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Our New Partnership

Now that we have partnered up with Fantasy Football Fix, we’ll be improving our articles this season by using their data within our content.

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Fantasy Football Fix is an amazing platform and we’ve all been using it religiously pre-season. Their website looks fantastic visually and they offer so many useful free tools. If you haven’t already, we would definately recommend creating an account and checking it out. They offer a Premium Plan as well, some of the great additional features you receive with this include:

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  • Algorithm Squad Optimisations
  • Player Transfer Trend Statistics
  • Live Animated Opta Heatmaps
  • Live Opta FPL Events Feed
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  • And much more!

Let’s have a look at the teams with the best fixtures

This is how fix predicted fixture difficulty is rated:







Firstly, let’s have a look at the top 5 teams with the easiest defensive fixtures for the first 6 Gameweeks:


– Stats provided by Fantasy Football Fix


Now, let’s have a look at the top 5 teams with the easiest attacking fixtures for the first 6 Gameweeks:


– Stats provided by Fantasy Football Fix


Tools such as Fixture Analysers are very useful tools and can definitely help plan your GW1 team. It can also be used throughout the season so you can make transfers based on fixture difficulty. That way you are not just bringing in a player for a single game, but you are planning your transfers for future games as well.


We’re definitely glad to be back to talking FPL again, and it’s only less than a month until the season kicks off now.

We’ll be revealing and discussing some of the teams FPL Drafts in the next article and providing details in which we have selected the players we have.

Send us your Draft Teams in the comments below and we will rate/give advice for your team! We will also be featuring some of your teams in our next article.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article boys and girls. If you need any help with your team or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via any of our Social Media Platforms.

All the best amigos! <3 From @TheFPLWay Team!

Fantasy Premier League 2020/2021 Overview

Posted by: @FantasySilva

Here we are, the season is over and we guess we can all enjoy a nice break and a well deserved holiday! We hope you finished this strange season on a high and we guess all we can do now is reflect and wait until the next season (unless you are taking part in Euro 2020 like we are).

Above we have the Kings of the Season which amasses a total of 2180 points for the 2020/2021 season.

We don’t think there are too many surprises here really. The main ones that stand out are Emiliano Martínez who started at only 4.5 million and then ended the season with a 5.3 million tag (highest of 5.4m). What a great signing this goalkeeper was for Aston Villa. You may remember, he ended the previous season very strongly for Arsenal when their main keeper was injured so we all expected this player to be a great asset and he definitely didn’t prove us wrong; for many, he was the set and forget keeper for the season! In addition to this, over the course of the season, he provided 15 clean sheets, 142 saves and 27 bonus points, pretty incredible right?

The second surprise for us was Sadio Mané, who throughout the competition was quite the differential. Well, we guess the ownership was mainly due to the inconsistency of the player; he could blank for weeks then have a massive haul just like he finished it off in Gameweek 38. He provided 11 goals and 12 assists this season, not too shabby at all, especially if you owned him at the right time whilst he was performing.

We guess the 3rd/4th surprise here was how well Leeds played this season finishing 9th in the League. The honourable mentions go to Stuart Dallas and Patrick Bamford. Firstly, let’s start with Dallas… As a defender, he had a quality season although he is a player that can play many roles for the team and he found himself playing more of a midfield role than a defender. He ended the season with 8 goals and 3 assists and provided 12 clean sheets throughout the season which for a defender is awesome! Bamford on the other hand provided 17 goals and 11 assists which left him 4th in the goal scoring table and 7th for most assists. Both players, amongst several other players in the Leeds team, were very impressive this season and we’re sure we’ll be thinking about their players again at the start of next season.

Let’s have a look at some Premier League Stats

Here are the top 10 Goal Scorers of the Season

It was a very close race for the Golden Boot between Kane and Salah, but a massive congratulations to Harry Kane for winning it this season for the 3rd time, especially since it may be his last season for Spurs. Where will he go? Well, he wants to stay in the Premier League and the favourite currently is a move to Man City. This makes sense, especially since Aguero will also be leaving as well and they will want another striker to replace his role.



Let’s have a look at the Harry Kane goal map. With such an impressive season we just had to include this. Kane also won the playmaker award which is given to the player for the most assists.

The 27-year-old has now won this award in three seasons; 2015-16, 2016-17 and now 2020-21. Winning this award again makes him the third player to win three Golden Boots along with Thierry Henry (4) and Alan Shearer (3).

Here are the top 10 Assisters of the Season

We guess it was no surprise to see Fernandes here; the best Man Utd signing they have had for a while. It’s extremely impressive that Harry Kane is a joint leader, especially with him being the top goal scorer as well. We don’t think there are many surprises but here is the top ten:

De Bruyne12


Here are the top 10 PPG (Points Per Game) for the Season

This list shows the top 10 players based on points per game that have played at least 10 matches overall. The biggest surprise here was how well Lingard played when he joined West Ham. From GW22 to GW32, he was essential to own in your Fantasy Team earning himself 89 points and a whopping 8 points per game in that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t end the season as well as he started which left him in joint second place with Fernandes. Saying that though, we had quite a few players that had some crazy form for a few weeks; a few other notable players here were Gündogan and Bale (we’re sure Spurs are glad to see this legend back). Anyway, here are the stats below:

De Bruyne5.6


Relegations and Promotions

Like every year, we have 3 teams relegated from the Premier League and 3 teams promoted from Championship Divison. This year we will see the following teams relegated:

  • Fulham
  • West Brom
  • Sheffield United

To be honest, it’s not a massive surprise, the biggest one really is Sheffield United since they were so strong defensively in the previous season. If you did play in the previous season, we’re sure you will remember how great of an asset John Lundstram was; we guess you could say he was the Dallas of last season really…

With the promoted teams, we currently have two teams that are confirmed that will be joining the Premier League next season which is:

  • Norwich
  • Watford

The third team will be confirmed on the 29th of May since two teams (first place and second place) earn automatic promotion, but the teams which finish third, fourth, fifth and sixth enter a playoff series to determine who gets promoted.

