GW4 – Return of the King

GW4 – Return of the King

Before getting into my GW4 preview, I would like to recap from my last article (full article here);

“Now to the captaincy déjà vu …

During GW23 of last season, I had the captaincy on Bruno Fernandes going into MUN vs EVE whilst also initially having DCL starting the game. In the same Gameweek, West Ham was playing Fulham away with Antonio in form. In a reactionary move, I decided to transfer in Soucek, benching DCL and putting the captaincy on Antonio.

This failed miserably with Bruno returning, Calvert-Lewin scoring late and taking maximum BPS in a 3-3 draw. This all happened after West Ham vs Fulham dragged out a 0-0 stalemate. I am in the exact same situation 5 months later. However, this time I am leaning more towards the Portuguese away to Wolves. Antonio is home to Crystal Palace and is likely to get opportunities to add to his fantastic start to the season.”

Fortunately, despite the above, I captained Antonio. His statistics and ‘eye-test’ backed captaining the Jamaican and he repaid my faith with another haul.

I finished GW3 with 62 points which dropped me from 454k to 486k. I am satisfied to be in this position, especially with having two free transfers and a squad that I am content with moving forward (not tempted to wildcard).

GW4 Plans

The Ronaldo transfer to Manchester United has really thrown a “Cat amongst the pigeons” – especially when attempting to balance premiums amongst our FPL squads.

During the International break, I drafted several Wildcards on how to accommodate 3 x premiums (Ronaldo, Salah & Lukaku). However, I felt the balance in my squad was affected and there were too many sacrifices made to my squad.

Thus, whilst I have the two premiums in Bruno & Salah, I am happy to use my transfers to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo.

The two assets I am quite certain to remove are Bruno Fernandes & Danny Ings.

There are many strong assets to bring in with Ronaldo. For some assistance from the FPL Community, I released a quick poll on Twitter;

Like many FPL managers, I have enjoyed the points from Tsimikas. However, I was always prepared that he may be a stumbling block when wanting to bring in a third Liverpool asset (currently have TAA & Salah).

Diogo Jota

With Roberto Firmino suffering from a calf injury, I am most tempted by the Jota move – even at the cost of a hit (-4).

Jota’s touches have been in great areas to haul in FPL. If he were to get an extended run of starts, coupled with the mid-range pricing, he is an absolute ‘must’ in my team. I can envisage the Portuguese matching Salah for points should he start the next 3 games with the Egyptian.

Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres has started the season brilliantly. He is playing as the striker in the Manchester City team and has scored very well so far.

His shot map indicates he has been playing OOP (Out of position) which is extremely valuable for FPL managers. Should the Spaniard start, he is a real threat to gain huge point hauls for the coming games. However, I have played this game before in second-guessing Pep Guardiola.

Going into the final 5 games of last season, all the data suggested Mahrez would start at least 3 games (based on his involvement in the UCL). However, he was either benched or completely dropped from the squad, meaning a premium option was unavailable to my team. Despite the kind mid-pricing of Torres, I am fearful that he may be benched for the games in the short-term and with a run of tough fixtures (lei – SOU – liv – che), I am happy to wait and eventually transfer in Dias (a more assured starter for MCI).

Adama Traore

Adama Traore is so entertaining to watch. He can dominate opponents but rarely returns with FPL points.

His positioning has been ideal for FPL managers. Constantly getting in attacking areas and nearly hauling. That is the keyword, “nearly”…

In my analysis, Adama is just a poor finisher. Despite his positional change and more attacking areas (closer to the box), he doesn’t have a history of good attacking returns. Thus, I am almost certain that I will not select the Spaniard this GW. However, I will likely transfer in his teammate Jimenez in the coming weeks during Wolves’ favourable fixture swing.


Similar to the Twitter poll, I am favouring the Jota move. Therefore, the squad would look like this;

If I were to make these changes, I would have £1.5m in the bank.

Of course, this is subject to change but for updates, check out my Twitter rey_qur for my finalised team.

Good Luck with your GW and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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