Premium Assets Analysis – GW3

Premium Assets Analysis – GW3

Can we fit four premiums into our FPL teams? A question I’m sure many FPL managers will be asking after Lukaku joined Son, Fernandes and Salah on the list of premiums we are looking to fit into our FPL teams. And if players such as De Bruyne and Vardy hit form, and Kane decides on his future, there could be seven premiums we want in our FPL teams.

With only a limited budget, we can’t fit all these players in our teams, so we must decide on who to own. In this article, I will discuss which premiums we should be considering and how to get them into our teams. Below is a key outlining what we should do with each premium option:


🟢 – (Green) – Essential

🟡 – (Yellow) – Good Option

🟠 – (Orange) – Consider

🔴 – (Green) – Avoid 

⭐️ – (Star) – Differential 

🟠 ( Orange )  Salah:

Ownership – 56%

Gameweek three presents Liverpool with a tough test against current table-toppers Chelsea. After this fixture, Salah will travel to Egypt to play in two World Cup Qualifying Games for his country. However, upon his return to the UK, Salah must complete a mandatory ten-day quarantine. This would rule him out of playing against Leeds in Gameweek four.

A tricky fixture against Chelsea and a likely absence against Leeds should have you considering Salah’s spot in your FPL team.


🟢 ( Green )  Fernandes:

Ownership – 58%

For now, Fernandes should be in everyone’s FPL team. Upcoming fixtures against Wolves and Newcastle are games we can confidently captain Bruno in. However, a Gameweek seven fixture swing sees United play seven of last year’s top ten sides in eight weeks. That could be when we look to swap Bruno for an alternative premium asset. Although for now, Bruno should be locked into all of our FPL teams.


🟡 ( Yellow )  Son:

Ownership – 24 %

Son offers a solid captaincy option in Gameweek’s three and four playing Watford and Palace. With Salah likely out of the captaincy equation for these two Gameweeks and Son boasting milder fixtures than Bruno, he could be a great option.

Also, with Kane currently absent from the Spurs team, Son is playing upfront. I believe he’s a great option for the next few weeks and can be a captaincy option in Salah’s “absence”.


🟠 ( Orange )  Lukaku:

Ownership – 17%

Lukaku’s performance against Arsenal was certainly something to boast about, however, his fixtures aren’t. Chelsea face Liverpool, Spurs, and City in their next four. Whilst Lukaku could score in each of these games, we shouldn’t expect any more than one goal a game.

Explosivity is a must for premium assets, so maybe you wait to transfer in Lukaku until Chelsea’s fixtures turn in Gameweek seven.


🔴 ( Red )  Kane:

Ownership – 7%

At the moment Kane’s future is uncertain. Therefore we cannot consider Kane as an FPL option until he moves clubs or confirms his stay at Spurs. I’m sure once Kane’s future is certain he will be involved in the premium conversation once more.


⭐️ ( Differential )  Vardy:

Ownership – 16%

Leicester have great fixtures so maybe Vardy should be in more of our FPL teams. A Gameweek three fixture against Norwich could be a great opportunity to captain Vardy when many other big-hitters are out of the equation.

Also, with Lukaku probably out of consideration until Gameweek seven, Vardy could be a great placeholder until that time with fixtures against Norwich, Brighton, Burnley and Palace.


⭐️ ( Differential )  De Bruyne:

Ownership – 2%

The current template is very strong with many managers having quite similar teams. It can be hard to break away from this pack. However, a move for De Bruyne could help you do just that.

Whilst Man City does not have the greatest of fixture runs you could argue the Premier League Champions are fixture proof. Therefore, a move for De Bruyne could be golden helping you to break free from the pack.


Fernandes is an absolute must-have for the coming Gameweeks, boasting great fixtures and good form. Son offers a good captaincy option and FPL managers should really be trying to get him into their teams.

Salah could be the make way to allow other premiums into our teams, whilst Kane should be avoided until further clarity is provided surrounding his future. Lukaku is a wait and see, whilst De Bruyne and Vardy are exciting differentials that could help you move clear of the pack.


How to get the premiums into our teams?

Firstly, we have to consider how many premiums we want in our teams. Too many premiums and the rest of our squad suffers. Too little and choosing captaincy can become difficult. We must also pick premiums that allow us to be flexible. Here we look at three teams, suggesting possible changes they could make regarding premiums.


Team #1:

Twitter Handle – @DNeedarest

This team doesn’t have enough premiums. The money is distributed evenly across the team leaving only one captaincy option in Salah. This team definitely needs a few transfers to sort out captaincy for the coming weeks.

Firstly I would downgrade Torres to a baseline midfielder (4.5m) in order to free up funds. I would also downgrade Salah to Son. With the added money I would then upgrade Jota to Fernandes. This gives you two good captaincy options and allows an easy route back to Salah in Gameweek five.


Team #2

Twitter Handle – @fpl_gaz

This team is nicely balanced. However, it probably doesn’t have enough captaincy options for the upcoming Gameweeks. Downgrading Salah to Son would give you the funds to upgrade Ings to Vardy, allowing you plenty of captaincy options for the next two weeks.


Team #3

Twitter Handle – @Tyler_dean93

This team has too many premium players. Having four premium midfielders has seriously weakened the rest of this team. One of the midfielders should definitely be downgraded. A move from Mahrez to Demarai Gray or Benrahma would allow funds to upgrade Henry to Trent, or Cork to Raphinha. This would give a more balanced team and still let you have three good captaincy options.

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