One of the two teams below that could potentially join us next season as well are:

  • Brentford
  • Swansea

That being said, we will definitely see at least two teams here that were in the Premier League in the previous season. Again, if you did play last season, can you guys remember the impact that Todd Cantwell and Teemu Pukki had for Norwich? (Let’s not forget Troy Deeney for Watford either). No doubt these players will feature in your squad in the next season, especially when the underdog players that have performed so well this season will have a notable increase in price at the start of the next season.

Early Transfer Rumours

Well, we know Harry Kane will be leaving Spurs and the most likely team he will join will be Man City. There are other possibilities of teams he will join such as Chelsea and Man Utd but City seems to be the most favourable. We know he wants to stay in the Premier League, we know he wants to earn silverware, we know these teams are potentially the only ones that can afford him so one of these moves is very likely.

We’ve also heard that Paul Pogba could be on the move this summer. The Frenchman joined Man Utd in August 2016 and at the time he was the most expensive player in the world. Reports indicate that he could make a transfer to Spain. If this was to happen, the Red Devils’ could well earn some decent money for the highly-rated player.

Jadon Sancho is another player with a possible move to an English team this summer. The Borussia Dortmund player scored 16 times and assisted 21 goals in all competitions this season. We have three teams that are interested in this player with Man United looking to be the most likely move. There are also Liverpool and Chelsea reportedly interested. Dortmund is said to put a 100 million price tag for the English star.

Two other players that could potentially make a move in this summers transfer market is Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. There are a lot of clubs interested in these players which have attracted interest from the elite clubs in Europe. It’s too early to say where they could go but we can expect a bidding war for their services this summer.

What have we learned from this FPL Season?

Let’s have a look at a summary of one of our contributor’s, @FPL_Will:

Overall Points: 2,518
Overall Rank: 4,299th 

After a shaky start, sitting just outside the Top 1 million in GW4, I entered the Top 100k in GW17 and never left. The huge DGW19 was massive for me and pushed me close to the Top 10k where I then slowly chipped away to my final rank of 4,299. I think I was quite fortunate this season – with many cancellations and positive covid cases happening in the league, for the most part, these didn’t really affect my team and I was always able to put out the team I wanted. As always, paying attention to the upcoming blanks and doubles was crucial and allowed me to make transfers well in advance to maximise those odd weeks where many casuals fall down.

Some personal highlights for me were owning DCL from the start, setting a new personal best and getting on Gundogan and Iheanacho early on in their hot streaks!

This was a difficult season, with such a short break between 19/20 and 20/21 – by the end of this year there was definitely fatigue in play, and I am very happy to have a break now for the summer before going again in 21/22.

The 4 most important things that helped this season were

  • Use stats as much as you can early on! They are the best way to spot upcoming hot streaks. E.g. a player may start the season in the first 3 matches having 5 shots a game on average – even if he doesn’t score in those three games, stats like that strongly suggest goals are coming.
  • Get informed as early as possible about blank and Double Gameweeks, the earlier you find out and know who is going to be playing when, the more time you have to use free transfers to plan your team.
  • Spending points for Blank and Double Gameweeks is fine, don’t be scared of it. Some of my biggest jumps came because I attacked these weeks. Outside of Doubles, I find spending points very hit and miss and I want to reign it next year. I spent 72 points this season and definitely regret many of those.
  • It goes without saying that planning when to use your chips is vital. Especially don’t be dismayed if your Wildcard doesn’t immediately pay off – I got 22 points with my first Wildcard (awful!), but 5 weeks later I was 900,000 places higher. They are for the long term!

I hope you all had a great season and I look forward to playing against you all again next year!


It’s been a very odd season in terms of FPL; not the usual one you would expect. With Covid-19, no crowds and a fair few surprises along the way, it’s been nothing but ordinary. Fortunately, we got the joys of seeing some of the crowd for when Leicester won the FA Cup at Wembley against Chelsea and we had fans back in the stadiums in the final Gameweek too which was amazing to see. You might think this factor doesn’t impact the performance much, but we’ve seen a significant decrease in home wins this year than we have in previous seasons.

With the season completed now, you might need a fix for the summer, well guess what, we have Euro 2020 Fantasy approaching in June. You can read all about it here:

Read More

Fear not, we will be active as well this summer with match week articles to help you along the way. On top of this, we have already set up our Euro 2020 League with prizes available; you can read all the details in the link above.

Anyway, let’s get back to FPL… So, which players are you excited for in the next season? What changes to your tactics will you make moving forward? Which players surprised you the most? What changes would you like to see in FPL? The list could go on but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Oh, and before we forget, a massive congratulations to Manchester City for winning the Premier League this season. This is now the seventh time they have won the League Championship / Premier League so a massive well done!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and for those taking part in Euro 2020, we’ll see you then!

FPL Final Gameweek 38 – The Complete Guide

Here we are with the last Gameweek overview of the season; Gameweek 38. It’s emotional times but we will do our best to get through this. The Gameweek 38 deadline is on Sunday 23rd of May at 14:30. Like every year, all games kick off at the same time (4pm GMT).

Another question on peoples mind is, who will win the Premier League Golden Boot 2020/21? With both Harry Kane and Mo Salah on 22 goals, surely these two will be fighting for the award right?

If you are looking to boost your overall rank or finish your mini-league on a high, we have you covered with this week’s articles.

Like we do every Gameweek, we will be providing you with the following helpful articles to help you with your Gameweek planning:

  • The FPL Way XV – Scout Picks
  • Differential Picks
  • Scout Picks
  • Captaincy Pick

Here are the Fixtures for GW38

The FPL Way XV – Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW38?

