Adama Traore the Chosen One

Adama Traore the Chosen One

Before you call me crazy or think I’m some type of lunatic, just give me a chance to entice you. I think the majority of us know Adama Traore as a pace burner, muscle oil man and NOT an FPL asset. I’m here to say he actually can be a fantastic option this year. With the arrival of Bruno Lage and his style of play, Traore has been putting up some impressive numbers in the last two games albeit a small sample size:

🔸 Total shots: 10

🔸 SIB : 7

🔸 CC: 5

🔸 BC: 2

🔸 xG: 1.48

🔸 23 touches in the opp. box

Below is a small graph with a few other assets around the same price bracket as Traore (£6.2m – £5.5m) The sample size is only two Gameweeks but the underlying numbers are there for Traore. When the fixtures turn in GW4, I do expect to see Traore converting these numbers to FPL points:

Data via : @FantasyFootyFix

Looking at his heat map and average position, we can see how offensive and direct Traore has been. He’s much closer to the goal and playing more central off Raul Jimenez, giving Wolves a different outlet than previous seasons:

This pass map using illustrates how high Traore is playing in GW2. The front 3 of Trincao, Jimenez and Traore can cause teams a significant amount of problems once they properly start to click. It also shows us the passes and most progressive passes received from their match against Spurs:

You could say Wolves were unlucky not to come away with anything against Spurs in GW 2. Bruno Lage is no doubt making progress and adding his own spice, building his own philosophy in this Wolves side.

In GW 1 against Leicester City he has some great opportunities especially 1v1 with the GK but fumbled his chances. It’s quite clear his finishing is not his greatest forte. Once he improves his finishing ability and becomes more clinical converting these chances, he’ll be a gem for that price in my opinion.

In GW 2 he had another 1v1 chance but the shot was saved by Hugo Lloris. It’s the positions he’s getting himself into that strikes me. On the counter attack Wolves are going to be lethal with the shrewd pace they have. They just need a finisher:

Traore vs Sarr. Both are £6.0 respectively. What appeals to me is Traore still has a higher xG/90. Both are still good options in that price bracket
Here we see the 7 SIB. Great graphic from

From GW 4-14 Wolves arguably have the best run of fixtures. I’m looking to hop on Traore early as I like staying ahead of the curve and predicting him to explode. For £6.0 he does offer me that budget value which can help me free up funds for a Lukaku/Kane or a third premium midfielder.

This was my GW 2 team which accumulated 68 points. I’m currently sitting at 454k in the world and have 2 free transfers with £0.5 in the bank. I do like Barnes ➡️ Traore while rolling the other transfer. This would let me bank £1.0 extra as I’d be downgrading Barnes. An important thing to note is that Spurs are making an enquiry for Traore. The move could be done so just make sure to keep an eye on that.
Still, plenty to consider before the GW 3 deadline but I do hope this gave you some kind of insight. Thank you for reading.

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