GW2 Kneejerk Analysis

GW2 Kneejerk Analysis

In this article, I will look at the ten most transferred-in players this week and decide whether we should bring these players into our FPL teams or not.

Many FPL managers make impulsive transfers based on who played well the previous week. This article will help you decide whether or not to bring in these players. Below is the key which will outline what to do with the ten players.


🟢  Green – Transfer in Immediately

🟡  Yellow – Without a Hit

🟠  Orange – Wait and See

🔴  Red – Do not Buy


🟠  Pogba

Transfers In – 468k

Pogba played a blinder against Leeds getting four assists. However, he is not going to get four assists every week. That is not to say Pogba can’t return on a consistent basis. I think we need to wait and see whether or not Pogba can perform consistently before bringing him into our FPL teams.


🟢  Fernandes

Transfers In – 342k

Fernandes is a superb FPL option. His hat-trick against Leeds proved that. Bruno should be in everyone’s FPL team. If you do not have him, I would consider taking a hit to get him in.


🟠  Richarlison

Transfers In – 281k

We are not yet sure which position Richarlison will play with a few Everton players still to return. If played as a striker, he could be a great option. Everton’s fixtures do look good so if Richarlison does play as a striker, I would probably get him in.


🟠  Lukaku

Transfers In – 279k

I have no doubt that Lukaku will be a great signing for Chelsea. However, I would hold off buying him for now as Chelsea’s next couple of fixtures look very difficult. We also don’t know whether he will start every week. So for now, I would just hold out and see how he does.


🟡  Antonio

Transfers In – 264k

If you can bring Antonio in this week I would. However, a tricky fixture against Leicester means you should not take a hit to get him in.


🔴  Tsimikas

Transfers In – 255k

Robertson is back in training. This means Tsimikas will likely only play two more games before returning to the bench. One of those games is against Chelsea, so should we really be transferring him in?


🟡  Benrahma

Transfers In – 213k

Benrahma looked great against Newcastle and I expect him to continue that form in the coming weeks. However, this week’s fixture against Leicester means you don’t have to rush to transfer him in.


🔴  Alonso

Transfers In – 189k

Alonso is not nailed in the Chelsea defence by any means. Chelsea’s fixtures don’t look great either. I would avoid Alonso until he proves that he can get consistent minutes.


🟢  Salah

Transfers In – 187k

Salah can score big in any game and not having him for Liverpool’s upcoming fixture run could prove devastating to your rank. I would get him in even if it means taking a hit.


🟠  Dennis

Transfers In – 183k

At the moment we are not sure whether Dennis is fit to start against Brighton and with the number of strikers in Watford’s ranks, we aren’t sure how certain he is to start. However, if Dennis is nailed on, he could be a steal at five million.

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