Here are our Scout Picks for Gameweek 38 with a team budget of only 100 million. This week’s teams value comes out at 99.5 million.

Read more


The FPL Way Value Picks – Which budget players should we consider for GW38?

Here are recommend budget/value picks for GW38. Whether you need to free some funds for your team or even add some potential differentials, then this is the thread for you. This weeks budget team comes out at a record low 75.0 million.

Read more


The FPL Way Differential Picks – Fancy a differential for Gameweek 38?

In this article, we discuss 5 differentials you should consider to end your season with. Planning ahead is essential, maybe one of these players could be the one you are looking for?

Read more


Who is the best Captain for GW38?

We’ve explored the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 38. Check out the article below, it certainly could help you come to your final decision! We’ve analysed the best captaincy picks for Captain Sensible, Captain Differential, and Captain Huge Cahonas!

Read more


As always, we wish you the best of luck with GW38, and we hope you found these articles useful to help you achieve those final green arrows and end on a high!

If you need help with your team, feel free to drop a comment below, we love to help!

How will you be approaching this Gameweek? Team Sensible or Team Rogue? Let us know.

Who’s The Best Captain For Gameweek 38?

Who’s The Best Captain for Blank Game week 38?

This article was written by @FPL_D5l (Daniel Lison)

We are coming to the last game of the season, & what a season it has been. As always I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 38 (GW38).

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Captain Sensible

📌 Captain Differential

📌 Captain Huge Cahonas

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band

Results of the Poll:

Captain Sensible:

Kane vs Salah

Leicester (A) & Crystal Palace (H)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 6 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

Underlying stats for the last 6 matches (comparing the two teams):

We start off with Captain Sensible, two very well known player’s who have been in remarkable form throughout the whole campaign. Harry Kane & Mohamed Salah has scored 22 goals each, both in the race for the Golden Boot. It’s going to be one big battle for the race & arguable they both deserve it.

Let’s start off with Harry Kane (£11.9m), Gameweek 37 matchup against Aston Villa ended with a 2-1 defeat. Sadly his team deserved to lose and they will need to regroup ahead of the final day. Kane will want to forget this game quickly, he only had 2 shot’s on goal which both were on target, other than that he had a very quiet game.

Moving on to the more positives factors, Tottenham is up against Leicester City & the good news is Harry Kane has scored 14 goals in 10 Premier League appearances against the Foxes, more than he has netted versus any other opponent in the competition.

Leicester have conceded 8 goals in the last 4 matches which put’s them 3rd worst in the league.

Kane picked up six goals in nine away matches since the turn of the year, averaging 5.7 points per game. The Englishmen also has 38 shots on the road at that time, while only Watkins has landed more (17-14).

Mo Salah (£12.8m) will be hoping that the power of the fan’s at Anfield will bring him to another golden boot. I wouldn’t disagree with you going for Salah & overall he’s probably the best captain for this Gameweek and I can imagine his effective ownership would be rather high. Liverpool took another step closer to a top-four finish with a 3-0 win over Burnley. Somehow Salah didn’t provide us with any returns during the game, he did get the most shots out of his teammates & his opponents with four attempts all being inside the box.

The Egyptian King has attacking returns in three straight home appearances and six of his last seven starts. Taking a look at his recent stats, everything but assist’s sits in the top 5 players in the league. He has had 6 big chances which put him 1st with (47) touches in the penalty box (2nd).

Salah was very bang-average a few weeks ago, but his creative stats have significantly improved. He now sits 2nd for xA (1.71, key passes (12) & big chances (3). In the last 4 matches Salah has 5 goals & 1 assist, that’s three more goals than Kane’s two.

As for shots inside the box, there’s no midfielder who has more than 17 shots in the box. Only Benteke with 21 who’s able to better that across all positions.

In the last 6 Gameweeks, Liverpool has scored 13 goals, more than any other side. They are also top for shots (116), shots on target (39) & big chances (23).

As you can see in the table above, Kane & Salah have very well & equal supportive shot’s inside the box, along with shots on target showing that they both have a strong eye for goal.

Palace has conceded 8 goals in the last 4 matches, & The Eagles are ranked 8th worst for xGC (5.13).

As you can see in the table above, Kane & Salah have very well & equal supportive shot’s inside the box, along with shots on target showing that they both have a strong eye for goal.

Captain Differential:


Crystal Palace (H)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 6 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

Underlying stats for the last 6 matches:

Mane (£11.7m) has become very consistent, he’s scored a goal in every single match against Crystal Palace. In the reserve fixture, he was on a goal and assist, then subbed off after 57 minutes.

Despite a poor campaign he has sharply improved his form, the Senegalese has assisted back to back games and is amongst the top six players for expected goal involvement which over the last six matches, suggest he has an attacking return in his locker against the suffering Palace defence.

Mane has very similar shots in the box to Salah & despite shooting at almost half the frequency, he has managed just one fewer big chance. Mane also has two big chances to Salah’s one, showing he’s been more clinical with the opportunity to score.

Palace is the third-worst side for GC (goal conceded) over the season. The Eagles have been a team to target the majority of the season. Liverpool finally gets their opportunity to face the home crowd, & they need a big win to be certain of a top-four finish.

Mane’s numbers have been producing very nicely, I believe he’s one of the best differential Captain picks this week.

Captain Huge Cahonas:

Antonio vs Bamford

Sheffield United (A) vs WBA (H)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 6 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

Underlying stats for the last 6 matches (comparing the two teams):

Antonio (£6.6m) scored a late winner in West Ham’s 3-1 win against West Brom. Antonio is getting a step closer to closing in on Di Canio’s Premier League goal record for the Hammers. Not bad for a player who started as a right-back & converted to a striker. His record at right-back wasn’t great, but as a centre forward, he’s picked up a goal and an assist at home to Southampton last season.

