Gameweek 1 – Let’s Check Out The FPL Way’s Draft Teams – 11 Team Reveals

Gameweek 1 – Let’s Check Out The FPL Way’s Draft Teams – 11 Team Reveals

Bonjour! With Gameweek 1 inching closer, we thought now would be a good time to reveal our current draft teams for the Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 season. We’ve made a fair number of revisions to these drafts since the Euros ended. No doubt, there will be many more to come once pre-season gets in full swing. The summer transfer window opened up on Wednesday the 9th June and is open for 12 weeks. This closes on Tuesday the 31st of August at 23:00 (BST) and will create the need to tweak our squads further.

As you may already know, the Premier League commences on Friday 13th August at 18:30 (BST) and so the summer transfer window will remain open after GW1 kicks off.

Despite this, we’ve had a lot of fun planning and meddling with our teams to create a solid foundation for the start of the season. We’ve asked several members of our team to showcase their current squad and give their reasoning behind why they have selected their players. So, let’s get this kickstarted. Here are @TheFPLWay’s current drafts for the new season.

The FPL Way Team Reveal


To kick off, here is the team reveal for @FantasySilva. FantasySilva (AKA; Nathan) finished with an OR of 23,429 last season and is determined to finish (at least) within the top 10k this season. Let’s check out his team and find out why he picked the players he has at the moment.

This is my team so far, you may notice I’ve gone without Kane, no Man City players (as I hate Pep Roulette) and no Liverpool defence. I’ve also gone for a ‘set and forget’ keeper (Schmeichel) with a cheap £4.0m GK (Foster) that I’m not worried about. I think Man Utd will have a better season with some of their new signings and I’ve only gone for two newly promoted players. Toney scored 33 goals and got 10 assists last season but obviously won’t get as many chances this season – despite this, I think he’s still worth the punt.

Since writing this article, and following a video call with Dan, I actually made 5 changes to my team. They are:

  • Sánchez → Schmeichel
  • Bachmann → Foster
  • Sarr → Brownhill
  • Barnes → Havertz
  • Cavani → Antonio

This new team is definitely more appealing and I can’t see much changing now unless we get a few summer transfers inbound before the season starts. It’s worth noting that I may swap Shaw for another defender once we get an injury update from the team.


Last season we saw the Man United man Luke Shaw on many of United’s set pieces & corners. If he is fit and available for the start of the season then he will most definitely be in my team.
The same applies to Lamptey, we have heard the news that he may not be fit enough to start the season. This is quite a blow because he’s a decent attacking player at £4.5m and Brighton has decent fixtures; we will wait and see on the latest. If Lamptey is out then Ayling will come in & Ben White may be on the radar to fill in the gap on the bench.

My two no brainer essentials are Salah & Bruno Fernandes. I don’t have to elaborate too much as we know what they can offer. Raphinha was one of the first players on my list, at £6.5m he’s such good value (surprised he wasn’t priced at £7m). He offers creativity and goals to the team. Buendia, the new signing from Norwich, is also a very creative player. He played 39 games, scored 15 and assisted 15. It will be interesting to see if the Argentinian will be on set pieces, best watch out for that one.

Two up top and I will start with Antonio; I’m a big fan of his. If he stays fit & continues to perform in pre-season then he’s my man. I do worry about his injury problems; I will make a final decision near the start of the season. A player who may come in to replace him is Newcastle’s talisman Callum Wilson and then finally Chris Watkins. He’s had a fantastic couple of years of English football, smashing goals at Brentford and playing in the Premier League for the first time with Villa; scoring 14 goals & 5 assists, not bad for your first season.
For my bench, I’ve gone for the old cheap and cheerful; I have Ben Forster (£4m) nice & simple! I don’t like rotating my GK’s as it’s never worked in the past, for that reason, I would rather invest in other parts of my team.

We then go to Luke Ayling, a player I think should have had more returns last season. His numbers are impressive and I think with Lamptey & Ayling, they are both decent attacking defenders with good fixture rotation.

