Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW13?

Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW13?

Here are my FPL Way Picks for Gameweek 13 for the 2021-22 season. The deadline for GW13 is on Saturday 27th November at 11:00 GMT

I will be building a team that I feel will perform well in Gameweek 13. This team uses £99.6m of the £100m budget.

Here are the fixtures for Gameweek 13

Let’s have a look at the top ten teams with the best fixtures, both defensively and offensively

This is how predicted fixture difficulty is rated:



– Stats provided by Fantasy Football Fix

The FPL XV – Who Are the Best Assets to Own in GW13?

Well well, here we are approaching GW13 and we have 9 fixtures between now and the start of next year, it’s always a very interesting time for Football. So what did we learn from GW12? Firstly, Man Utd was massively disappointing results in the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjær, it was inevitable but I wasn’t expecting that 4-1 defeat that’s for sure. It was another great week for defenders; with Antonio Rüdiger, Reece James, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and João Pedro Cavaco Cancelo all getting over double-digit returns. The Chelsea score was a surprise to me at least, but it really is starting to look like James and/or Chilwell are looking to be essential, even regardless of fixtures. Big at the back looks to be a trend that is working very nicely this season, especially with the ‘big’ defenders returning on a weekly basis. Other than that, it was a disappointing Gameweek for managers investing in Spurs assets (i.e. Son and/or Kane). These players can’t really be ignored, especially as they face Burnley, Brentford, and Norwich in their next 3 fixtures. For me it seems the safer option to own just one of these players when they are underperforming like they are now, it just makes sense to take advantage of just one as opposed to the double up.

That being said, let’s get on with the reasonings as to why I have selected my Gameweek 13 team in which I feel should have a crackin’ weekend…

My Gameweek 13 Selection


José Malheiro de Sá

Norwich vs Wolves

  • Price: £5.0m
  • Ownership: 2.5%
  • Projected Points: 4.9 Points

When you’re are facing Norwich, it’s inevitable that you’re going to select a player that faces them. Although they have scored in each of their last 3 matches; when they face a stronger defensive team like Wolves, I feel that it will be another clean sheet on the cards for Wolves. I wouldn’t risk the double up in Wolves defence but Sá seems a great pick with the easiest defensive fixture of the week.


Reece James

Chelsea vs Man Utd

  • Price: £6.1m
  • Ownership: 26.3%
  • Projected Points: 4.1 Points

Let’s just start this with the fact that Reece James has accumulated 53 points in the last 4 GW’s (13.25 points average), with 3 goals and 2 assists. Chelsea is looking very strong at the moment and James is involved with a lot of attacking plays for the squad. For me, James seems essential at the moment; playing as strong as Trent Alexander-Arnold at a massive fraction of his price. Man Utd conceded 4 goals against Watford; so we can only expect a highly attacking game from Chelsea as they play them at home.


Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool vs Southampton

  • Price: £7.8m
  • Ownership: 33.2%
  • Projected Points: 6.3 Points

Another highly attacking player here, he’s accumulated 27 points (13.5 points average), with 1 goal and 3 assists in the last two Gameweeks. He’s always a player in which I feel is essential to any squad… He comes at a price but he’s most certainly worth it!


João Pedro Cavaco Cancelo

Man City vs West Ham

  • Price: £6.6m
  • Ownership: 32.0%
  • Projected Points: 4.9 Points

Cancelo is another defender that just seems to be getting attacking returns; both in the Champions League and the Premier League. He’s accumulated 26 points (13 points average), with 3 assists in the last two PL Gameweeks. Cancelo is another player in which I feel is absolutely essential. For me, if you have 3 at the back with James, TAA and Cancelo; you are in a very good position defensively; just start these quality players every week if your budget allows it.


Shane Duffy

Brighton vs Leeds

  • Price: £4.3m
  • Ownership: 22.9%
  • Projected Points: 3.3 Points

I was in two minds about whether to start Duffy or Emmanuel Dennis… Obviously, I went with Duffy as he’s a cheap entry into Brighton’s defence. With Robert Sánchez back from the suspension; who knows, we could well see another clean sheet in this game. For 4.3m and a player that has scored and assisted once so far this season; he seems to be quite the tasty selection at this price bracket.