The forward has scored three goals in his last four games, Antonio has an appealing fixture this week playing Southampton. They have looked weak defensively &
have nothing to play for.

Antonio leads the league with xG (expected goals) over the last six & games and is second for xGI in that time. This will be his fifth attacking return in six matches & I’m sure he’ll be ready to face the fans at the London stadium.

West Ham has scored eight goals in the six Gameweeks & only Newcastle, Leicester (both 17), & Liverpool (23) have created more big chances than the Hammers (16).

Southampton has now conceded nine goals over the last six Gameweeks, keeping no clean sheets.

Patrick Bamford (£6.6m) got himself a double-figure return against Southampton in the midweek match. He’s now averaging 4.3 points per game week in the last 6 matches. The Englishman has recorded 5 big chances & is only ranked behind Kane, Adams (each 6) & Wood (7) amongst forwards.

None of his teammates can better his 11 shots in the box or his shots on target, he is now the most transferred in player this week.

Leeds have scored 10 goals over the last 6 Gameweeks & only Man City, Leicester (both 11), Newcastle, Spurs (both 12) & Liverpool (13) have found the back of the net more.

West Brom has conceded 14 goals over the last 6 Gameweeks; the most in the league. No side has allowed opponents more shots on target than the Baggies (50).

My Conclusion:

Well, there you have it FPL Managers, all five worthy candidates for the armband. Each has their reasons for selecting them as your captain. Salah & Kane for a sensible pick, a differential pick with Mane, & if you got huge cahonas then you could well go for Antonio or Bamford.

Who’s Winning the Armband? It has to go to Salah, but as I said above, there are lots of options to choose from. I am currently sat at 224k rank and wanting a nice boost in this final Gameweek. I’m torn between going with the differential pick or a pick that requires huge cahonas. I’ve not quite made up my mind yet but you’ll find out tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for all your support this season, writing has been an experience for sure. I’m looking forward to next season with even bigger & better content.

Good Luck Everyone!

Who’s Winning The Armband:

1️⃣ Salah

2️⃣ Kane

3️⃣ Mane

4️⃣ Antonio

5️⃣ Bamford

The Final Differentials Article of the season! GW38

Gameweek 38 Differentials article, I feel I’ve saved the best until last.

Written by Aiden Smith (@FPLCasuals)

Welcome back, Ladies & Gents. I hope you are doing well, I have mixed feeling about this as it is the final Gamweek of my very first season within the Fantasy Premier League space. On one hand, I’m excited it is over, due to the slight balding on the top of my head whereas on the other its become a routine for me now.

For the final time this season, I will be highlighting some awesome differential picks for you to choose from. These will help you exceed your wildest dreams within your overall rank fantasy or help you champion your mini-league. As you may be aware stats will be taken from the last four games. Hope you enjoy it and good luck with your final Gameweek.

Nicolas Pepe: £7.6 – 1.7%

Fixture: Brighton (H)

I was speaking to someone on Twitter Spaces on deadline day last week & he asked if Pepe was a good shout. I really hope he decided to bring him in off the back of that performance vs CRY. I’ll be bringing Nicolas Pepe in this week as I feel he will be a great differential for the final Gameweek.

  • xG: 0.66 xA: 0.17
  • 3 Goals & 0 Assist
  • 3 Starts 1 Sub On
  • 19 Penalty area touches
  • 6 Goal attempts (6 in the box)
  • 2 chances created
  • 1 Big chance total (1 scored)
  • 126 Touches in the final third

I think against a Brighton team with nothing to play for could be the perfect cocktail for attacking returns. Brighton is notoriously tricky to unlock that’s why I think Pepe gets the nod, His flair and swagger down the right-hand side for Arsenal could be the key to unlocking the seagulls on the final day of the season.

One caveat I’m willing to admit in this analysis is that from Gameweek 19 onwards, Brighton has conceded the second-fewest goals in the league (15) on second to Chelsea. However, with nothing to play for and Arsenals dignity hanging in the balance, I think the reds will be too much for the blues on the final day of the season.

Roberto Firmino: £9.1 – 5%

Fixture: Crystal Palace (H)

I bet you never thought you’d see Bobby included in the differentials article, did you? The blend of fixture & fight for the top four is what has landed him in this write-up. In the last four matches, he seems to have found his shooting boots which have been locked away for 80% of the season.

  • xG: 1.23 xA: 0.30
  • 3 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 3 Starts 1 Sub on
  • 14 Penalty area touches
  • 8 Goal attempts (7 in the box)
  • 3 Big Chances (2 Socred 1 missed)
  • 34 Minutes per attempt
  • 7 Chances created 2 Thorugh balls & 3 Big Chances created
  • 74 Touches in the final third

With Crystal Palace on the horizon, I do feel he is a great pick for this week. Liverpool has started putting some tasty attacking football together so people are looking at the triple up & with Jota injured and very unlikely to feature if you cannot afford Mane or Salah then this is your next best pick.

Roy Hodgson is set to leave CRY at the end of the season and many of their players are out of contract. One last hurrah for old boy Roy + Players who will want to impress potential future employers could see Palace be more attacking and if that happens I can’t see any outcome, they will be picked apart by a hungry Liverpool side itching for Champions League football next season.

Chris Wood: £6.5 – 4.7%

Fixture: Sheffield United (A)

The big New Zealand powerhouse is making an appearance in the final article of the season from me. He has peaked at the perfect time for FPL managers that have had the stones to take the risk on him. The hat-trick sickened me to the stomach with jealousy I didn’t have the great idea the rest of you had.

