EURO 2020 Fantasy – Let’s discuss the Semi-Finals

EURO 2020 Fantasy – Let’s discuss the Semi-Finals

Welcome back all, in this article we will be discussing anything and everything related to EURO Fantasy Semi-Finals.

With only four teams left in the competition now, there won’t be as much as usual to discuss. Nevertheless, we’ll go through all the usual topics to help you with your managerial decisions for the semi-finals. All of the remaining matches will now be played at Wembley Stadium in London.

The Transfer Deadline for this is on Tuesday 6th July at 20:00 (BST).

Here are the fixtures:

As always, we recommend making your final transfers after we get to see the line-ups of Italy vs Spain. On the following day, we can make substitutions as well after seeing the lineup of England vs Denmark.

What’s different in the Semi-Finals?

There are only a few differences now for this round compared to the Quarter-Finals which are:

  • You can now make 5 free transfers (-4 will be deducted for each transfer thereafter)
  • For this round, instead of picking only five players from the same team, you can now select up to six.

Your team budget will remain at €105 for the rest of the tournament just like it has been from the Round of 16.

Just as a heads up, in the Final you will get 8 picks from the same team and also 5 free transfers.

  • Our Differential Picks
  • Player Picks for Each Position
  • Captaincy Picks for Each Day
  • Our Wildcard Team

Before we begin, we asked the Twitter Community who they believe would win the EURO’s and to be honest, we’re not surprised by these results at all. The plans in picks we have this week were based around the favourite teams to proceed to the final and we can’t argue with the results:


Honestly, at this stage of the competition, it will be difficult to find many differential choices for the remaining fixtures. However, we will look at two players who we think will be great investments for your team to gain the boost you might need in the final two stages.

MID – Nicolò Barella – ITA – €7.3M – 9%

Barella has scored 1 goal and made 1 assist so far in the tournament and looks to be a starter for the next game following the goal he scored against Belgium. IF you are looking for a differential, we’d look no further than this guy.

The youngster could definitely contribute to this game and it would most certainly pay off if you are chasing in your mini-leagues.


MID – Kasper Dolberg – DEN – €7.2M – 7%

Dolberg has only played a total of 159 minutes while only starting in the last two Danish fixtures. So far he has scored 3 goals (1 of those being from outside the box) which are not bad stats at all. To add to this, he’s had 6 shots, 4 of which were on target and converted 3 goals. Seems pretty tempting right?

Not sure about you guys, but we’re definitely considering this striker within our team.


Well, at this stage, you might have thought we’d pick four England players, however, we’re feeling confident about both Italy and England and to mix it up just a tad, we’ve gone for 3 players from England and 1 from Italy; both of which teams we are expecting to reach the final.

GOALKEEPER PICK – Gianluigi Donnarumma

If we’re being completely honest, Pickford looked a bit nervous in England’s last game against Ukraine. Yes, they kept a clean sheet, and yes they haven’t conceded a goal this whole tournament. That said, our eyes are on Donnarumma. So far in the tournament, he has gained 3 clean sheets, 6 shots saved and 22 points.

Pickford on the other hand has 5 clean sheets, 9 shots saved and amassed 31 points. We could argue here but other than Germany, England have had the most favourable fixtures so far in the tournament. Let’s face it, a lot of players will have Donnarumma as their keeper for the first fixture with Pickford as backup, right?



Our defender pick has to go to Shaw, the current leading defender in terms of points with a whopping 33 points so far in the tournament. During this tournament, he has only missed the first game and has accumulated 4 clean sheets and 3 assists. Not bad for a defender! You could argue that Maguire is a better pick with 1 goal after having missed the first two matches, but hey… If you can afford the two and England keep up their current form, it’s a no-brainer really.

MIDFIELDER PICK – Raheem Sterling

Who else did you expect here? With 3 goals, 1 assist, 5 clean sheets (+1) and 33 points total, he had to be the pick. What an important asset this guy has been to the England team. At the start, there were a lot of doubters and he has certainly proved those wrong. We think the stats speak for themselves and would say he would be essential for your team moving forward.


It’s pretty fair to say that most people will be captaining Immobile on the first day and Kane on the second. Kane looked to be on his usual form in their game against Ukraine and could easily have got a hat-trick. The current form helps immensely and with 3 goals in two games, we had to pick Kane over Immobile. Yes, he had a very shaky start and blanked in his first 3 games; but he’s only looking better since he got his first goal against Germany, giving him the confidence he most certainly needed.

He’s had 10 shots in total, 5 of which were on target and he’s converted 3 of those into goals. We’d say his form will continue, especially with the most favourable fixture of them all against Denmark on Wednesday.


With only two matches left to play, here our captain picks for each game:

DAY 1 – ITALY vs SPAIN – Ciro Immobile

Immobile has racked up 20 points so far in the competition, having scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist, which actually came from the first two matches. We have a gut feeling that he will be hungry to get on the score sheet yet again and get Italy through to the final. He’s had a lot of chances, has been looking sharp, hit the post and whatnot. We do believe he will be essential to the Italian squad moving forward and we can see him get an attacking return in this game, that’s for sure.


DAY 2 – ENGLAND vs DENMARK – Harry Kane

After a pretty poor start to the competition, we think Kane is back to his best and will no doubt be chasing the golden boot for the tournament moving forward. He’s scored 3 goals so far in this competition and was quite unlucky not to get a hattrick in their previous fixture against Ukraine. He’s started to prove all the doubters wrong and we can’t see him not getting on the score sheet again against Denmark. Should Immobile not perform as the ideal captain, we can definitely count on Kane again for the semi’s, just like we did in the quarter-finals.


So here it is, our Wildcard Picks for the semi-finals:

This team consists of:

  • 5 players from Italy
  • 6 players from England
  • 3 players from Spain
  • 1 player from Denmark

We’re fairly confident it will be an Italy vs England final, which is why a lot of these players feature in our team. If to some huge surprise it was a Spain vs Denmark final, well, we’d be in a bit of a sticky situation (however, we would still field 9 players for the final after transfers without a hit if that was to happen).

With England yet to concede in the tournament, we have 3 defenders and their goalkeeper. All of these players should be nailed on and hopefully, this will give us a fairly decent amount of points from these players. Should Italy not keep a clean sheet and none of their players getting an attacking return, we have our English men as a backup, so it seems to be a sensible move here. We’ve kept a few Spanish and single Denmark players who we think will be quite valuable as a backup squad plan if the results don’t finish how we expect them to pan out.

All in all, England have the best fixture and are the team most likely to proceed into the final. Should this happen, we’ll have 11 players that will start and will be able to make five changes for the final in which again we’ll see the lineups before the game commences.

What changes would you make to this squad? Let us know in the comments below.


Well, here we are; the semi-finals! How great have England been really? With 8 goals and yet to concede in the competition, this is a huge feat! The England side has been truly fantastic and we’re pretty confident they will make it to the finals. Italy has also been quite impressive and we wouldn’t be surprised to see an England vs Italy final.

So who do you think will be the winners of EURO 2020? Will it be finally coming home?

Here are the bookie’s odds for the winner as of the time of writing:

  • 2.5/1 – England
  • 3.2/1 – Italy
  • 3.5/1 – Spain
  • 10/1 – Denmark

Let’s see what happens, aye?

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article boys and girls. If you need any help with your team or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via any of our Social Media Platforms.

All the best amigos! <3 From @TheFPLWay Team!

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