Fantasy Premier League 2020/2021 Overview

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Here we are, the season is over and we guess we can all enjoy a nice break and a well deserved holiday! We hope you finished this strange season on a high and we guess all we can do now is reflect and wait until the next season (unless you are taking part in Euro 2020 like we are).

Above we have the Kings of the Season which amasses a total of 2180 points for the 2020/2021 season.

We don’t think there are too many surprises here really. The main ones that stand out are Emiliano Martínez who started at only 4.5 million and then ended the season with a 5.3 million tag (highest of 5.4m). What a great signing this goalkeeper was for Aston Villa. You may remember, he ended the previous season very strongly for Arsenal when their main keeper was injured so we all expected this player to be a great asset and he definitely didn’t prove us wrong; for many, he was the set and forget keeper for the season! In addition to this, over the course of the season, he provided 15 clean sheets, 142 saves and 27 bonus points, pretty incredible right?

The second surprise for us was Sadio Mané, who throughout the competition was quite the differential. Well, we guess the ownership was mainly due to the inconsistency of the player; he could blank for weeks then have a massive haul just like he finished it off in Gameweek 38. He provided 11 goals and 12 assists this season, not too shabby at all, especially if you owned him at the right time whilst he was performing.

We guess the 3rd/4th surprise here was how well Leeds played this season finishing 9th in the League. The honourable mentions go to Stuart Dallas and Patrick Bamford. Firstly, let’s start with Dallas… As a defender, he had a quality season although he is a player that can play many roles for the team and he found himself playing more of a midfield role than a defender. He ended the season with 8 goals and 3 assists and provided 12 clean sheets throughout the season which for a defender is awesome! Bamford on the other hand provided 17 goals and 11 assists which left him 4th in the goal scoring table and 7th for most assists. Both players, amongst several other players in the Leeds team, were very impressive this season and we’re sure we’ll be thinking about their players again at the start of next season.

Let’s have a look at some Premier League Stats

Here are the top 10 Goal Scorers of the Season

It was a very close race for the Golden Boot between Kane and Salah, but a massive congratulations to Harry Kane for winning it this season for the 3rd time, especially since it may be his last season for Spurs. Where will he go? Well, he wants to stay in the Premier League and the favourite currently is a move to Man City. This makes sense, especially since Aguero will also be leaving as well and they will want another striker to replace his role.



Let’s have a look at the Harry Kane goal map. With such an impressive season we just had to include this. Kane also won the playmaker award which is given to the player for the most assists.

The 27-year-old has now won this award in three seasons; 2015-16, 2016-17 and now 2020-21. Winning this award again makes him the third player to win three Golden Boots along with Thierry Henry (4) and Alan Shearer (3).

Here are the top 10 Assisters of the Season

We guess it was no surprise to see Fernandes here; the best Man Utd signing they have had for a while. It’s extremely impressive that Harry Kane is a joint leader, especially with him being the top goal scorer as well. We don’t think there are many surprises but here is the top ten:

De Bruyne12


Here are the top 10 PPG (Points Per Game) for the Season

This list shows the top 10 players based on points per game that have played at least 10 matches overall. The biggest surprise here was how well Lingard played when he joined West Ham. From GW22 to GW32, he was essential to own in your Fantasy Team earning himself 89 points and a whopping 8 points per game in that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t end the season as well as he started which left him in joint second place with Fernandes. Saying that though, we had quite a few players that had some crazy form for a few weeks; a few other notable players here were Gündogan and Bale (we’re sure Spurs are glad to see this legend back). Anyway, here are the stats below:

De Bruyne5.6


Relegations and Promotions

Like every year, we have 3 teams relegated from the Premier League and 3 teams promoted from Championship Divison. This year we will see the following teams relegated:

  • Fulham
  • West Brom
  • Sheffield United

To be honest, it’s not a massive surprise, the biggest one really is Sheffield United since they were so strong defensively in the previous season. If you did play in the previous season, we’re sure you will remember how great of an asset John Lundstram was; we guess you could say he was the Dallas of last season really…

With the promoted teams, we currently have two teams that are confirmed that will be joining the Premier League next season which is:

  • Norwich
  • Watford

The third team will be confirmed on the 29th of May since two teams (first place and second place) earn automatic promotion, but the teams which finish third, fourth, fifth and sixth enter a playoff series to determine who gets promoted.

