EURO 2020 – Let’s discuss the Round of 16

EURO 2020 – Let’s discuss the Round of 16

Welcome back all, we hope you’ve had a crackin’ start to EURO 2020 in the Group Stages with plenty of green arrows!

Now we have all the confirmed fixtures, we’ll be discussing everything related to the Round of 16. The Transfer Deadline for Round of 16 is on Saturday 26th June at 17:00 (BST).

Here are the fixtures:

A huge congratulations to all the teams that have made it past the Group Stages.

What’s different in the Round of 16?

There are a few differences to consider in this round compared to the group stages:

  • 1. You get unlimited transfers again; essentially a free Wildcard
  • 2. Your team budget has now been raised from €100 to €105
  • 3. For this round, instead of picking only three players from the same team, you can now select up to four

Throughout the competition, you get free transfers each Matchday. The number of free transfers you can make depends on the stage of the tournament. The table below shows how many transfers you can make for the rest of the competition:

PhaseNumber of free transfers
Before the round of 16Unlimited
Before quarter-finals3
Before semi-finals5
Before final5


With this in mind, we must be a bit more cautious with our team selection, especially if you have no chips remaining. Since you only have 3 free transfers before the quarter-finals, we have to think carefully about which teams we believe will go through to the next round. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation in the quarters where several players are no longer competing and we only 3 transfers to rectify your squad.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Which Fixtures to Target
  • Our Differential Picks
  • Player Picks for Each Position
  • Our Wildcard Team
  • Captaincy Picks for Each Day

Which Fixtures Should We Target In The Round Of 16?

There are 3 fixtures (out of the 8) that stand out and seem the most favourable out of the lot. These teams, in our opinion, are the safest options in terms of likelihood of qualification to the quarters.

Italy vs Austria

Italy now has a match record with a 30-game unbeaten run after beating Wales at Euro 2020 on Matchday 3. Their team is looking very solid and reliable. They also have a well-rested first team after their 1-0 win over Wales.

They have the most favourable fixture in the Round of 16 and we can definitely see them advancing to the quarters.

So far in the competition, they have scored seven and are yet to concede a single goal! We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely be fielding a few Italian players in our Euro Fantasy team this round.


Netherlands vs Czech Republic

The Netherlands are also in great shape and are one of the three clubs to qualify from the group stages with 9 points (along with Italy and Belgium).

We have another very favourable fixture here and we can see them advancing to the next round. So far they have scored the most goals in the competition (8) and have only conceded 2.

Throughout the competition, they have accumulated 65 points from just 3 players! Wijnaldum (23 points), Dumfries (22 points) and Depay (20 points). It’s been an impressive start for the Netherlands and we can definitely see the above players being popular picks for the Round of 16.


France vs Switzerland

For us, this seems to be the second most favourable fixture of the lot. Although they are not exactly looking at their best and with Mbappé only accumulating a disappointing 8 points so far in this tournament, we still feel they have a lot more to offer.

That being said, Group F was the most difficult group of them all and they still qualified in pole position. We can definitely see a fair few goals in this fixture to give France the confidence they need moving forward in the competition. We can definitely see Mbappé getting on the scoresheet for this game.

Our Differential Picks For The Round Of 16

We will be diving into some juicy differentials for The Round of 16 from each position. As we get closer to the crunch matches it’s getting harder to narrow down the best differentials however we will give it our best.

GK- Maarten Stekelenburg – NED – £4.7m – 8%

The Netherlands has been somewhat of a surprise package in this tournament. Pre-tournament, we had may have overlooked them based on their form and under De Boer, they haven’t been amazing. Their defence has looked a little shaky however their wing-backs have looked exceptional, however, they have kept two clean sheets in their last two games.


DEF – Joakim Mæhle – DEN – £4.5m – 6%

Denmark has faced some real adversity this tournament with everything that has gone on, it has been a real breath of fresh air to see how the team has rallied together to get the results in the group stage. Maehle has been a great option for Denmark and Atalanta and has really shown they have a very talented squad.

Here are some stats from the last game.

Fixture: Russia

  • xG: 0.40
  • xA: 0.19
  • Goal: 1
  • Total Shots: 2 (2 On Target)
  • Pass Success: 77%


MID – Dejan Kulusevski – SWE – £7m – 1%

Sweden has done really well this year considering the injury to Ibra, we thought coming into the tournament they would struggle for goals. However, their creative players have really stood up and been counted. Kulesevski is a young hot prospect from Juve and has featured here and there in Euros this year. However, based on his last cameo, we feel he could start against Ukraine.

Fixture: Poland

  • Mins Played: 35
  • Assits: 2
  • Chances Created: 5


FWD – Gerard Moreno – SPA – £6.6M – 8%

Off the back of an excellent campaign for Villarreal & being part of Spain largest-ever victory at the Euros, it’s only right we featured him in this Differentials segment. Spain seems to have got a big win just at the right time and should have some really strong momentum going into the last 16.

Fixture: Slovakia

  • xG: 0.12
  • xA: 0.47
  • Assists: 1
  • Total Shots: 2 (1 On Target)
  • Chances Created: 3

Player Picks For Each Position

Here we present a top pick for each position for the Round of 16. No more rotation risk here. Win, or go home. Or at least to a nice beach somewhere.

Goalkeeper Pick – Gianluigi Donnarumma
€5.6m / 18% / Round Of 16 = Austria (Neutral Site)

With 18 points and three clean sheets in as many matches, it’s arguable that Donnarumma hasn’t been tested yet. In fact, only TWO shots on target have needed his attention in the most convincing defence of the tournament so far. However, if you’re looking for the safety of a clean sheet to start the round on the right foot, this is your man. Even if Austria find a way to test him, there’s a fantastic chance for save points considering the defensive unit in support. Having completed his preliminary medical in anticipation of a possible transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (assuming Barcelona don’t swoop in), he’ll be boosted and keen to impress on the world stage before his first move out of Italy on the professional level.


