EURO 2020 – Let’s discuss the Quarter-Finals

EURO 2020 – Let’s discuss the Quarter-Finals

Welcome back all, how great has EURO 2020 been so far?

We’ve seen many surprises and we’re sure that won’t be the end of it. In the Round of 16, there were 29 goals scored in what turned out to be an action-packed round.

To our surprise, we saw Netherlands, Portugal, France and Germany all being eliminated from the competition. Remember how Group F was the most difficult group of them all? Well, we no longer have any teams from that group remaining. Also, a massive shout out to England who got their first knockout stage victory over Germany since 1966. Is it coming home?

Now we have all the confirmed fixtures, we’ll be discussing everything related to the Quarter-Finals. The Transfer Deadline for this is on Friday 2nd July at 17:00 (BST).

Here are the fixtures:

What’s different in the Quarter-Finals?

There are a few differences to consider in this round compared to the Group Stages and Round of 16:

  • 1. You can now make 3 free transfers (-4 will be deducted for each transfer thereafter)
  • 2. Your team budget has been raised from €100 to €105
  • 3. For this round, instead of picking only four players from the same team, you can now select up to five.

The budget will remain at €105 for the rest of the tournament. The key changes moving forward are:

  • Semi-Final – Pick 6 players from the same team and you can make 5 free transfers.
  • Final – Pick 8 players from the same team and you can make 5 free transfers.

As with the previous round, we have to be careful with our player selections and target teams whom we are confident will progress to the Semi-Finals. We saw many surprise results in the previous round and there are a lot of teams with 6-8 missing players for this round. If you still have your Wildcard, then life gets a lot easier, but for many that have already used both chips, this is now a tricky situation, which we will discuss in this article.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Should We Be Taking Hits? (-4)
  • Which Fixtures to Target
  • Our Differential Picks
  • Player Picks for Each Position
  • Captaincy Picks for Each Day
  • Our Wildcard Team


This is a tough question. For those of you fortunate enough to have your Wildcard remaining, you could get away without using a chip for the whole tournament. For those who have used both chips already, it becomes more frustrating and, ultimately; it depends on your current situation.

Firstly, we’re going to look at the team of one of our unlucky managers, who has 7 players eliminated and 1 injured player (KDB). It was very unexpected to be honest, but hey-ho, we have to live with it and move on. Without taking a hit, this manager could field a team of 10 and would be put at a huge disadvantage by not having any subs. So, let’s have a look:

You might look at this and think: “hmm, yeah, shall I just delete the app and wait for FPL?” But no, there will be quite a lot of managers in a pretty similar situation; stay positive and just do the best you can. At the end of the day lads, it’s about fun. If you want to take crazy hits and field a solid team, then do it! EURO FF is something of a distraction, FPL is the real deal 😉

On a serious note, we were planning on taking no hits in EURO 2020, but in a situation like this, it could definitely pay off. One of the main reasons for not justifying hits is because, unlike FPL, there is no Bonus Point System (BPS). That being said, when taking a -4 for a player, you’ll only be rewarded with around 4-6 points extra if you are quite lucky.

If you are going to take hits, you’ll want to go for at least a Midfielder or Striker who you believe will reward you nicely in the Quarters. As an example, looking at the above team, they have Donnarumma in goal (who will be playing) and Stekelenburg (already eliminated), so we wouldn’t worry about getting a second keeper. First, we would look at the best captaincy picks and pick the two best players for each day as these will reward you more than any other player. Then we’d look at players who we believe will score at least 6 points or more to justify the hit transfer of minus 4 points.

As a general guide, we’d look to take as few hits as possible. The above team could field a team of 11 for a -4, but it could potentially be more rewarding taking an additional hit for a -8. You could do a -12 if you feel really confident in your players but, realistically, we really wouldn’t go any further than this. Anything more and you’re taking huge risks, but with the unpredictability of EURO 2020, who knows, it could well pay off!

You have to remember that you will get 5 transfers in the Semis and Finals. So, if you are taking a -8 hit, not only could it pay off for this week, but it could be great for the final two rounds as well!