Then we go to Brownhill; I won’t be getting carried away with his recent form in the pre-season, he’s a 2-point midfielder. He may score one or two goals throughout the whole season. I did have Smith Rowe, but I have recently taken him out. I will be thinking over the pre-season whether to put him back in as he’s Arsenal’s new #10 and signed a new contract this season. I’m sure he’ll play a big part in their attacking play. A decent £5.5m to come off the bench. They also have some pretty decent fixtures with the exception of GWs 2-4.

Last up is Obafemi (£4.5m); he’s purely there to help spread the funds around my team.

That’s me, definitely not a nailed team, but I’m fairly happy going into the new season with it. We have lots to see over the pre-season, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be many more changes before the new season starts.


I’ve gone fairly template with a sprinkle of differential. I feel one of my biggest downfalls last season was hunting for differentials too much and will be looking to play a little safer in the opening gameweeks.

I’ve gone fairly standard with Sanchez as my GK. Great fixtures and good opportunities for CS & save points. As you can see, I won’t be rotating GKs.

Defence again, fairly template to be safe and hold rank until I use my first wildcard. I’m aiming to use this between GW15-19, however, nothing is set in stone. All defence players have good fixtures and have proven clean sheets and attacking threats.

Midfield is where the differential has been sprinkled in. I wasn’t keen on Sancho’s price but I feel a lot more confident going with Sancho as long as I have Son. Son provides me that Spurs cover. While Sancho covers my Man Utd attacking spot.

Attack, again fairly template but for a good reason. Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Watkins could provide solid consistency at the start of the season while also helping me to shield rank. Then we have Toney, who is the only punt, mainly for his price. I can always downgrade to a £6m striker if needed.


With the caveat that much of this will change by GW1, I’m happy with the GK rotation. Defence is anchored by Trent Alexander-Arnold and Dias, with cheaper options chosen by fixtures and upside. Looking 5 weeks ahead is the limit for me. In midfield, I’m taking a chance on Sancho to cover not having Bruno, with a few mid-priced players who are exciting and could lead to price rises and money in the bank. Strikers are all in that sweet £6.5m-£7.5m spot. So much value there. With Kane likely out for GW1 that was easy to go non-premium.


For those who know me, you will already be aware that my priorities for a pre-season squad are threefold:

1. Reduce the number of non-playing/rotation risk assets down to a minimum
2. Have a good spread of price points across each position
3. Don’t have too many double-ups and totally avoid triple-ups

With that in mind, here’s how I currently stack up:


A nice and cheap ‘set and forget’ GK pairing. If Bachmann gets injured, Foster takes over – no need to use a transfer. If Bachmann and Foster get rotated, I am covered. At £8.5m, it couldn’t be cheaper. I don’t expect many clean sheets, but should get save points aplenty and hopefully some bonus.


My only niggle with this is that I don’t have a mid-range option and this will be the thing I look to change during pre-season. My plan is to downgrade one of the £4.5m options to £4m bench fodder (if I can identify one who is likely to get minutes) and then upgrade one to a mid-range option (Dunk, Shaw, Digne, etc).
White is a good option, whether or not he goes to Arsenal. The trio of Fofana, Ayling and Ait-Nouri rotate nicely with the fixtures. TAA needs no explanation.


I am happy with this now. As I will be going without Kane, I am happy to have two midfield premiums; I will not overcomplicate things by looking anywhere else but a Bruno/Salah double.

Grealish is a reliable, if not exciting, pick who helps pave the way to upgrade to an upper mid-range option (such as Son or Mahrez). Raphinha is grossly under-priced, so he bags the lower-mid/upper budget price point (even if Leeds’ fixtures aren’t brilliant) and Brownhill seems great value as a bench warmer.


This has been a tricky one this season. The standout thing here is that I am going without a premium forward (I have written a separate article on why). DCL gets a place because Everton’s opening fixtures are as good as it gets. I believe he’s nailed, and he occupies the upper-mid price point (before you get to the poor value forwards). I have my eye on Werner this year, so getting close to the £9m price point is important to me.