One of the two teams below that could potentially join us next season as well are:

  • Brentford
  • Swansea

That being said, we will definitely see at least two teams here that were in the Premier League in the previous season. Again, if you did play last season, can you guys remember the impact that Todd Cantwell and Teemu Pukki had for Norwich? (Let’s not forget Troy Deeney for Watford either). No doubt these players will feature in your squad in the next season, especially when the underdog players that have performed so well this season will have a notable increase in price at the start of the next season.

Early Transfer Rumours

Well, we know Harry Kane will be leaving Spurs and the most likely team he will join will be Man City. There are other possibilities of teams he will join such as Chelsea and Man Utd but City seems to be the most favourable. We know he wants to stay in the Premier League, we know he wants to earn silverware, we know these teams are potentially the only ones that can afford him so one of these moves is very likely.

We’ve also heard that Paul Pogba could be on the move this summer. The Frenchman joined Man Utd in August 2016 and at the time he was the most expensive player in the world. Reports indicate that he could make a transfer to Spain. If this was to happen, the Red Devils’ could well earn some decent money for the highly-rated player.

Jadon Sancho is another player with a possible move to an English team this summer. The Borussia Dortmund player scored 16 times and assisted 21 goals in all competitions this season. We have three teams that are interested in this player with Man United looking to be the most likely move. There are also Liverpool and Chelsea reportedly interested. Dortmund is said to put a 100 million price tag for the English star.

Two other players that could potentially make a move in this summers transfer market is Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. There are a lot of clubs interested in these players which have attracted interest from the elite clubs in Europe. It’s too early to say where they could go but we can expect a bidding war for their services this summer.

What have we learned from this FPL Season?

Let’s have a look at a summary of one of our contributor’s, @FPL_Will:

Overall Points: 2,518
Overall Rank: 4,299th 

After a shaky start, sitting just outside the Top 1 million in GW4, I entered the Top 100k in GW17 and never left. The huge DGW19 was massive for me and pushed me close to the Top 10k where I then slowly chipped away to my final rank of 4,299. I think I was quite fortunate this season – with many cancellations and positive covid cases happening in the league, for the most part, these didn’t really affect my team and I was always able to put out the team I wanted. As always, paying attention to the upcoming blanks and doubles was crucial and allowed me to make transfers well in advance to maximise those odd weeks where many casuals fall down.

Some personal highlights for me were owning DCL from the start, setting a new personal best and getting on Gundogan and Iheanacho early on in their hot streaks!

This was a difficult season, with such a short break between 19/20 and 20/21 – by the end of this year there was definitely fatigue in play, and I am very happy to have a break now for the summer before going again in 21/22.

The 4 most important things that helped this season were

  • Use stats as much as you can early on! They are the best way to spot upcoming hot streaks. E.g. a player may start the season in the first 3 matches having 5 shots a game on average – even if he doesn’t score in those three games, stats like that strongly suggest goals are coming.
  • Get informed as early as possible about blank and Double Gameweeks, the earlier you find out and know who is going to be playing when, the more time you have to use free transfers to plan your team.
  • Spending points for Blank and Double Gameweeks is fine, don’t be scared of it. Some of my biggest jumps came because I attacked these weeks. Outside of Doubles, I find spending points very hit and miss and I want to reign it next year. I spent 72 points this season and definitely regret many of those.
  • It goes without saying that planning when to use your chips is vital. Especially don’t be dismayed if your Wildcard doesn’t immediately pay off – I got 22 points with my first Wildcard (awful!), but 5 weeks later I was 900,000 places higher. They are for the long term!

I hope you all had a great season and I look forward to playing against you all again next year!