Heung-Min Son

Burnley vs Spurs

  • Price: £10.4m
  • Ownership: 21.3%
  • Projected Points: 4.4 Points

The Spurs draught has to stop soon right? With Antonio Conte in charge; I’m expecting to see much better things from Son and Kane, especially with their upcoming fixtures. Out of Son and Kane, I’d most certainly go with Son at the moment until we see the return of the quality partnership we’re used to when both players are in true form.


Mohamed Salah

Liverpool vs Southampton

  • Price: £13.0m
  • Ownership: 72.0%
  • Projected Points: 7.8 Points

11 goals, 8 assists, 10.4 points per game, and a whopping 125 points so far this season; how the hell can you go without Salah? I feel bad for the 28% of managers that don’t own him, the stats speak for themselves and this man is absolutely essential. We could see a haul from Salah as they face Southampton at home… Without a shadow of a doubt, he will be my captain this Gameweek.


Conor Gallagher

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa

  • Price: £6.0m
  • Ownership: 23.5%
  • Projected Points: 3.9 Points

What an absolute gem this player is, he’s been performing amazingly so far this season as Palace continue to grow as a squad under Patrick Viera. He’s scored 4 and provided 5 assists so far this season, not bad for a budget defender that started at only 5.5m at the start of the season right!?


Emile Smith Rowe

Arsenal vs Newcastle

  • Price: £5.9m
  • Ownership: 24.2%
  • Projected Points: 4.6 Points

What a player Smith Rowe is, and he’s only 21 years of age. He’s accumulated 32 points in that last 4 Gameweeks (8 points per game), with 3 goals and an assist. He’s also featured in the England squad where he bagged an assist and goal as well. Facing Newcastle who has already conceded 27 goals (joint bottom with Norwich), he definitely seems a rather juicy pick this week that’s for sure.


Jamie Vardy
  • Price: £10.6m
  • Ownership: 26.0%
  • Projected Points: 6.3 Points

Vardy has scored 7 goals and assisted once so far this season, in a favourable home match against Watford, I can definitely see some more attacking returns in this fixture. Leicester’s fixtures are pretty decent for the short term, he’s certainly a player that could do some damage in the next four fixtures at least!


Hee-Chan Hwang
  • Price: £5.8m
  • Ownership: 12.9%
  • Projected Points: 3.6 Points

Although we haven’t seen a Hwang return since GW9, I feel he will get the odd return in this fixture as they play one of the worst teams in the Premier League. He really has shown some great potential so far this season, and at only 5.8m, he’s a class selection. I own him in my own team and I most certainly will be starting him in the next two fixtures as they face Norwich away and Burnley at home in the next 2 fixtures. After that, I will be looking to find a replacement for him in a similar price bracket.

My Bench Picks

Vicente Guaita (4.6m)

A home fixture against Villa does seem appealing, but really he is a bench fodder pick here. A clean sheet could well happen but we need to wait and see the difference between the newly appointed manager Steven Gerrard can have an effect on whether we should target Villa fixtures.


Emmanuel Dennis (5.2m)

I was in two minds whether to start Dennis or not; maybe I should have done as he returned with a goal and two assists against Man Utd last weekend. I just feel Leicester will come back stronger after their shambolic game against Chelsea and Dennis may find it a lot harder to get a return in this fixture. A decent pick, but he seems more of a punt than anything else.


Konstantinos Tsimikas (3.9m)

I absolutely love this Greek player, when he’s been playing, he really has looked very good. He started again in their previous fixture since Robertson wasn’t fit to start the game which resulted in a clean sheet and a 4-0 victory. Should he start this weekend, he’s an incredible selection for only 3.9m!


Yves Bissouma (4.4m)

Pretty much bench fodder here, but at only 4.4m and facing Newcastle at home, who knows, he may well get a return…

If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay

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