As regards the £7.5m slot, it’s a toss-up between Antonio and Watkins for me. I have stuck with Antonio (despite his injury-prone nature) because I already own Grealish, therefore sticking with him avoids another double-up. I suspect his ownership will be lower as well, so this is my little way of breaking from the pack slightly.

I keep trying to get rid of Toney, but he keeps coming back. If he bangs, he’s great value. If he flops, he can be downgraded to Pukki around GW5 when Norwich hit a nice patch of fixtures. He has also looked exciting in pre-season.

The FPL Amigos Draft Teams

To spice things up a little more, we asked some of our followers to submit their drafts with an explanation for their picks as well. Here are some of the people that got back to us. Give these people a follow on Twitter, they’re all class:


I’ve gone with a Watford double up in goal. They had the best defensive record in the Championship last season, and for the money, they are solid picks in my eyes. I’ve got cash spread in defence to allow for easy movement. Shaw could become AWB if we get news closer to the deadline. I’m a strong advocate of a 4.0 bench filler to save money for transfers and it’s worth noting that this team does leave me with 0.5 ITB. In midfield Salah and Raphinha are locked and (for me anyway), they are fixture proof. Brownhill seems like a sound option as a 4.5 enabler and potentially the most attacking-minded MID at that price. Buendia is a somewhat unknown element but his performances last season and his fixtures make me feel safe to go with him. Upfront I have been unchanged in almost every draft. All three I feel should be 10/15 goal strikers, possibly even pushing 20. All have good opening sets of fixtures too.

I am unlikely to tinker any further until a day or so before the deadline to avoid any overthinking.


With all the excitement of updated FPL drafts in the community (including myself), after the recent news of Sancho finally signing for Man Utd and the possibility of Kane joining Man City, I am still likely to stick with the “tried and tested” template.

I have gone with the Watford double keeper selection as I can see a lot of save points (last season all promoted GK’s got over 120 points). Aaron Wan-Bissaka is a placeholder in case Shaw doesn’t recover in time from the ribs injury, whilst I have selected Veltman over the injury-prone Lamptey. The Trent Alexander-Arnold choice was an obvious one based on his end of season form and the favourable fixtures.

With 3 x 4.5m defenders, they rotate quite well for the first 7 fixtures. I entertained Bruno for about a day but that was the error I made last season and it cost me early, whilst Salah is a set and forget player for the season. Buendia and Watkins could be an explosive duo with the first three fixtures before likely removing the former. Raphinha feels fixture-proof and is underpriced this season, and Brownhill is the cheap enabler. Toney is an exciting option and not a risky one with his TSB% (Teams Selected By) being the highest for forwards. Dominic Calvert-Lewin has never been an asset that has paid off for me, but the opening 5 fixtures are far too enticing to ignore.

I have kept 1.0m ITB to stay agile with transfers and I am pretty sure this draft will be tinkered with before the opening game of the season.


Here is my team so far. Typically I want to go for a more balanced team approach however with Shaw becoming a bit of a doubt for the opening weeks and me wanting to capitalise on Liverpool’s great fixtures, Robertson breaks the team structure a little! I’m always a huge fan of the 3-4-3 formation as it’s a hugely flexible formation where strikers can easily be swapped out and minimal defenders are needed. Trent & Robbo hopefully will operate more like extra midfielders for me, and my cheap midfielders and forwards have plenty of potentials to start well and gain early price rises! I’m currently weighing up other options including Jota, and Watkins, so take this team with a pinch of salt.


This is my team so far. I have made a late change from Shaw to Stones as of now. I really do think Stones is the best replacement if Shaw misses a few games, Man City can keep a clean sheet against anyone! I’m still backing Trent Alexander-Arnold & Robertson to have a good start even though Virgil van Dijk might not be back. Matip & Konate are likely to pair up and start the season off. I’ve picked Trossard as a two-game punt. Great player, great with fixtures. The attack at the moment is fine, I have 0.5M in the bank to bring in Bamford later which no one is talking about right now…


In my ever-changing team, there are a few names that I’m now certain I will start with. The majority is quite templated, I guess with Salah, Trent, Watkins and Bruno. Villa’s first 3 games are hard to ignore so I feel the triple up will hopefully be beneficial. Have a feeling Havertz will have great seasons so I’m hoping having him in from the start will give me a boost, especially against a different Palace side in the first game. I really like Burnley’s fixtures up until GW18. With the uncertainty over Lamptey, I feel Taylor is a good pick. Solid defensively and can be a threat getting forward so hoping he stays fit. I still don’t think I’m quite done tinkering but getting close to where I want to become at the start of the season.


