GW23 Preview – Dan Bennett

With 9 x Top 10k FPL finishes, @DanBennett3 gives his DGW22 review and also looks ahead to GW23.

We’re experiencing the craziest of times in FPL right now. I’ve played for 14 years and never known disruption like it. I’ve been really frustrated the last couple of GW’s falling from 2k to 11k. But prior to that I had been very fortunate with 12 consecutive green arrows.

Huge congratulations to anyone that had Bruno Fernandes (I stuck with Ronaldo ). Moments like that are the best part of the game, enjoy.  Hopefully there’s a few more of those to come before the end of the season.

Targeting DGW players has not paid off for me recently due to Everton and Watford having their DGW become a SGW after the deadline. But with 20 games still to be rearranged, there are plenty of opportunities ahead.

I thought I’d give my current thinking on the players in my squad and some of my rough plans for the upcoming GW’s.

Salah/TAA/Jota – I’ll be bringing Salah back in when he returns from AFCON (by selling Ronaldo). I intend to keep Salah/TAA for the rest of the season. I’ll likely FH when they blank in GW27. I’m more open to selling Jota but his stats are unreal so it’ll be a tricky decision.

Cancelo/Dias/Bernardo – Even though Man City don’t have fixtures to rearrange, I’m keeping my City defensive double up. Laporte looks the best pick alongside Cancelo but I’m happy enough with Dias. Bernardo has to go soon though, either for another City mid or straight to Salah.

Bowen/Antonio – Bowen has been phenomenal this season with 18 attacking returns. Antonio has been underwhelming of late but the lack of other good forwards means I’ll likely hold for now. I may look to sell after GW26 to bring in another DGW player.

Gray/King – These are my cheap enablers that I’ll keep in my squad for a while. They have multiple DGW’s to come and are easily benched when not required. I’m hoping Everton improve now that Benitez has gone.

DDG/Ramsdale – I’m happy with my two goalkeepers. I suspect we’ll all want two playing keepers until the end of the season. Although Man Utd have been awful defensively, DDG makes plenty of saves to score decent points.

Alonso/Keane/Saka – I’m open to selling these guys at some point soon. If Saka is fit for the weekend then I’ll play him at home to Burnley. In place of Alonso and Keane I may target a Villa defender (Digne/Cash) and/or a Burnley defender (to free up money).

I mentioned I might FH in GW27 when Liverpool blank. I expect the other FH will be needed for GW30. I’ll probably be sensible with the TC chip and put it on Salah in a DGW. I’ve got no plans for the BB but will save it for when postponements are less likely.

When to play the wildcard is really tricky. I’ll reassess regularly but if we can get through GW30 without it, I think it can then be used to set ourselves up for a final push up the ranks.

What are your plans for GW23?

Please leave your comments below.

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