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Fantasy Premier League – Lessons Learnt From The Last 2 Seasons
Full NameRey Quraishi
Favourite Team:Arsenal
How long have you been playing FPL?2 years
What is your best OR Rank?33.6k


Head of Ops for The FPL Way.

An Arsenal fan with an unhealthy FPL addiction.

I started playing Fantasy Football (sun dream team) back in 2004 and have played every single season since than (1 x top 1k and 2 x top 3k ranks).

2019-20 was my first season of FPL and I have been hooked ever since.

My main attributes I look for in regards to FPL are;

  • The eye-test, watching assets allows me to make logical decisions for transfers in/out
  • I advocate form over fixtures
  • ExGI is the key stat I look at for attacking assets
  • ExPts are my favourite overall stat for an asset

FPL is ultimately a game. I spend countless hours on videos, written pieces or just messing around with my team. However, I compartmentalise this into a “hobby” rather than a way of life.

FPL must be put into perspective when analysing our day-to-day lives in work and family.

All written pieces are opinions of my own.

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