GW6 – Analysing Budget Players Following Injury Updates

GW6 – Analysing Budget Players Following Injury Updates

In this article, we’re going to analyse some of the stats for budget Midfielders and Forwards. If you are like me, you probably invested in a couple of Leeds assets when in GW5 since they had a good run of fixtures. The top 3 owned assets by percentage for Leeds are Luke Ayling (10.8%), Raphinha (15.2%), and Patrick Bamford (13.6%).

Ayling has a 50% chance of playing with a knee injury.
Raphinha has a 50% chance of playing with a hip injury.
Bamford is ruled out for Gameweek 6 with an ankle injury with a current unknown return injury.

If you want to keep up to date with FPL Injuries, you can check out our new addition to the website here. These PL injuries and suspensions get updated hourly and can certainly help you with your Gameweek decisions.

You may want to keep hold of Leeds assets since they have pretty decent fixtures until Gameweek 10. Since Bamford is ruled out for the longest period of time, if you haven’t got the bench cover, personally, he would be my first target to find a replacement for.

Before we get into the stats, I’m just going to explain my plan. As we all may know by now, Chelsea has a great run of fixtures from GW7-11. For me, in order to prepare myself for this, I will personally be making the transfer of Patrick Bamford (8.0m) to Emmanuel Dennis (5.3m). What this enables me to do is plan to get Chelsea assets in with ease since I’ll be left with a decent chunk of money in the bank. Whether I get Antonio Rüdiger or Romelu Lukaku in first is still up in the air come Gameweek 7, but by keeping that money in the bank, I have the flexibility to plan my team accordingly before the GW7 deadline.

That being said, let’s firstly look at the best budget midfielders:

So for me, I personally feel that Demarai Gray is the better pick here. He will face Norwich at home on Saturday and this could potentially be a big haul for Gray. The only issue I see with this pick is how he will perform with the absence of Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison. Does this favour him, does it not? Regardless, for me, he’s still worth the punt.

Ismaila Sarr is another great pick as Watford face Newcastle at home and The Magpies have already conceded 13 goals this season (second worst, with Norwich being the worse with 14). As a one week punt, there are valid reasons to have any of these two players or even both for that matter. But if you were going to get just one of these guys in, I’d go for Gray as Watford’s fixtures get more difficult in comparison to Everton’s.

Conor Gallagher is also a very good pick and for me is more of a long-term pick for your squad. He’s the cheapest out of the 3 midfielders and you have the potential to keep him up to GW14 with Crystal Palace’s fixtures.

The decision you make ultimately depends on your current team and your plans moving forward, but nevertheless, all 3 of these players are great additions to the team.

Now, let’s have a gander at some of the best budget forwards:

Allan Saint-Maximin seems to be the better pick here, he’s been pretty consistent so far this season and has only blanked once. But, he does come at a price in comparison to the other 3 forwards.

Emmanuel Dennis is a very good pick, in my opinion, the cheapest of the lot and a great enabler where you can add value to your team elsewhere. If you are thinking of keeping Lukaku and Ronaldo in your team (like me), then he is the best option. Watford faces Newcastle at home, so if you were to replace him with Bamford, you will have the funds in the bank to potentially get Lukaku into your team for GW7. I guess it all depends on your plan, but Dennis is a very popular pick this Gameweek and I believe it’s for these reasons.

Teemu Pukki is a bit of a punt, Norwich is looking awful this season, but can he deliver? I feel we are yet to see. Yes, he’s on penalties, Norwich does have some pretty decent fixtures but again, he could be hit or miss.

Adam Armstrong I would say is the worst pick out of the 4. It’s not even a player I have considered to be honest with you. Their fixtures are not too bad coming up but they’ve only managed to score 4 goals this season. Admittedly, they’ve had a tough set of fixtures to begin with but I would say you would need to see how much impact he has in matches against some of the weaker teams before considering this guy. A good differential at only 3% ownership, but it seems to much of a gamble for me.


If you’ve invested in Leeds assets for their decent fixture swing, you might be sat there with players with doubts of starting moving into GW6. I feel that Raphinha is worth keeping hold of as he will come back into the team and will save unnecessary transfers if you do wish to get rid of him. Since Bamford is out for the longest period of time, I would look to replace him with one of the budget forwards highlighted above.

You may not have any Leeds assets in your team, and if that’s the case, I can’t lie; I’m pretty jealous ; )

All in all, the decision you make depends on your current squad, but I do hope this article has helped you in your decisions if you are looking for a strong budget addition to your team for a midfield or forward replacement.

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