With only four fixtures this round, this one is a little bit trickier to pick out. We’re going to pick a fixture from each day where we feel teams will most likely advance to the Semi-Finals.


Spain has the most favourable fixture on Day 1 in our opinion. Spain has scored a whopping 11 goals and conceded 4 so far in the tournament with 10 of the goals coming from the previous 2 matches. In attack, they are looking strong and we can see plenty of goals in this game.

Switzerland has scored 7 goals and conceded 8 so far in the tournament. With them conceding so many goals, we favour Spain to get some attacking returns in this fixture.


England has scored 4 goals so far in this tournament and is yet to concede a single goal. Defensively, they are looking very strong and we’re pretty sure following their 2-0 victory over Germany, they will be confident moving forward. Harry Kane finally bagged his first of the tournament and we can’t see this being his last.

England definitely has the best fixture this round and have the best odds in terms of winning their match. Hopefully, they will continue their clean sheet streak and 3-4 England assets could prove to be very valuable for your team.


Here we are again with some tasty differential picks for the quarter-finals. Differentials become less available when we get to this stage, nevertheless, we’ll be giving you a great differential pick from each position.

GK – UNAI SIMÓN – ESP – €5.2M – 7%

Spain is looking pretty sharp at this tournament and we’d definitely put our money on them winning this favourable fixture. Since Spain is the first team to play, we can see their line-ups before the transfer deadline, which is an added bonus.



Another Spanish pick. So far, Azpi has had 2 shots on target and a goal in his 197 minutes played in EURO 2020. A pretty tasty pick considering his low ownership and his 6.5 average points per game to date.


MID – Thorgan Hazard – ITA – €8.1M – 9%

With Eden Hazard set to miss the quarter-finals and Kevin De Bruyne being doubtful as of the time of writing, we can be pretty confident that this guy will get the minutes. So far, he’s scored 2 goals in the tournament with one of those being from outside of the box.



Yaremchuk has scored twice and assisted once so far in the competition. Yes, they are playing a strong defensive England side in Rome on Saturday, but we’ve seen many surprises in the tournament. Ukraine has scored 7 goals and, who knows, these guys could be the ones to rattle England. If that happens then who else but this guy to get on the scoresheet?


Here we present a top pick for each position for the quarter-finals. Many of our squads are reeling from the excellent football drama that, unfortunately, resulted in several of our main selections embarking on an early vacation. We hope these picks will offer some stability going forward to the semi-finals:


€5.7M / 19% / Quarter-finals = UKRAINE (Rome, Italy)

After an epic win versus Germany, Pickford made 3 saves and earned his fourth clean-sheet of the tournament. Pickford will not be underestimating the Ukrainians. This Euro has again proven that any team can win on a good day, and the England goalkeeper will be keen to secure and settle the defence against any early chances. Facing a potentially weakened Ukraine side, that went all the way to the brink of a penalty shootout in a match full of knocks, we are tapping Pickford as one of the best bets for a clean sheet this round.



€4.7M / 19% / Quarter-finals = CZECH REPUBLIC (Baku, Azerbaijan)

An unexpected but deserving star of the show so far, Mæhle has captured the admiration of new fans across the world. It appears that Chelsea are one of the most recent clubs to express interest in the full-back’s services, but we all know the motivation for the Danish is much deeper than potential individual moves. This is a team united behind Christian Eriksen, and Mæhle expresses that support in his passionate play. With 20 points in his last two matches behind 2 goals, 1 clean-sheet, and an average of 2.3 shots per game (1.8 of those in the penalty area), we are backing the Atalanta man to continue his run of form.



€6.7M / 15% / Quarter-finals = SWITZERLAND (St. Petersburg, Russia)

In the last two matches, Sarabia has earned 21 of his 23 points in the tournament. The PSG attacking midfielder was involved in 4 goal contributions and a clean sheet during that period, making him a player in form, who Luis Enrique will be hard-pressed to ignore. However, if rotation does occur, you’ll have the added benefit of knowing the Spain team selection ahead of the match. Dani Olmo is a solid backup plan at €7M / 1% ownership, and a 2-assist, 7-point tally in only 58 minutes versus Croatia.



