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Full NameDaniel Lison
Favourite Team:Manchester United FC
How long have you been playing FPL?9 Years
What is your best OR Rank?133k


Hello, my name is Dan, Founder of The FPL Way, a Manchester United fan and FPL enthusiast.

I started playing Fantasy Football in 2012/2013 season, participating with my mates for fun. I was progressively starting to admire this game each year and suddenly I started to take it more seriously in the middle of 2019/20 season, which I finished 500k. The season after that is where it started to develop into something serious. After solid planning and a collection of research, I managed to finish 140k. It wasn’t my greatest finish, however, I obtained a lot of experience and I felt better prepared for the next season.

Throughout, every season I will be writing articles and threads for the best captaincy for each GW.

The main attributes I look for in regard to FPL are;

The eye test; watching the players is very key to me as it allows me to make sensible judgments to transfer in/out.

The key stats I look out for are xG, xGI, shots in the box, big chances created, chances created, goal involvement and minutes per goal attempt in the box.

I work out my season with those who possess the finest fixtures over 1-6 GW’s.

The FPL Way was found in March 2021. I’m extremely proud of how much we have grown within such a short period. We are very much looking forward to the future and will be striving hard to provide good content for all those new and experienced managers.

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