It’s been a very odd season in terms of FPL; not the usual one you would expect. With Covid-19, no crowds and a fair few surprises along the way, it’s been nothing but ordinary. Fortunately, we got the joys of seeing some of the crowd for when Leicester won the FA Cup at Wembley against Chelsea and we had fans back in the stadiums in the final Gameweek too which was amazing to see. You might think this factor doesn’t impact the performance much, but we’ve seen a significant decrease in home wins this year than we have in previous seasons.

With the season completed now, you might need a fix for the summer, well guess what, we have Euro 2020 Fantasy approaching in June. You can read all about it here:

Read More

Fear not, we will be active as well this summer with match week articles to help you along the way. On top of this, we have already set up our Euro 2020 League with prizes available; you can read all the details in the link above.

Anyway, let’s get back to FPL… So, which players are you excited for in the next season? What changes to your tactics will you make moving forward? Which players surprised you the most? What changes would you like to see in FPL? The list could go on but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Oh, and before we forget, a massive congratulations to Manchester City for winning the Premier League this season. This is now the seventh time they have won the League Championship / Premier League so a massive well done!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and for those taking part in Euro 2020, we’ll see you then!

Forget DGW35, we now have a Triple Gameweek 35 with the Man Utd Fixture Reschedule

It has been confirmed now, Man Utd will have a TRIPLE Gameweek 35 now the Premier League have officially announced the rescheduling of the Man Utd v Liverpool game!

Man Utd will now go head to head with Aston Villa, Leicester and Liverpool in Gameweek 35. Liverpool will also get a Double Gameweek as a result of this but we will update you all with the situation as soon as know.

Do note, Man Utd will still have a Blank Gameweek in GW36…

On the other hand, Liverpool will no longer have a Blank Gameweek 36 and will be facing West Brom away.

Let’s have a new look at the updated fixtures for the now Triple Gameweek 35. The following teams play at least twice:

ClubGW35 Opponents

Another Double Please, Bartender

This article intends to explain in simple terms why some teams might double/blank, when this might happen and what it is conditional on. Advice on which teams to target will come once the FPL Gameweeks are confirmed.

I almost feel greedy demanding another big Double Gameweek (DGW) having already been given two massive ones this season, but here we are. I demand it. I demand every single one of my players plays twice, with all of them gripping me firmly by the buttocks and thrusting me up the greasy pole that is Overall Rank.

The problem with these weeks is the high level of brainpower needed to figure out in advance how to maximise your team’s chances at getting the holy doubling eleven. The prophet/demi-god @BenCrellin does a fantastic job of alerting us to when these weeks are going to rear their heads. I (like many) have benefitted massively from his tweets, which act like air raid sirens warning us that fixture congestion is coming over the English Channel.

Double and Blanks will be caused by one of three things:

  1. Existing Postponed Fixtures
  2. FA Cup Final
  3. Fans Re-entering Grounds


The very simple flow of events that is most likely to happen is as follows:

  1. The Premier League is moving fixtures back to let every team have home fans for one fixture.
  2. FPL will likely move their deadlines too: GW36 will replace GW37 and GW37 will go between the original GW37 date and GW38.
  3. The FA Cup Final will then clash with GW36 instead of GW37, and 2 fixtures from GW36 will have to move to GW35 because of this clash.
  4. Therefore, due to the FA Cup Final, 4 teams will play twice in GW35 and blank in GW36.
  5. The 2 postponed fixtures from earlier in the season get added to GW35, giving another 4 teams a double fixture that week.
  6. 8 teams play twice in GW35, 4 teams blank in GW36.


Simple, right?

The next sections will break down which teams are involved and who their fixtures will be against.


Existing Postponed Fixtures

Currently there are two fixtures postponed earlier in the season left to be rescheduled:

  1. Everton vs Villa
  2. Palace vs Southampton


These two fixtures will definitely cause a double gameweek when they are slotted into the schedule: GAMEWEEK 35 has been deemed the likely place for these fixtures, as there is a free midweek to accommodate them.

The double fixtures for these teams would be:

Everton: WHU (A) + VIL (A)

Villa: MNU (H) + EVE (H)

Saints: LIV (A) + PAL (H)

Palace: SHU (A) + SOUT (A)


Fans Re-Entering Grounds:

Currently, the FPL deadlines for GW36-GW38 are as follows.