€11.5 / 28% / Quarter-finals = UKRAINE (Rome, Italy)

There’s no denying that Kane needed that goal versus Germany. With the weight of a potential club move after years with Spurs, not to mention growing questions concerning his fitness and selection, the relief was palpable during his celebration after connecting with Grealish’s cross for the goal that sealed victory. Yes, he has only 12 points so far, but we’re in the knockouts now, and with Harry still nailed on penalties, and hungry to prove himself further on the world stage, we wouldn’t bet against him.


With only two days of matches, we offer a player from each game to put the armband on:


Much like Kane, Morata is riding a confidence lift after scoring a massive goal in the 100th minute of extra time against Croatia. With only 2 goals in a Spain offence scoring for fun, his 3.8 shots per game with 2.0 on target suggest he’s unlucky to not have netted more. He’s had 13 shots in the box and averages 85 minutes per game. If Spain is to move forward, they’ll need Morata, and he’s due more big chances if Spain continue their relentless attacking.


DAY 1 – BELGIUM vs ITALY – Ciro Immobile

Immobile has scored twice and made one assist so far in this tournament and you know he will be nothing but hungry to get another goal to his tally. He really has looked brilliant for Italy and always looks to be a goal threat. He is currently the joint-favourite to score along with Lukaku. However, we are leaning more toward Immobile as we can see Italy advancing to the semi-finals.



Schick could be a fantastic captain having scored 4 goals in this tournament already. The only game he didn’t get on the score sheet for the Czech was in their 1-0 defeat against England. He’s racked up 27 points so far this tournament and to add to his value, he’s also on penalties. Let’s also not forget the amazing long-distance goal for the Czech Republic to give them a 2-0 lead over Scotland, what a cracker that was!



The England man of the moment, Sterling has 3 goals with a conversion rate of 43%. He hasn’t had loads of chances, but he’s only missed a single big chance in 84 minutes averaged per game. There are both assists and scoring potential with the runs he’s making. Sterling is high on proving critics wrong and should be nailed versus Ukraine.

Our Wildcard Team

Here are The FPL Way Wildcard picks for the Quarter-Finals. We’re pretty sure a lot of people have already used both chips already but even if you haven’t, this will help with some of your picks for your transfers anyway. Quite a few have regretted the Wildcard on MD3, and the majority of us are on the same boat. But we have to live with it and we move on guys!

So, for this team we have gone for:

  • 2 Players from Italy
  • 2 Players from Belgium
  • 4 Players from Spain
  • 1 Player from Switzerland
  • 3 Players from England
  • 2 Player from Czech Republic
  • 1 Player from Denmark

Yes, we can pick 5 players from a single club, but with the unpredictability that EURO 2020 has been so far, it’s definitely a good thing to have a bit of a mix. We also get 5 free transfers for the final two rounds so we should be good with a team like this moving forwards.

9 out of 15 of the players play on the 2nd, the remaining 5 play on the 3rd. It’s good to have a bench stacked with players on the 3rd in case your selected players underperform on the fixture for the 2nd, at least you will be able to make substitutions this way. It might seem obvious, but as an example, you’d start a keeper that plays on the 2nd, and have your reserve keeper that plays on the 3rd so you could sub him on if your primary keeper doesn’t get many points.

What do you think of this Wildcard team? Send your drafts in the comments below, we’d love to discuss and give the best advice possible!


Well, well, well… Netherlands, Portugal, France and Germany are out of the competition and I bet very few people would have predicted this. England finally beat Germany in the knockout stages, which was fantastic… It has many of us thinking that it could be coming home, right? EURO 2020 has been amazing so far, full of action, surprises and everything else. It has been a great tournament and has filled that summer void and giving the community plenty to talk about before we revert to everything and anything FPL related.

A question for the community: who can you see playing in the Finals at Wembley on the 11th July?

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article boys and girls. If you need any help with your team or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via any of our Social Media Platforms.

All the best amigos! <3 From @TheFPLWay Team!

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