Defender Pick – Denzel Dumfries
€5.6m / 22% / Round Of 16 = Czech Republic (Neutral Site)

We love to see this in major tournaments: players that are not yet household names who shine, rapidly gaining respect and interest from clubs eager to sign new talent. There are already rumours of interest from Real Madrid amongst others for Dumfries’ services. With 22 points scored, the Oranje right-back has been in or near the box often. Imposing and eager runs have resulted in a stat sheet including a game-winning goal (among 2 goals scored), an earned penalty, and two clean sheets. The fever-pitch atmosphere in Budapest should spur Dumfries along to another dynamic performance.


Midfielder Pick – Georginio Wijnaldum
€8.1m / 23% / Round Of 16 = Czech Republic (Neutral Site)

For a team missing one of the best defenders in world football (Virgil van Dijk), team captain Gini has made his recovering teammate proud, leading by action. Wijnaldum has accrued 23 points, capping the group stage with two goals and a second consecutive clean sheet against a wholehearted but over-matched North Macedonia. He hasn’t missed a minute and is playing an extremely attacking role. With three goals scored, we’re surprised he hasn’t notched an assist yet. Expect that to change versus the Czech Republic.


Striker Pick – Karim Benzema
€10m / 12% / Round Of 16 = Switzerland (Neutral Site)

In the first three matches of the group of death, Benzema’s minutes played in order were: 89, 76, and 90. After a slog of a match against an impressive Hungarian side, he responded by registering two goals versus Portugal and was the deciding factor in a draw that allowed France to top Group F. His brace against a top squad like Portugal, under pressure as the standings were changing in real-time, validated his inclusion in the French line-up. France is undoubtedly the favourites here. This is likely his last Euros, so every appearance will hold extra weight for him. We expect big chances, that’s for sure.

Captaincy Picks for Each Day

DAY 1 – Ciro Immobile

Averaging an amazing 8 points per appearance, the Italian forward, who was rested against Wales, plays against Austria, one of the kinder fixtures of the Last 16. With 2 goals and an assist, Immobile makes a convincing argument for captaincy on the opening day.


DAY 2 – Memphis Depay

With 2 assists and a goal against North Macedonia, the Dutchman is likely to feature in a lot of managers’ teams for the Last 16. While the Czech Republic will inevitably be harder to break down than their previous opponents, there is no reason that Depay should not be able to continue his winning form as he looks to take the Netherlands into the quarter-finals.


DAY 3 – Kylian Mbappe

With two blanks and an average of fewer than 3 points per game, it is understandable that the owners of Mbappe will be disappointed by his output so far in the tournament. We believe no one will be more disappointed than the man himself and he will be determined to get on the scoresheet against Switzerland.


DAY 4 – Emil Forsberg

With a total of 23 points, and owned by only 6% of players, the Swedish midfielder has perhaps been one of the more surprising picks of the tournament. Next up against Ukraine, we believe Forsberg could be a great captaincy option for the final day, should you still be chasing a big return.

Our Wildcard Team

No chips needed this week, we get unlimited transfers which is essentially a free Wildcard, pretty great right?

If you still have any chips remaining, your plan for this team might differ as you don’t have to be as careful with your selection. On the other hand, we need to look at the fixtures and predict which teams will make it through to the quarter-finals. Since we only get 3 free transfers in the quarters, ideally we want to field a full team of 15 players still in the tournament so we need to pick players with a bit more caution.

Tip: Like every round in this tournament, you will be able to see which players are starting before the deadline of the first match. For this round, we will see the line-ups for Wales and Denmark.

So, let’s take a look at our first draft for EURO 2020 Round of 16:

Firstly, you may have noticed that we haven’t selected any Belgium players. We believe Portugal vs Belgium game will be quite a tough one hence why we have only selected one player from this fixture (Ronaldo). You might be thinking, why Ronaldo? Well, considering Portugal were in the most difficult group and is the top scorer in the competition, we don’t think we need to justify this any further. You could well go with Mbappé instead as they have a more favourable fixture but he hasn’t looked so great in this competition so far and has only accumulated 8 points in total over 3 matches. It’s a difficult one to predict, Ronaldo’s form could easily drop with a difficult fixture against Belgium, and Mbappé could be motivated to finally get on the scoresheet. We could always flip a coin to decide… (maybe?)

The next thing you may have noticed is that we have tripled up on players from the following teams:

  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • France

The reason for this is that we believe these are the three teams in which are most likely to advance to the quarters. If this was to happen, we would already have 9 guaranteed players for the quarters with still 3 free transfers to make. In our opinion, if you haven’t got any chips remaining, you really need to think about having a complete squad for the next round and avoid taking any hits. Hits can make sense when it comes to FPL but without the Bonus Point System (BPS), we would seriously avoid hits if possible!


EURO 2020 has been a very exciting competition so far. It’s been a great Fantasy competition to fill the FPL void. As you may already know, FPL is now live and you can start building your team but we’re still a long way away until it begins on the 13th of August. That being said, we will continue all our efforts into the EURO competition and get back to focussing on FPL once this competition has ended.

We now have a two-day break from EURO which is the first break we’ve had since the competition began. Also, we have the time to really think about our team moving forward, especially since we have unlimited transfers, a budget of €105 and the ability to select four players from the same squad for Round of 16.

If you need any help with your team or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via any of our Social Media Platforms.

All the best amigos!

From @TheFPLWay Team!

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