GW36: Tuesday 11th May

GW37: Saturday 15th May

GW38: Sunday 23th May

However, May 17th is when the next stage of unlocking lockdown begins, which only leaves one round of fixtures available for fans to attend. Therefore, the fixtures have been pushed back to allow for fans to re-enter the grounds:

GW36: 11/12th -> 15/16th

GW37: 15/16th -> 18/19th

GW38: Remaining the same.

We are now just waiting for FPL to confirm the new deadlines that will accommodate these date changes.

It is worth noting that if FPL didn’t change the deadlines (which is considered very unlikely), then huge numbers would double in GW36 and blank in GW37.


FA CUP Final

After English participation in the ESL collapsed quicker than you can shout “greedy f******* b******* get out of English football now!”, it seems that the FA Cup final between Leicester and Chelsea will go on as planned. This final clashes currently with GW37, however, due to the Fans Re-Entering Grounds project, it is likely that it will end up clashing with GW36 instead. This means that Leicester vs United and Chelsea vs Arsenal will have to be rearranged, most likely to Gameweek 35.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and Man United would therefore all DOUBLE in GW35 and BLANK in GW36.

Chelsea: MCI (A) + ARS (H)

Arsenal: WBA (H) + CHE (A)

Leicester: NEW (H) + MNU (A)

Man U: VIL (A) + LEI (H)



Therefore, it seems likely that GW35 will be a big double with:

  1. Villa, Everton, Southampton and Palace doubling due to the postponed fixture being slotted in.
  2. Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and United also doubling due to the FA Cup Final the week after.

Followed by GW36 with:

  1. Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and United all blanking due to Chelsea and Leicester’s involvement in the FA Cup final.

“Double” Gameweek 32

By @FPL_Will

Brace yourselves for this one… it’s Double Gameweek 32!

In this mammoth Gameweek, there are now TEN fixtures to contend with – hang on, isn’t this just a normal week? No! It is easy to miss the fact that Crystal Palace don’t have a fixture this week, since any sane manager won’t have had any of their players since Mitchell was dropped in GW7.

The FPL overlords have decided that since Palace have become irrelevant in FPL, they can have the week off. Instead, they’ve allowed Spurs to play twice this week to give people a chance to triple captain Harry Kane.

This will be a short article since the only team we have to look at is Spurs, made shorter still since nearly all of their players are completely useless for FPL. Kane (206 points), Son (187) and Lloris (123) are the only players who have managed to get past 100 points so far this season, with the rest let down by rotation, injuries and ineptitude.


The Fixtures

In GW32, Spurs face Everton away on Friday 16th followed by Southampton on Wednesday 21st. It’s worth noting that they will also be losing to playing Man City on Sunday 25th in the EFL Cup Final, which might impact playing time for some of their key players in FPL. Spurs players are unlikely to get many points in GW33 as they don’t have a fixture.


Spurs’ Defence

This section could just be a giant flashing ‘NO’, but I’m not that lazy and I’ll at least explain why I don’t recommend any of these players.

Starts in the last 5 GWs:

(Green = Started, Orange = 0-59 Minutes, Red = Didn’t Feature, * Injured)

Just what every FPL manager loves, inconsistent line-ups! If you were to throw your hat into this unappealing ring, it seems that Lloris and Reguilón are your only ‘safe’ bets, with both starting all of Spurs’ last five fixtures.

Spurs have conceded 8 goals in 5 matches, almost exactly in line with their xGC of 7.69. This puts them in 10th for xGC per 90 minutes, which is what many like to call bang average. Per 90 minutes played, they’re mid-table for shots conceded (12), shots in the box conceded (7.8), shots from set pieces conceded (0.6), and are 5th worst for big chances conceded per 90 with 2.4. All of these mediocre stats have resulted in 1 clean sheet in 5 games, despite playing Newcastle and Palace in that run.