My original plan was the start with Kane, whether he stays at Spurs or moves I feel he is a fantastic FPL asset due to his proven record. That said, it appears he has now been ruled out to start the season so I have had to revert back to a draft without him.

3-4-3 is my favoured formation, and where possible I do look to use it and that appears to be the same this season too.

The players I don’t need to explain are Salah, Bruno & Trent as they speak for themselves really, all great players and all should score well.

Defence, I’ve gone for Sanchez as my set and forget keeper, I really like Brighton’s opening fixtures and he should see some clean sheet and save points. Targett and Coufal join Trent at the back, with Lowton offering cover from the bench. All 3 like to push forward with the first two scoring well last season. I fully expect them to achieve similar if not better this season. Williams is bench fodder unless he gets a loan move.

Midfield, Salah and Bruno need no explanation. Mahrez should be great for the start of the season, he gives me City cover and I fully expect him to get some good returns in the opening weeks. Harrison; I actually prefer instead of Raphinha. He could become Sarr before the season starts as I keep changing between the two. Gibbs-White offers the cover from the bench, playing as a number 10 in pre-season and looking to nail down that spot.

Forwards, Watkins as Villa has a good start to the season, he plays 90 mins consistently and was unlucky last season to not score even more points. Should be good for the first 3 weeks at least. Toney, whilst unproven, his fixtures are kind and he has the potential to outscore his price which I expect him to do. Wilson is there as I like Newcastle’s fixtures. There has been Iheanacho, Antonio and even Wood but for now, I think Wilson will perform best in the early game weeks.

Subject to change, but this is me for now. Thanks for reading and good luck with the season ahead.


We’ve showcased 11 different FPL Managers teams in this article and there are quite a few things we have noticed in this process…

  • All 11 managers have selected Salah as their captain and 8/11 managers have Fernandes as their vice-captain
  • 10/11 managers have included one Liverpool defender (either TAA or Robertson) with 4/11 managers doubled up on the Liverpool defence
  • 10/11 managers have Sánchez or Bachmann as a goalkeeper within their squad of 15
  • 6/11 managers have Fofana in their team, he definitely seems to be the most popular non-Liverpool defensive pick
  • 7/11 managers have Buendía as a non-premium midfielder and 8/11 managers have Raphinha.
  • 8/11 managers have gone for Toney as their striker from the newly promoted Brentford. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Watkins and Antonio seem to be the other favourite picks with not a lot between them.

We’re sure you can all remember captaining Salah in GW1 last season which started the season on a high as he accumulated 20 points (40 if you captained him). We guess we’re all hoping for the same this season and don’t want to take the initial risk with captaining someone else in the beginning.

With Liverpool finishing the end of last season on a high and with their defensive players getting attacking returns, it’s no surprise people have included the main boys (TAA & Roberston) in their squad.

With Emiliano Buendía scoring 15 goals with 16 assists in the championship for Norwich last season, we’re not too surprised to see him in most teams here. A player worth mentioning as well that doesn’t feature in any of these teams is Ismaila Sarr who scored 13 goals and 4 assists for Watford last season.

When it comes to the strikers, it seems most managers are pretty confident that Toney will have a great season (and could be the Bamford of the 2021-22 season). Asides from that, it seems it’s a flip of a coin between the other key strikers; DCL, Watkins, Antonio, Wilson, and Barnes.

So, how do you rate these teams? Which is the strongest in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below. Feel free to send us your Draft Teams as well and we will rate them and give our personal opinions.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and we can’t wait until the new season starts now. Thank you to all the FPL Amigo’s for submitting your teams, it’s been a great addition to this article!

All the best amigos! <3 From @TheFPLWay Team!

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