Gameweek 1 Review – @fpl_obsessed

Gameweek 1 Review – @fpl_obsessed

GW1 Review

GW Points🥇: 93
Overall Rank 📈: 911k
Overall Points📊: 93

The Good😀:

✅ Salah, Bruno and Antonio double digit hauls
✅ No squad rotation/injury concerns
✅ Double Liverpool CS


The Bad😩:

❌ High scoring gameweek generally
❌ Raphinha and Shaw blank + YC
❌ Bachmann couldn’t keep a CS


Thoughts on GW1 and beyond 💭:

FPL is back with a bang and there are some really high scores floating around. It’s an odd feeling to kick off the campaign with 93 points and yet feel that was a fairly average result.

I believe it is WAY too early to be drawing any major conclusions but the things which have caught my eye are as follows:

  • It seems clear to me that the home advantage has regained its teeth and this factor should have a higher weighting in our transfer strategy.
  • VAR offside checks were clearly more lenient on several occasions in the opening gameweek. Bruno’s third goal, for example, is unlikely to have counted last season.

With only one week’s worth of data, and no fires to put out, I’ll probably be banking the FT for GW3.

How was your first gameweek? Did you hit the 100 Club? Let me know how you got on in the comments. 👇

5 thoughts on “Gameweek 1 Review – @fpl_obsessed

  1. Well done Matt on GW1 score and nice brief above. I also had a very good GW1 (110pts) but as you noted too early to get carried away. I am also aiming to roll FT.

    However with VAR and indeed ref decisions favoring attack (Maupay push!), I feel we need to reduce spend in defense (max 1 premium def (+6.0m) + 2 x 4.5m starters + 1 x 4.5 (bench) +1×4.0 bench ) and put money into attacking assets. Any thoughts or too early to say?

  2. I’ve had the same thought myself although it is important to distinguish between early patterns and season-long trends. I have already been thinking about how many awesome looking midfield options there are (at all price points) and am considering moving to a 3-5-2 (with one of the 2 forward being a big hitter) – moving budget away from defence could be a way of achieving that. But, again, I’m just keeping my eye on it.

    1. I’m sticking with Bachmann. Last season I went with Johnstone from the very start. The first six weeks were rough but West Brom started to tighten up and the CS and save points came rolling in. I like the fact that Foster is their only viable 2nd GK option. Means I don’t have to waste precious transfers on GKs. Will review when I use my WC.

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