  • xG: 1.89 xA: 0.25
  • 2 Goals & 0 Assist
  • 4 Starts
  • 19 Penalty area touches
  • 10 Goal attempts (7 in the box)
  • 32 Minutes per attempt
  • 4 Chances created
  • 79 Touches in the final third

I said it before, and ill say it again if we are not targeting Sheffield United this season what is the point. You may as well log out and delete your account. He has been cropping up in the right place at the right time meaning the Kiwi has really started to turn it on for Burnley toward the end of the season.

Sheffield United had conceded 34 goals since Gameweek 19 making them the fourth-worst defence in the league since the halfway point & at the other end of the pitch have only scored 10 goals making them the bluntest attack since Gameweek 19.

Rayan Ait Nouri: £5 – 0.2%

Fixture: Manchester United (H)

You’re probably sat there thinking “Have you gone mental Aiden, a Wolves defender?” Well, you’d be totally right I’ve lost the plot and given up this season therefore welcome to Differential Town. Hear me out once we have looked at some stats.

  • xG: 0.16 xA: 0.31
  • 0 Goals & 0 Assist
  • 9 Penalty area touches
  • 4 Goal attempts (2 in the box)
  • 7 chances created
  • 112 Touches in the final third
  • 45% tackle success rate
  • Loose Ball – Interceptions: 5 – Recoveries: 16 – Clearances: 5

I mean look at those stats? Not bad. Averaging a goal attempt each game and a staggering 7 chances created it’s a shame they don’t have a notable striker to finish these chances off.

To summarize I feel like Man Utd are going to rotate fairly heavily in this game due to the Europa League Final three days after this fixture. Both teams have nothing to play for so in my opinion, this could be a real snooze-fest hence why a punt on a Wolves doesn’t sound too bad after all.

Joe Willock: £4.8 – 2.9%

Fixture: Fulham (A)

Last but certainly not least we feature Joe Willock. He featured last week but not too much detail so I thought id give him more credit and go again considering he scored again last Gameweek.

  • xG: 2.22 xA: 0.11
  • 4 Goals & 0 Assist
  • 3 Starts
  • 15 Penalty area touches
  • 9 Goal attempts (8 in the box)
  • 2 chances created
  • 36 Touches in the final third
  • 30 Minutes per attempt

A recently relegated Fulham with a deflated Scott Parker, combine that with an “inform” Newcastle this could end badly for Scott Parker in my opinion. This season I’ve tried to find a good blend between form & fixtures and this meets that criteria nicely. I did want to go Allan Saint-Maximum however he is a slight doubt for this game.

The FPL Way XV Differential Squad.

Above is our differential picks for this Gameweek. Please keep in mind that this team isn’t essentially how we would go ahead with the Gameweek, it is more a bit of fun to point out some differential picks in certain positions that you could add to your team. We wanted to continue the theme as we have provided you with an FPL Way XV Scout Picks and the Value (budget) squad that we release each week.

I do really hope you enjoyed reading and digesting this article. Good luck in the upcoming Gameweek and hopefully if you decide to go with a pick included in this article that it provides you with a nice green arrow. If you do decide to transfer in one of these players let us know in the comments below and tell us which one went with and how it went.


The FPL Way Value Picks for GW38

Posted by: @FantasySilva

Here are The FPL Way Value Picks for Gameweek 38; the deadline for this one is on Sunday 23rd May at 14:30. Emotional times now as this will be the last of the value picks for this season.

Anyway, with the Value Picks, we basically pick a side of 15 players (all with a low budget) to help you with your transfers should you need to get a budget player into your squad. This weeks team comes out at only 75.0 million (all-time record). It’s the last week guys, and to be honest, looking at these picks, squad value doesn’t mean anything anymore and some of these guys could definitely be worth a punt depending on your overall rank or position in your mini-leagues.


The FPL Way XV – Who Are The Best Value FPL Players To Own For GW38?

We will be going through all the fixtures for our selected value picks and providing reasoning as to why these budget players could potentially prove to be better than some of the premium selections. That being, said, let’s get right into this…

Fulham vs Newcastle

For Fulham we have Alphonse Areola (4.5m) in net. Although it’s been a while since Fulham have kept a clean sheet, we know what they are capable of and with a generous home fixture to Newcastle, we can hope they finish their season a high before they return back to the Championship Division.

On the other side, we do have Joseph Willock (4.8m). His form recently has been superb and he now seems to be a regular starter for the club. With a goal in each game in their last fixture 3 fixtures, would you be surprised if he continued his form and bagged another in his last game?

Leeds vs West Brom

For Leeds we have Raphinha (5.5m) and Patrick Bamford (6.5m). Leeds have scored 9 goals in their last 3 fixtures with Raphinha providing 2 assists and Bamford providing 2 goals and an assist. These guys gel well together and we can expect this to be quite a high scoring game who else is more reliable to get on the score sheet for Leeds than these boys…

For West Brom we have selected Matheus Pereira (5.4m). What a hell of a season this Brazillian star has had, with 11 goals and 7 assists, you wouldn’t think he was part of a relegated club right? We’re not going to lie, we’d be surprised if this fella stays with the club when they return to the Championship division, but we know for sure he will want to end his season on an all-time high, that’s for sure!

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Just the one player here with Nathaniel Phillips (4.1m). For a Liverpool defender at this price, how could you not have him? On top of this, he’s even scored a goal and provided an assist in the last 4 Gameweeks and has accumulated 25 points in that time. Averaging at 6.25 points per game, this guy was a really easy selection for the squad.

Sheffield Utd vs Burnley

We have two picks for Burnley in this weeks value picks with Matthew Lowton (4.4m) and Chris Wood (6.5m). Well, on paper, we can expect a clean sheet for Lowton facing the bottom of the league. Maybe even a cheeky assist since he’s provided 8 this season so far. Wood has had a great 4th quarter to the season and we’re pretty confident we will see some attacking returns from this man. We could even hope he repeats GW33 with his hatty where they faced Wolves away.