Lloris has made 10 saves in these 5 games, with 0 bonus points to show for any of it. It wouldn’t appear he has a particularly high ceiling for points even in this Double Gameweek. In fact, he’s only received 2 bonus points since GW14.

Reguilón is the other candidate, who has registered 0 goals and 4 assists in 20 appearances this season, with 3 of those assists coming between GW5-18. At 5.5m you’d be expecting more bang for your buck with Reguilón, but in his last 5 games, he’s only had 2 shots (xG 0.11) and only completed 4 key passes (xA 0.26).

Their opponents Southampton and Everton are 4th and 14th for recent xG, respectively, and although Everton aren’t being very clinical, they have still scored in 4 of their last 6 games. Saints are producing some exciting scorelines and have scored 8 goals in their last 6 games, which includes putting 3 past Burnley and 2 past Man City. They blanked vs West Brom on Monday night, but with an xG of 1.5 they were unlucky not to score one or two in this game as well.

I won’t be buying any Spurs defenders as there are other defenders with only one fixture that are just as good an option, and I’d rather use my transfers elsewhere.

In summary:

  • Spurs’ defensive stats are average and they could easily concede in both of these games.
  • You don’t know who will play both games unless it’s Lloris and (possibly) Reguilón.
  • You’ll be stuck with them for their blank in GW33 and Spurs’ average fixtures beyond that.


Spurs’ Attack

Some people would be tempted to just put ‘Kane, great. Son, good.’ and finish the article. I am indeed tempted, but I have resisted that urge and will chuck a few stats at you instead.

The Star Pick: Harry Kane (11.7)

The most goals in the league? Kane (19). The most assists? Kane (13). Convincing you to get Kane should be as easy as selling dog treats to a Labrador. These stats aren’t even skewed by a mad rush at the start of the season; he’s got 6 goals and 2 assists in his last 8 games, consistently returning points even when Spurs are trying really, really hard not to win.

Kane’s record vs Southampton and Everton:

Just the 28 G/A in 28 matches for him.

Earlier this season, he scored 1 and assisted 4 in the mauling of Southampton, scored vs Everton off the bench in the FA Cup and blanked in the opening fixture against Everton.

If you have your Triple Captain chip left, Kane is maybe the last great Double Gameweek option this season, especially since he can haul in games where Spurs don’t even play well.

No one shoots more, has a higher xG or takes better penalties and if you can afford him, Kane really should be a no-brainer for your team this week. Chuck the captaincy on him as well, that’s an order.

And The Rest:

Gareth Bale (9.2) has managed 10 minutes in the last 3 GWs, with this extended spell on the bench suspiciously coinciding with his comments that suggested Spurs was just a training camp before he could return to Madrid. It’s not worth having someone in your team that might not play either match (let alone both of them) and he could be a waste of 9.2m in your team for future Gameweeks too. AVOID.

Lucas Moura (6.6) has started all of their last 5 games, scoring 0 goals and registering 3 assists (from an xA of 1.05). He’s actually mustered a pathetic, measly, abominable ONE shot in those 5 games which wasn’t even on target. AVOID.

Vinicius (6.9) didn’t feature at all vs Man United and apart from his 45, 90 and 10 minutes vs Newcastle, Aston Villa and Chelsea, respectively, he’s not played since GW22. AVOID.

The only other person worth mentioning is Son (9.4), who I personally hate owning in Fantasy since he seems to often only have one shot on target per game (in reality it’s 0.97 shots on target per game this season). But, for this Double Gameweek, it is not the stupidest decision to have him on your team. He scored against United and pre-injury had managed 3 assists in 3 games vs Palace, Fulham and Burnley. 14 goals and 9 assists this season are great returns from Son and if it’s not painful to do so, I would put him in your team. I do think that there’s a chance he doesn’t score in either game though, so I wouldn’t take a hit to get him in (especially since he blanks the following week). You never know though, he might score 4 goals against Southampton (again).

In summary:

  • Kane, great. Son, good.

Thank you and good luck!


GW30 – Who Will You Choose!?

Posted by: @FPL_D5L

I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 30.

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Best Captain vs Decent Differentials

📌 Which Fixtures Should Be Targeted?

