t be an option for such teams. These are the teams we should look to target unless you wish to predict what a second-string Belgian side might look like.

These Matchdays’ fixtures are unique to the previous two. We will have four days of fixtures, with either two or four games being played on any day. On the days when four fixtures are taking place, we should have a plethora of options. Whilst on the days of only two games the options are much less plentiful.

Anyway, let’s have a look at who we should captain on each of the four days of Matchday 3.


Day 1

On this day only two fixtures take place. Italy and Wales will be battling to go top of the group, whilst Switzerland and Turkey clash to make the Round of 16. From Italy, there are plenty of options as always. However, with Mancini likely to rotate his side, we should be looking at the second-choice attackers for captaincy. Belotti and Chiesa are both coming off the back of successful seasons with their clubs, Torino and Juventus respectively. In the same game, Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey could be decent options against a weakened Italian side.

Switzerland and Turkey still have everything to play for going into their last fixture of the group stage. Both teams still have realistic ambitions to reach the knockout stages. With this in mind, both teams should start their best elevens. Yilmaz and Cahnaloglu could be Turkey’s only hopes of qualifying, and if they are to reach the knockouts then both will need to up their game against a stubborn Swiss team. Likewise, the Swiss’ key players will need to step up if they are to progress. Shaqiri and Embolo could be crucial if those aspirations are to be fulfilled.


Our Day 1 Captain: Andrea Belotti


Day 2

Day 2 includes four fixtures. However, with Ukraine versus Austria and Russia versus Denmark looking like tight cagey affairs, we believe there are only two fixtures to target for captaincy. Those are the Dutch against a poor Macedonian side and the Belgians against the Euro debutants Finland. From the Netherlands, there are many options target. However, with top place sewn up for De Boers men rotation is likely. Steven Berghuis, Donyell Malen, and Luuk de Jong are likely to be the attackers that line up against Macedonia. And with none of them having ownership over 1% they could provide tasty differentials.

Our favorite options for day 2 of matchday 3 come from a Belgian side who top-scored in qualifying and have already scored five goals against Group B opponents Belgium and Russia. Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne  is expected to start against Finland as Martinez looks to bring two of his star players up to full-match fitness. Both could do serious damage against a poor Finnish side. The Red Devil’s will likely field a second-fiddle side. Premier League players Leandro Trossard and Christian Benteke could start making them great captaincy options.


Our Day 2 Captain: Kevin De Bruyne


Day 3

Day 3 is certainly the weakest day for captaincy options. Croatia and Scotland should be a tight affair leaving it difficult to predict any point scorers. While England will likely rotate in their final game, making predicting the England lineup all the more difficult. The talismanic figures of John McGinn and Ivan Perisic could provide decent captaincy options.

While for England any number of players could provide decent options but it looks unclear as to what Southgate might start with versus the Czech Republic. Wingers, Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling and Bukayo Saka could all be excellent options providing they start. While the more creative Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, and Phil Foden could also be excellent options if they are to feature in the England Lineup. With England, we will have to wait until closer to the deadline and hope Gareth outlines his plans for their final Group D clash.


Our Day 3 Pick: Jadon Sancho



On day 4 of the third matchday, we will be looking at the Spanish and the Germans for captaincy picks. Both have relatively easy fixtures against Slovakia and Hungary respectively. From Spain, I will look towards Dani Olmo and Ferran Torres. Olmo looked dangerous against Sweden the other night, while Torres always plays well for Spain.

From Germany, any of Thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry, Kai Havertz, and Ilkay Gundogan could be interesting captaincy shouts. Gnabry has a great record for Germany and it would be hard to look past him. Robin Gosens of Atalanta could also be a great pick. To go with the highly likely clean-sheet, Gosens also has a great attacking threat, constantly bombing down the flanks for Germany and whipping in crosses.


Our Day 4 Pick: Serge Gnabry

Our Wildcard Team

For those of you who have decided to Wildcard, we’ve created a team who we feel would be the best performers for Matchday 3. Even if you are not using your Wildcard Chip, this can be useful to decide which players you could consider getting into your team.

So here is our Wildcard team, as you can see, we’ve targeted teams with the best fixtures and players who we full are likely to get returns.

Our Limitless Team

Here is our fantasy draft for those who still have your Limitless chip available. This team on paper should definately bang quite a lot of points. Many would have already used this chip, but if you have this remaining still, you should definately consider using it this Matchday!


Matchday 3 could most certainly be a tricky one to approach. If you’ve used a chip in Matchday 2, you might be thinking if you should use your remaining one in Matchday 3 or save it for the Quarters. As we’ve already discussed, it ultimately depends on the situation with your team and your gut feeling. We’re not going to lie, we’ve been discussing all week whether we should save the chip for the Quarters or use it in MD3 all week. It’s a difficult decision and there are so many pros and cons to each decision. Saying that, like how you approach any Fantasy Team Gameweek, go with your gut feeling, it’s always the way! Honestly, it could go either way, but if you can field a team of 13+ starters, I guess you should save your chip, otherwise, you might be losing points as we approach the Quarter Finals in a battle in which you can’t recover from.

If you need any help with your team or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via any of our Social Media Platforms.


@TheFPLWay Team!

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