GW13 – The Number One Captain Pick

GW13 – The Number One Captain Pick

GW13 The Number One Captain

@FantasyFootyFix will cover the stats below.

Welcome back to “The FPL Way Captaincy Picks” article where I will be discussing The Number One Fantasy Premier League best Captain for the Gameweek ahead; as voted for by the FPL Community captaincy poll on Twitter. I will also be adding the “worthy mentions” player list ahead of the Gameweek. Looking ahead to Gameweek 13, let’s move forward and take a look at that all-important captaincy decision.


View the top captain and vice-captain picks for your chosen Gameweek, overall and for the top 1000 teams.

As you can see above, there was one particular asset that was everyone’s go-to captain of Gameweek 12. Salah was the highest selected captain with 89.8% of managers captaining him in the top 1000 rank. The captaincy statistics across all FPL Managers was a fraction of this with 48.9%.

£13.0m / 72.1%

Mohammed Salah sits in 1st place as your favourite captain with of the vote.

Liverpool are back to winning ways and they now move up to second place in the Premier League table. Arsenal’s 10-match unbeaten run in all competitions is brought to a close as they miss the chance to go above Liverpool. Liverpool won 4-0 at Anfield, Ramsdale was in great form and made some brilliant saves early on. Mane broke the deadlock when he headed in Alexandra-Arnolds free-kick. It was a much more comfortable second half for the hosts. Our top captain for Gameweek 12 Mo Salah once again found another return, (8pts). The Egyptian King now averages 10.4 Pts Per Game, which is the best in the Fantasy League.

Below you will see two maps, on the left is Salah’s Shots total (48) for Gameweek 1-12 and the right is his touch heat map.

Top 5 Candidates Projected Points from GW13-16:

Below you will see the Top 5 Overall Projected Points for the next 7 Gameweeks. As you can see, Mohamed Salah leads Gameweek 13 for the most points (8.8) and with overall projected points of (47.1) which is an overall best. Just below The Egyptian International is Sadio Mane with a projected score of (7.2), that’s (1.6) less than our top best captain.

Let’s look out for the stand out differential’s. It’s another Liverpool asset and that’s Trent Alexander-Arnold. He’s projected to score (6.6) and an overall score of (34.4) points. We then move to Jamie Vardy. The Englishman is projected to score (6.0) points; he hasn’t returned in his last four matches.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is Fantasy Fix 5th best player to bring a return, he’s expecting to get (5.3) points and has an overall points of (27.9), he hasn’t returned in his last 3 matches.

Attacking Charts:

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing the Big Chances Created from the last 4 GameWeeks

🔴 Salah – 3

⚫️ Alexander-Arnold – 4

⚫️ Dennis – 3

⚫️ Gallagher – 3

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing the Expected FPL Involvements from the last 4 Gameweeks

🔴 Salah – 4.4

⚫️ King – 4.5

⚫️ Benteke – 3.1

⚫️ Alexander-Arnold – 2.9

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing Minutes Per Shot from the last 4 Gameweek’s:

🔴 Salah – 24.0

⚫️ King – 21.2

⚫️ Benteke – 18.4

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing Goals from Inside Box from the last 4 Gameweek’s:

🔴 Salah – 4

⚫️ King – 4

⚫️ Benteke – 3

⚫️ James – 3

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing Expected Goals from the last 4 Gameweek’s:

🔴 Salah – 2.8

⚫️ King – 3.8

⚫️ Benteke – 2.7

⚫️ Aubameyang – 2.9

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing Goals from the last 4 Gameweek’s:

🔴 Salah – 4

⚫️ King – 4

⚫️ Cornet – 4

⚫️ Benteke – 4

In this graphic you will see a chart comparing Shot’s Inside Box from the last 4 Gameweek’s:

🔴 Salah – 12

⚫️ King – 14

⚫️ Benteke – 15

⚫️ Foden – 10

2021/22 Season All Gameweeks

The Attacking bar charts show us a well balance stats in the last 4 Gameweeks. Despite Salah’s incredible consistency throughout the season, there are some numerous differentials assets comparing to the Egyptian International, I would say putting the captaincy on those assets could be a risky one.

