Rey’s GW6 Preview

Rey’s GW6 Preview

GW5 Review

Despite Antonio being suspended, I decided to roll the transfer. This worked out to be a good move as I finished on a very solid 77 points.

This shot me up from 398k to 149k.

It was quite the emotional rollercoaster on deadline day as there were several rumours about the availability of FPL assets (including possible issues with my players):

  • Raphinha was at risk due to his hip injury
  • Benrahma with an apparent knock after his European game with WHU
  • The sudden unavailability of TAA
  • Keeping an asset that was unavailable (Antonio)
  • The fear of Livramento coming off the bench to play MCI
  • Bringing in Bamford for either Toney or Antonio

I decided not to make any moves which fortunately worked out very well for me. With 2 x FT going into GW6, I believe I am well set up to stay ‘in the pack’ for the coming game weeks.

Squad RAG Status

Each week, I will give a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating on the safety of the assets in my squad.

🟢  Green – Performing well/ certain keep

🟠  Orange – Wait and See

🔴  Red – Imminent departure



I see Sanchez as the best 4.5m GK in this seasons game. He plays behind a good defence at Brighton and has 2 x CS from his first 5 games which I am satisfied with considering his price 🟢


The Watford man recently started the last game which is fantastic for a 4.0m GK. I see him more as an enabler but, when BRI play more difficult teams, I may just start with Foster in the hope that he plays 🟢


Unless TAA is unavailable for any considerable amount of time, he shall stay all season 🟢


Having a cheap playing defender is always a blessing for FPL managers. Especially one that is as attacking as Tino based on his positional heatmaps (below). The defender also boasts 18.9 ExPts which is impressive for such a cheap asset 🟢


Despite looking dangerous on the ‘eye-test’, I expected more returns from Luke Shaw by this stage. With MUN having a more challenging FDR from GW8, he may be replaced by a CHE asset 🟠


At 4.5m, my expectations of Ayling aren’t considerably high. There are potentially better defenders at similar prices, but I will bide my time 🟠


I started the season with White and intended to start him against NOR & BUR respectively. He has returned with 2 x CS which I am delighted with at just 4.4m 🟢


Season keeper, that is all 🟢


I transferred in the Portuguese (-4) expecting him to return. In his last two fixtures, Jota has infuriated me as he should have returned handsomely (blanked each). His expected stats have all been there (below). However, with the impending return of Firmino, Jota could be sold in GW7 when LIV play MCI 🟠

Stats GW 3-5Jota
Expected Goals1.20
Shots on Target2
Exp. Assists1.31


Under-priced in my opinion and fixture proof. He always looks like a threat and his stats of chances created and xGI advocate he should be able to continue this 🟢


Cheap enabler, would possibly WC him out for Sissoko or Allan 🟠


The Algerians status would have been Red were it not for his return vs MUN. I am still unsure what my move will be moving forward. However, he will stay for GW6 🟠


Similar to Benrahma, Ivan is an asset that could be transferred out in the coming GW’s as Brentford’s fixtures turn for the worst, starting with LIV 🟠


Performing as expected. Cristiano has been top of all stats you would want since arriving. He will certainly stay in my team, but likely to be replaced with Lukaku in GW8 🟢


With 4 goals and 4 assists, Antonio is performing like a premium asset. I intend to play the Jamaican till he “breaks” – an incredible asset when fit and firing 🟢

GW6 Preview

With 2 x FT and 1.5m burning a hole in my pocket, I am in an ideal position this week.

Before making any transfers, this is what the team looks like;

As I will certainly make at least one transfer, these are my thoughts;

  • Replacement for Raphinha should he be a major doubt, Sarr is the asset that would step in
  • Ayling out for Rudiger, I would plan to bench Rudiger vs MCI and have him ready for the favourable CHE fixtures from GW7
  • Replace Toney, BRE have a tough run coming up and I could possibly look to bring in Jimenez (despite his lack of returns)
  • Jota out, this is an inevitable transfer at some point as Firmino is close to a return

Regarding captaincy, I have selected Ronaldo vs AVL – the Portuguese player has really impressed and I expect more returns against a suspect Villa defence.

Of course, this is subject to change but for updates, check out my Twitter rey_qur for my finalised team.

Good Luck with this GW and please leave your comments below.

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