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Full NameMatt Whelan
Favourite Team:Liverpool
How long have you been playing FPL?18 years
What is your best OR Rank?2,489


In an earlier life, I used to build houses for a living. I have since left the industry to pursue a full-time career in writing. I have created a series of children’s books (Adventure Quest) and written a book on FPL called FPL Obsessed: Tips for Success in Fantasy Premier League

I have been playing FPL since 2004 when my friend Pat created a mini league called Hogs of War. I was instantly hooked. I spent three years trying to win that league before focusing on my global rank. In the 2010/11 season, I achieved my highest ever OR (2,489th). The next season, full of confidence, I received my worst ever OR (606k).

This fall from grace fascinated me, and I spent the next ten years or so experimenting with a multitude of unique playing styles to varying degrees of success. While I believe success in FPL can be achieved by managers with differing playing styles, there are several aspects which I feel transcend a multitude of playing styles and this concept forms the basis of my book.

While my natural inclination is to be quite risk-averse (others may say boring!) I would describe my playing style as balanced/adaptable. I tend to start the season off cautiously, opting for reliability and proven pedigree in my initial squads, but I am fully prepared to go differential as the season progresses, if I feel it’s the right thing to do. I’m usually quite good at detecting the nuances of each unique season and adapting to them.

I believe the largest element of FPL success is luck and I think this it is important to bear this in mind at all times. Realising that luck plays a large factor keeps you humble when things are going well and sane when things are going badly.

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