West Ham vs Southampton

For West Ham, we have gone for Vladimir Coufal (4.8m) and Tomas Soucek (5.2m). Honestly, we think West Ham have more to fight for here and we could well see a clean sheet. We all know what Soucek is capable of and hopefully, he will also provide some attacking returns. With 10 goals and 2 assists this season for Soucek, we can see this being increased after this match.

Leicester vs Spurs

Finally, our last pick in our starting XI is Kelechi Iheanacho (6.2m). You remember right? The guy that has been a dream player to have since GW26. Yes, the Leicester fixtures have not been great and playing Spurs isn’t exactly the greatest fixture. Well, this Nigerian star is something special and we really wouldn’t be surprised at all for some attacking returns from him in this fixture.


Bench Picks

This week, we won’t go through all the bench players individually, well to be fair, they have all featured here a fair few times so far this season. All four players should start and either one could get some nice points in this final Gameweek. Great bench fodder, great value, and great picks to upgrade your team elsewhere if you need to.


If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay

Have a great GW38 everyone! Hope you have all had a great season and we will be back in action from Gameweek 1 next season! We will be posting throughout the summer with Euro 2020 Fantasy and we will be straight back in the action when we can start building next seasons team in August!

How many players in our starting XI do you have in your team? Let us know in the comments below!

Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW38?

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Here are our FPL Way Picks for the last Gameweek of the season. The deadline for GW38 is on Sunday 23rd May at 14:30.

Like we do every week, we build a team who we feel will make a solid team for the Gameweek with a 100 million budget. This weeks team comes out at 99.5 million. You may have more funds in the bank so there are possible upgrades you could potentially do here.

Before we get started, let’s have a look at the last fixtures of the season sorted by overall difficultly.

Sheff UtdBUR
West HamSOU
Man UtdWOL
West BromLEE
Crystal PalaceLIV
Aston VillaCHE
Man CityEVE



We will be going through all the fixtures for our team selection and will provide you with the reason as to why we have selected them.

Fulham vs Newcastle

We have one player from this matchup which is Joseph Willock (4.8m). This guy is in great form at the moment, providing an attacking return in the last 6 Gameweeks where he got game time. In 3 of these games, he was subbed on very late in the game and still managed to get a goal. Game time doesn’t seem to be an issue now since he has been in the starting XI in the last 3 matches. With him accumulating 24 points in the last 3 games, we’re pretty confident he will add another attacking return to his tally in this favourable fixture.

Leeds vs West Brom

We have tripled up on Leeds assets here with Illan Meslier (4.8m), Stuart Dallas (5.4m) and Patrick Bamford (6.5m). Leeds have kept two clean sheets in their last 2 games and we certainly feel this will happen again in their final fixture. Dallas is especially a great pick as he plays a more attacking role, accumulating 8 goals and 3 assists so far this season. We feel there will be plenty of goals in this fixture, especially in Leeds favour. That being said, we just had to include Bamford in our starting XI. He got a goal and an assist in their 2-0 win against The Saints and we’re fairly confident he will add more to his tally on Sunday!

We have one pick for West Brom with Matheus Pereira (5.4m). If there is one man that will get an attacking return in this squad, it will be this Brazillian star. In the last 5 Gameweeks, he has scored 3 and assisted once. Pereira has scored a total of 11 goals and 7 assists so far this season, that being said, we just had to feature him in our starting XI.

Leicester vs Spurs

We have just the two players in this fixture for Spurs with Heung-Min Son (9.7m) and Harry Kane (11.9m). Did you know, Harry Kane has actually scored 14 goals in 10 Premier League appearances against Leicester, more than he has netted versus any other opponent in the competition. With both Kane and Salah joint top goal scorers with 22 goals, he will be fighting for goals to ensure he gets the Golden Boot this season. We all know Son and Kane make a great partnership, so we can expect to see some attacking returns from the pair in this fixture.

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Trent Alexander-Arnold (7.7m) and Mohamed Salah (12.8m) are our two picks for Liverpool. TAA has definitely had a better end to the season and is finally justifying his high price tag. Since Gameweek 28, TAA has scored a goal and provided 5 assists and has accumulated 70 points since then (that’s an average of ~7.8 points per game). In the reverse fixture, Liverpool surprised us all with their 7-0 win, can they repeat history? We sure hope so! As already mentioned, Salah is joint head-to-head with Kane in the battle for the golden boot. With a nice fixture for them, the fact he is the Egyptian hero and scored 2 goals in the reverse fixture; how could you not include this legend.

Sheffield Utd vs Burnley

The only pick for this fixture is Chris Wood (6.5m). With Burnley facing the relegated bottom of the league and getting some nice attacking returns late on in the season, this guy is a no-brainer really. With only 4.3% ownership and scoring 12 goals this season so far, we’re confident he will add to his tally in this fixture. Maybe this guy could be the crazy punt differential captain to gain that last-minute boost of rank you are needing? Massive cahonas would be required for this obviously…

West Ham vs Southampton

The only selection we have here is Vladimir Coufal (4.8m). Well, West Ham will be wanting to finish their season on an absolute high. A win would definitely secure a Europa League spot for The Hammers so they will definitely want to win this game. Hopefully, we will see a West Ham clean sheet and hopes for a Coufal attacking return in this fixture. An assist would be great, a goal would be the cherry on the cake.


Our Bench Picks

Will Norris (4.0m)

With Pope out with a shoulder injury, we could see Norris starting in the most favourable fixture of the Gameweek. A clean sheet here on paper and a very reasonable price tag; that’s why he’s our sub GK.

Phil Foden (6.1m)

Foden could make a great pick for this GW, but with Pep Roulette, well… you know, you can never be too confident on Man City assets. When he does feature, he kills it. This youngster is a star in the making, if he starts, we can definitely see some nice attacking returns here.