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band?

📌 Conclusion

Results of The Poll

Ok so as you can see out of Kane, Bamford & Bruno Fernandes, Kane is easily in the lead with 57% of the vote. As for the other comments, there are some interesting suggestions from the FPL Community. The Following stats will be sourced from @FFscout.

Who’s The Best Captain?

Kane vs Son

Underlying stats for the last 4 GW’s ⤵️

Fixture: vs NEW (a)

G: 4 ↔️ 0
A: 2 ↔️ 3
xG: 3.58 ↔️ 0.52
Shots in the Box: 10 ↔️ 3
Chances Created: 6 ↔️ 10
Big Chances Created: 2 ↔️ 6

Kane (£11.6m) leads the xG by some way as you can see & has a great case for the armband. He’s in super form; throughout the international break he’s scored 2 goals in 2 matches. Up against Newcastle (a),  Kane’s record against the Magpies is as follows: 11 matches played, W5, D1, L5, G5 & A1. This isn’t such a bad record, only one concern would be is his last goal against the Magpies was in the 14/15 season in a 1:3 win. Nevertheless, this is Kane in top form, as in the last 4 GWs he’s scored 4 goals & registered 2 assists, making him a worthy candidate.

Looking at Kane’s trusty teammate Son (£9.4m) who was carrying a hamstring injury before the break, we will find out more about his recovery when we hear Mourinho’s press conference. Looking at his stats against Kane, it is easy to ignore Son for the armband. His record against Newcastle is: 9 matches, W5, D1, L3, G2, A1. Not very appealing… but if you want to be a little risky & gain rank then Son could be your guy. He could be a great differential going into GW30 as his goal involvement rate is crazy high this season and we certainly can’t completely ignore him.

Raphinha vs Bamford

Underlying stats for the last 4 GW’s ⤵️

vs SHU

G: 1 ↔️ 1
A: 0 ↔️ 1
XG: 1.50 ↔️ 1.20
Shots in the Box: 8 ↔️ 7
CC: 11 ↔️ 3
BCC: 1 ↔️ 1

These are two players who have been mentioned a lot over the international break as they come up against a poor form SHU (H). Comparing the two, there isn’t a lot between them. Raphinha (£5.7m) is the most creative player in the Premier League in the last 5 GWs. In the last 5 GWs, he top’s for Key Passes (3.5), Big Chances (0.8) & xA (0.34) per game. Raphinha is creating many chances every GW & is heavily involved inside the box.

Bamford (£6.7m) I was very happy with his 22pts in GW29! I asked my wife a question 5 mins before the deadline: “Charlotte! Kane or Bamford captain?”  and thankfully I got the answer Bamford! So again for me, in GW30 he’s a great shout for the armband. Bamford scored in GW3 against SHU, getting 8pts in total, played a full 90 mins & I wouldn’t be surprised if he adds to his tally in this match. In the last 6 appearance’s Bamford has scored 2 goals, created 2 Big Chances, 5 Big Chances, & a decent 35 Penalty Touches. In my opinion good stats going into this weeks game. He’s fully rested after not being picked for the England squad, so I’m sure he’s ready to pounce on a poor SHU team. Only one negative for Bamford, he’s shooting less per 90 (2.5) & has a lower XG per 90 (0.33) than earlier in the season.

Underlying stats for the last 4 GW’s ⤵️

vs BHA & vs FUL

G: 1 ↔️ 0
A: 0 ↔️ 2
XG: 1.26 ↔️ 0.16
Shot in the Box: 2 ↔️ 2
CC: 11 ↔️ 9
BCC: 0 ↔️ 2

Looking at these two, both players have decent attacking potential, but of course the favourite is the trusty Bruno Fernandes (£11.5) who is a wise pick for the armband. United’s talisman has been involved in 28 goals in the league already & that represents a number which no midfielder across Europe’s top five leagues can better. Bruno averages (7.2) points per game at Old Trafford in his last 14 home matches.