The 2021/22 Season All Gameweeks attacking data shows the brilliance and why we should be Captaining Mo Salah for Gameweek 13. He’s averaging (10.4) points per game which is the highest in the fantasy league.

Worthy Mention’s:

The table below cover attacking stats throughout All the Gameweeks:

Jamie Vardy (£10.6m / 25.8 %)

It’s been frustrating to watch and see Jamie Vardy returning 0 goals in his last four matches. The Englishman is due a return and I think the game against Watford could be the time. Vardy does average (5.2) points per match throughout the whole season, which is better than Aubameyang (3.6) and Harry Kane (2.6). He also carries (62) fantasy points, which is second-best in the Forward category, one below Antonio (63).

Harry Kane (£12.2m / 10.9%)

We were expecting a lively game against Leeds United in Gameweek 12, The English International was only just 4th best for xG (0.52) in this match and provided 4 shots with just 1 on target. My eye test suggests that Kane’s body language is looking more confident, his positioning and movement in front of goal is getting a lot sharper. He’s getting very close to the Harry Kane we know. Tottenham are facing Burnley away, The Clarets have the worst goal attempts in Box conceded (138) in the League this season.

Aubameyang (£9.9m / 4.2%

Arsenal will be facing Newcastle United at home this weekend. The Gunners lost their 10 match Unbeaten run last week against Liverpool. We cannot ignore The Red’s form throughout that period and I expect them to get right back on track. Newcastle United is 4th for Big Chance’s conceded (11), 4th for xG Conceded (7.35) and 4th worst in the league for Minutes Per xG Conceded (52.1). Aubameyang averages (2.9) expected goals in his last 4 matches.

Liverpool vs Arsenal

Areas of the Pitch being conceded

Below you will see data for the last 4 Gameweeks for Areas of the Pitch being Conceded:

TeamsChances Conceded on the Left FlankChances Conceded in the CentreChances Conceded on the Right Flank
Liverpool 101013
Southampton 101014

Team Defensive xG Conceded:

Below you will see data for the last 4 Gameweeks for Team Defensive xG Conceded:

TeamBig Chances Conceded Goal Attempts ConcededGoal Attempts In The Box ConcededGoal Attempts Outside The Box ConcededGoals ConcededMinutes Per xG ConcededxG Conceded
Liverpool  633249592.44.09


Mo Salah has scored four goals in his last four Gameweeks and he tops the numbers amongst midfielders for shots (15), shots in the box (12) and big chances (five). The Egyptian International tops for big chances created (three).

Southampton has conceded four goals in the last four Gameweeks, whilst Liverpool has conceded 5 in the last four. The Saint’s have a better xG conceded (2.60) than Liverpool (4.09).

Liverpool has conceded (6) big chances conceded to Southampton’s (2). The above data tell’s us that The Saint’s have a slightly better defence than Liverpool, but we can arguably say that Southampton has had a better fixture run, take nothing away from them, they have been very impressive.

Liverpool has been impressive at front of the goal. They’ve scored 13 goals in their last four matches, one behind Chelsea (14). Southampton has only scored 5 goals in their last four matches, which is 5 worst in the League.

Southampton has conceded (11) goals all season, (10) from inside the box. Mo Salah has scored 11 goals this season, all from inside the box.


This article has been shortened slightly and that’s because of one particular player, Mo Salah. He’s definitely making this captain article a lot easier for me.

There’s no one who I would captain this week than The Egyptian King himself. I have named some worthy mentions who I believe deserve a shot, but unfortunately they’re not as consistent or clinical enough.

It would be interesting to see some FPL managers going against Salah. All I can say is good on you and good luck.

Who will be your captain for Gameweek 13?

I’ll leave that to you.

All the best Fantasy managers and good luck.

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