Victor Lindelöf (4.8m)

With Wolves not scoring in the last two Gameweeks, we can see this becoming a 3rd on the trot. Great bench fodder, a hopeful clean sheet… That brings this fella into our team.

Rob Holding (4.3m)

An awesome budget defender here, a possibility for a clean sheet, again… great bench fodder!


If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay


FPL Gameweek 37 – The Complete Guide

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Following BGW36, we now have only two matches remaining where all teams will be playing as normal. The deadline for Gameweek 37 is on Tuesday 17th May at 16:30. With such a small gap between Gameweeks, we’ve decided to combine everything you need to know in one article including:

Click above to jump to the article you would like to read.


Here are the Fixtures for GW37

Remaining Fixtures by Difficulty

The table below shows the difficulty of the remaining two fixtures, sorted by overall difficulty (easiest to most difficult fixtures):

Crystal PalaceARSLIV
Aston VillaTOTCHE


Looking at the above table, it’s quite easy to see which teams have the best fixtures for the last two games. We will be looking at the best players to bring in for your team with both of the last fixtures in mind.

So let’s get started…

Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW37?

Each week we build a team who we feel will make a solid team for the Gameweek with a 100 million budget. This weeks team comes out at 99.9 million. You may have more funds in the bank so there are possible upgrades you could do here. We have also taken GW38 into consideration as well, so we’ve based this team on players you can keep for the remaining two matches.

THE FPL WAY XV – Scout Picks

We will be going through all the fixtures for our team selection and will provide you with the reasons why we have selected them.

Man Utd vs Fulham

Our only selection for this game is Victor Lindelöf (4.8m). For that low price for a Man Utd defender and a player that should most likely start, this guy is a no brainer. With Maguire unfortunately out as well, it is highly likely he will start for the last two games of the season as well. With two favourable fixtures and potentially two clean sheets for the last two games, we definitely believe he’s a great selection.

Southampton vs Leeds

We have doubled up with Leeds assets in our starting XI with Stuart Dallas (5.4m) and Raphinha (5.5m). Another team with very friendly fixtures for the final games. Dallas as a defender usually tends to play in midfield, so attacking returns are very possible here which boosts his value. Raphinha has provided 6 goals and 9 assists this season, and with these great fixtures, we’re pretty sure he will add a few more to his tally.

Brighton vs Man City

Our only pick for Man City is Ferran Torres (6.9m). We know this guy is in form and will most likely start following the hat-trick he got against Newcastle in BGW36. Man City still have the Champions League final to consider against Chelsea. We do strongly feel he will start especially since we expect players like Mahrez to start in the following week. When somebody is in his form, we can’t see him missing the next game and he will no doubt get some attacking returns as well.

Spurs vs Aston Villa

We have only selected one Spurs asset moving forward here and that is Harry Kane (11.8m). As we have said before, he’s still fighting for the Golden Boot as Salah drew level with him yesterday, with both players now on 22 goals. We understand he’s had a few blank Gameweeks recently, but we’re very positive he’s going to finish this season with a blast! You could also take Son and Bale into consideration; as we said, we select our squad based on a 100 million budget, so you could potentially upgrade some players we have selected.

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

Our only selection here is Rob Holding (4.3m). With David Luiz still recovering from injury, it’s pretty likely this guy will start. Arsenal got a clean sheet against Chelsea in their last fixture and with Crystal Palace and Brighton to play in their last two games; they can surely get at least one clean sheet here.

Burnley vs Liverpool

Within our starting XI, we only have Mohamed Salah (12.8m). The Egyptian legend has accumulated 22 goals and 5 assists so far this season and is the man who is up against Harry Kane for the golden boot. We feel both Salah and Kane are essential picks to finish this season.

West Brom vs West Ham

We have two picks from this fixture with Jesse Lingard (6.6m) and Michail Antonio (6.5m). Yes, we understand that Lingard has blanked in the last 4 Gameweeks but he’s definitely due some attacking returns, especially when they come against West Brom. Lingard is currently joint top with Kane based on Points Per Game. We definitely feel he will recover from his attacking drought and finish the season on a high. With such a great final two fixtures for West Ham, we also had to include Antonio. We could potentially see a great partnership with the two and get some nice attacking returns from the pair moving forward.


Our Bench Picks

Alphonse Areola (4.5m)

Areola can be a nice pick for the final Gameweek facing Newcastle at home. Definitely not a pick for this week but a decent sub keeper for sure.

Patrick Bamford (6.5m)

Following the blank against Newcastle where Leeds won 4-0, we haven’t included him in the starting XI but he could be a serious contender. The guy has scored 15 goals and assisted 10 times this season… He is quite likely to start and with favourable fixtures you could even start him as well.

Nathaniel Phillips (4.1m)

For only 4.1m for a Liverpool defender, this is an easy pick to add to your team. He even provided an assist in the last fixture. This guy is a great player to have with Liverpool’s very favourable fixtures.

Tyrick Mitchell (3.8m)

Mitchell is the cheapest defender in the Premier League… He even picked up a goal and an assist against Aston Villa! For that price, how could you not have him in your team?


Gameweek 37 Differential Picks – Fantasy Premier League

Here we are with the differential picks for Gameweek 37. We hope all is well with you and that you have had a great week so far. We are back with a shorter article today due to the fact the Deadline is Tuesday which is usually the day we publish this segment on the website.

Before we get started, we’re just going to quickly highlight the success we have had recently with identifying some really fruitful differential picks including:

  • Ferran Torres: 3x Goals (GW 36)
  • Che Adams: 2x Goals (GW 35+36)
  • Sadio Mane: 2x Assists (GW35+36)
  • Mason Greenwood: 2x Goals (GW 35)
  • Raphinha: 1x Assist (GW36)
  • Eberechi Eze: 1x Goals & 3x Assists (GW35+36)

Above you will see that 6/11 players that we picked have returned at least once. So to say we are having a good run is a little bit of an understatement.