Jack Grealish (£7.5m). He’s back and ready to play after missing the last 6 GW’s with an injury, with managers expecting him to feature against Fulham (H). He is Villa’s talisman & with him back in the team he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. He is heavily involved in every goal Villa score, and he has created the highest number of chances (75) and big chances (14) in the league. He has been one of the most consistent players across the whole season. A nice differential & could be a dark horse for the armband.

Which Fixtures To Target?

The Whipping Boys! These are the underlying stats in the last 6 GW’s 📊

Leeds vs Sheffield United

This game has the potential to be a thrilling game for Leeds as in the last 6 GWs SHU are second for the most goals conceded (13), 1st for big chances conceded (24), 1st for xGC (14.01) and 3rd for goal attempts conceded (94). In the past 5 GWs, SHU have only scored 1 goal which is the joint lowest alongside West Brom. There is strong clean sheet potential for Leeds and you would fancy Leeds to score big against one of the worst defenses in the league. Leeds have won 2 of their last 3 league games against the Blades, having only won once in the 11 games before that (D3 L6).

Newcastle vs Tottenham

These are the underlying stats for the Newcastle’s last 6 GWs: xGC (8.86), 3rd highest for Goals Conceded (10) & in the top 10 for Big Chances Conceded (13). For Kane, Son or Bale owners, this is a tasty fixture to target. Newcastle have lost five of their last six Premier League home games against Spurs (W1), more than they lost in their previous 26 games against them in top-flight (W13, D9 & L4). Tottenham have won their last three Premier League games against Newcastle, ever since a 1-5 loss on the final day of the 15/16 season.

Chelsea vs West Brom

In the last 6 GWs, WBA have an xGC (6.60) to Chelsea’s xGC (2.56); a big difference between the two. However, WBA have only conceded 3 goals in their last 6 matches, which is the 3rd best in the league. Therefore, this game might not be that thrilling. Chelsea are unbeaten in their last seven matches against West Brom (W5 D2) and the Baggies are winless in their last 15 away matches against Chelsea (D3 L12) (the last time they won an away game vs Chelsea was in 1978!). I’m going for a clean sheet for Chelsea, bringing my attention to the likes of Mendy, Rudiger & Azpilicueta.

Who’s Winning The Arm Band?

1️⃣ Kane ©️

2️⃣ Raphinha

3️⃣ Bamford

4️⃣ Bruno Fernandes

5️⃣ Grealish


Okay! I think Harry Kane will be the ‘effective ownership pick’ once again, but regardless of effective ownership he is justified as the first choice for captain. He’s in brilliant form and facing an average Newcastle defense. In 2nd & 3rd place are Raphinha & Bamford, both up against a very poor defense who are leaking goals; I like these boys. As it stands, Bamford is my captain, with Raphinha knocking on the door (I may ask the wife which to pick again!). Bruno’s 4th place is reasonable and interesting. We know how reliable he can be & if the 1st, 2nd & 3rd picks blank then there’s some decent rank to be gained from a Bruno captaincy.

There are some players we haven’t mentioned yet who deserve a mention and the comments on my poll were very interesting. We had the Chelsea assets mentioned by @FPLCasuals; he’s looking at Alonso which isn’t such a bad shout if he starts, I’ve never captained a defender but I must admit this season has proven Captaining defenders isn’t such a bad shout, especially for the likes of Man City & Chelsea’s excellent defensive record this season. @Bez_FPL is looking at Mount, a nice differential & @FPL_Levy says he is going for Jack Harrison! Nice one. Many comments mentioned was Kane, Raphinha & Chelsea’s defense, mixed with Attackers such as Mount & Havertz. Good luck to you guys!

We can’t forget KDB; he’s had a good international break & City continue with their incredible dominance, making him a good punt for sure. I also like DCL as an outsider; his stats aren’t great but he is up against Crystal Palace side who in their last 6 matches have an xGC of 9.34, & kept 3 clean sheets. I’m sure he’ll get at least one decent chance.

So there you have it. I hope this article helps! I haven’t made my mind up yet on my Captain pick but it’s definitely going to be one of the Leeds boys.

Good luck with GW30!