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Full NameDavid
Favourite Team:West Brom
How long have you been playing FPL?1 Year
What is your best OR Rank?356k
Twitter Handle@FplWestbrom


Hey all, my name is David and this season will be my second playing FPL. My first season got off to a rocky start, by Gameweek 10 I was ranked 2.7 million. I  made some poor decisions early on, such as deciding to transfer in Helder Costa after his Gameweek two brace against Leeds. Keeping Mitrovic until Gameweek 10 also proved costly.

As I got to grips with the game I gradually began to climb the ranks. Finishing at a respectable 356k, especially with it being my first season playing FPL. After acquiring much knowledge from last season’s antics, I am now looking to push on in rank. My goal for the season is to finish inside the top 100k.

My main role as part of The FPL Way is writing articles, whilst I also proofread other people’s articles.

Away from FPL, I enjoy playing soccer and GAA. I also enjoy running, my goal being to run 250k over the months of September and October.

Lastly, Mayo for Sam if you know you know!

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