The Gameweek 31 Wildcard Thoughts & Draft

Today I will be exploring the various reasons to wildcard in Gameweek 31 & Provide you with a draft

In this article we will point out:
  • Why I’m Wildcarding in 31
  • Teams to target
  • Players to target
  • WC Draft

The squads we all made to navigate Gameweek 29 generally had one final ripe fixture in Gameweek 30, there is now an advantage to be found in mixing up your squad and targeting the season run-in based on the fixture swings that happen in Gameweek 31.

A reason to target the Wildcard in Gameweek 31 is the opportunity to move away from the template slightly – this is being echoed around the community and having a strong influence on my decision to follow suit. Breaking away from the template seems likely to happen because a lot of players that are heavily owned right now will become less owned due to upcoming fixtures. In turn, the players who have maybe not had a look in will start to come to the forefront, meaning a shift in the ‘template’.

This will allow people to start looking at differentials and have the opportunity to climb rank when these players start returning and this point moves me nicely on. Now, I will pick four teams with good fixtures and give some good options/differentials to look at moving forward. I’d like to point out that you will have free transfers to navigate your way around certain blanks (GW32 & GW33) whilst also being able to make moves such as jumping on the Spurs double in GW32.


Goals For: 28
Goals Against: 38
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.3
Goals Per Match: 1.0
Big Chances Created: 22 (Lowest In the Premier League)
Players to target: Conor Coady, Nelson Semedo, Romain Saiss & Pedro Neto

Wolves have been another one of those underwhelming teams this season coming off the back of a good season last year. Now I’m not going to sit here and try and convince you that they’re an in form team or a goal scoring machine. When writing this article, I had to double take when I saw how many goals they have scored (28).

However, look at those fixtures… If we are not targeting the likes of SHU or WBA then why are we even playing FPL. In my opinion, based on the numbers above, I’d be targeting defensive assets from Wolves. They don’t have a viable attacking asset to target apart from Pedro Neto – another interesting number is that they have missed 24 big chances which is the 3rd highest in the Premier League.

In conclusion, I will be bringing in a Wolves defender in my WC team this week. The teams they play are not in goal scoring form or in any form whatsoever. I personally like Nelson Semedo as he’s been really attacking in the last few GW’s.

Liverpool: AVL(H) LEE(A) NEW(H) MUN(A) SOU(H) WBA(A) BUR(A)

Goals For: 51
Goals Against: 36
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.2
Goals Per Match: 1.7 Big Chances Created: 61 (2nd in Premier League)
Players to target: Diogo Jota, Mohammed Salah & Nat Phillips

Liverpool has been a strange old team this year …..going from a title winning team with an air of invincibility about them to a side that has lost to Fulham, Brighton & Southampton this season. With that being said, Liverpool is still Liverpool and can turn the magic at any moment with the players and manager they have and I really feel they are turning a corner and will want to close in on that top 4 spot.

Looking at these fixtures I am seeing more goal scoring potential rather than clean sheet potential and with Jota back from injury and firing on all cylinders, he is as ‘essential’ as it gets at the moment for these run of fixtures. Jota has scored a goal every 92 minutes for Liverpool in 13 games this season, it’s even more impressive due to the fact he’s come off the bench to score half those goals.

In conclusion, I will look to bring in Jota + one other Liverpool asset – I will either keep Mohammed Salah or bring in Nat Phillips for the clean sheet potential due to him being a great enabler to get on the Liverpool defence. Trent has not convinced me enough to make it into this article.

Leicester: WHU(A) WBA(H) CRY(H) SOU(A) NEW(H) MUN(A) CHE(A) TOT(H)

Goals For: 53
Goals Against: 34
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.1
Goals Per Match: 1.8
Big Chances Created: 38
Players to target: Wesley Fofana, Kelechi Iheanacho, Timothy Castagne, Jamie Vardy, James Maddison

I’ve really liked Leicester this year – they have been a joy to watch when they’re all singing off the same hymn sheet. Now that James Madison is back and fully fit, I think this will only add to Leicester’s attacking threat and provide more opportunity for Jamie Vardy who hasn’t scored in 16 games but has provided Iheanacho with some juicy assists.

Looking at the fixtures above I see more of an attacking threat rather than clean sheet potential. However, I do imagine they will keep at least two clean sheets between now and the end of the season. With Wesley Fofana back, this will sure the defence up and mean the clean sheet potential is slightly higher.

In conclusion, I originally thought the attacking double up of Vardy and Iheanacho would be a really nice differential. However I do want to cover both bases now that Fofana is back so I may triple up and use Iheanacho as more of a 1st sub.


Goals For: 48
Goals Against: 37
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.2
Goals Per Match: 1.6
Player to target: Aaron Cresswell, Craig Dawson, Jesse Lingard & Michail Antonio

West Ham, a little like Leicester, has been a fun team to watch and it’s nice to see them pushing for a Champions League spot as it made the race for the top 4 much more interesting. I think Lingard suits the more counter attacking style of football that West Ham has been playing since he’s come.

David Moyes has become a strong candidate for manager of the season. The one thing that concerns me is that 1.2 goals conceded per match stat – I know that defenders are bought for their clean sheet potential but if you’re looking at Cresswell (xGI 4.76) or Dawson (1.61 xGI), you’re probably interested in their attacking threat as well those stats are season long. Dawson has overachieved and contributed with 3 goals & Cresswell has contributed with 7 assists.

In conclusion, I think West Ham are a very viable option to bring in on your Wildcard this Gameweek. Jesse Lingard I feel is a no brainer and then I’d maybe look into a defender as I feel they will be involved in a few more goals before the end of the season.

My Wildcard draft for Gameweek 31:

This is my wildcard draft for 31 onwards. I will reiterate again that you will have free transfers to navigate the following blanks & the double for Spurs. A team like this bring positives and negatives to your journey through each game week. It will provide value on the bench to navigate rotation from most teams at the moment whilst on the other hand, will give you a major benching headache each week. However, I’d rather have a benching headache rather than a £4m player coming off your bench with a big fat blank.

Holding is another great option due to the fact you have no problem benching or playing him when needed. I do feel he is at a little bit of a rotation risk, however that is happening all over the Premier League right now.

Formation: The formation that I would play with this team is a 3-5-2 as you can see the midfield is packed and I wouldn’t advise benching any of the midfielders at the moment as they all have big potential for points.