So let’s bring our focus to this week. We will be pointing out five players this week and unfortunately, there will not be any stats to go with the picks as it needs to be shorter than normal to fit into our complete Gameweek 37 guide! (We will be back to normal next week).

Joe Willock: £4.7 – 0.6%

Fixture: Sheffield United

Joe Willock has returned in the last two fixtures and incredibly it was against Man City & Leicester City. This is why he has been included in this week’s guide. Willock plays SHU this week who we know is the number one club to target this year; especially now that they have been confirmed relegated. In the final Gameweek of the season, they play Fulham so back to back relegated teams means that Willock could be a great differential to climb your mini-league in the last few weeks.

Said Benrahma: £5.9 – 0.2%

Fixture: West Brom

Now I will mention that he isn’t 100% nailed on, however, based on last season in the Championship & glimpses on quality this season, we know he can turn it on when the time is right. He has started two of the last three matches and came on to have an impact vs Brighton in which he levelled up the game. West Ham plays West Brom in the battle of the “West” named teams. After that, they play Southampton, so if he started at least one of those it would pay dividends in our opinion.

Jack Harrison: £5.5 – 3.8%

Fixture: Southampton

Kneejerk of the season or smart? You decide! With this one, if you can’t afford Raphinha or Bamford; then go for Harrison. With two assists and one goal in the last game, this certainly qualifies this as a knee-jerk move. That being said, what isn’t knee-jerk is getting on Leeds for the last two Gameweeks. They play SOU this week and in the final Gameweek of the season, they play WBA; this just screams the potential here.

Paul Pogba: £7.6 – 2%

Fixture: Fulham

Paul Pogba hasn’t been a favoured FPL asset this season, however, he has found some form lately. If you’re in a position where you need a serious differential, he could definitely be worth the punt at this stage. He’s been taking a slightly more attacking left-sided position recently so we are seeing Pogba in a more advanced position and contributing to goals & assists. With good fixtures (FUL & WOL), we can’t see too many issues with bringing him in.

Emile Smith Rowe: £4.2 – 2.6%

Fixture: Crystal Palace

Smith Rowe accumulated 19 points in DGW35. That consisted of two goals and some very nice Bonus Points! That being said, we can see him continuing his form in his last two fixtures where Arsenal face Crystal Palace and Brighton.

That being said, we also asked another member of The FPL Team to come up with their XV Differential team and this is what they come up with:


Gameweek 37 Value Picks – Fantasy Premier League

Our value picks selection this week comes out as a record low of 74.7 million! In this article, we’re going to discuss the three best value picks you should have in your squad for GW37.

Joelinton (5.7m)

Our first differential pick is Joelinton Cássio Apolinário de Lira. With Callum Wilson out for the rest of the season, Newcastle needs someone to step up and get some goals for their club. Newcastle has scored 7 goals in the last two Gameweeks so if I were to take a risky punt, I’d probably put it on this guy with only 0.5% ownership. With Sheffield United and Fulham to play in their last two fixtures, we feel this guy will get some attacking returns ahead!

Gündogan (5.6m)

Secondly, we have Ilkay Gündogan. Well, we all know how much of a beast this fella can be, he’s scored 12 goals and assisted 4 times so far this season. For the price, the fact we believe he will start and the fact he’s only 5.6m, this guy is definitely worth a shout. When it comes to Man City, it doesn’t matter who they play, there are surely going to be a fair few goals in their final two fixtures against Brighton and Everton.

Antonio (6.5m)

Finally, we have Michail Antonio. West Ham plays West Brom and Southampton in their final two fixtures. If there is someone who is going to bag a goal, it will no doubly be this man. With 9 goals, 5 assists this season, and the added bonus of having Lingard playing with him, we’re very confident this guy will be an awesome pick to end your season with.



This week, we’re going to be analysing the best three captaincy picks we feel will return the most points in GW37. We feel this a going to be a great week for 3 premium player picks; Salah, Kane and Fernandes. Salah and Kane are joint level at the top of the table for most goals scored. Surely these two guys will both be fighting for the award and will no doubt get returns in the final two fixtures. Fernandes is in third place in the top scorer table but is also second in the most assists made this season. Taking that into account, here are our top three picks for captaincy for Gameweek 37:

Mohamed Salah (12.8m)

Salah has provided 22 goals and 5 assists this season which is very impressive. With Liverpool facing Burnley and Crystal Palace in their last two fixtures, we’re very confident this man will be running the show. He’s always been known as ‘captain reliable’, and I don’t think there is an exception to this Gameweek either. In the last three Gameweeks, he has provided two goals and one assist, and we’re confident that he will add to his tally in his very favourable remaining fixtures.

Harry Kane (11.8m)

Next up, we have the top goalscorer this season who have scored 22 goals and 13 assists. Very positive stats here, and he’s broken the curse of a couple of blanks and will definitely add some attacking returns before the end of the season. He got a goal in his last fixture against Wolves and with Aston Villa and Leicester to play, we will no doubt see some more from the English man.

Bruno Fernandes (11.4m)

In the last two matches where Fernandes started, he has scored in both games. Man Utd suffered from having 3 games in GW36 which is why he got only 12 minutes when they faced Leicester. You know this man will start, you know what the Portuguese star is capable of, so yeah, he’s definitely a very worthy contender here. With 18 goals and 13 assists this season, you can only expect more attacking returns to finish the season.


Due to Blank Gameweek 36 ending on Monday 16th May and Gameweek 37 commencing on Tuesday 18th May, we decided to combine all the articles we usually do into one large one covering everything you need to know. We sure hope you have found this article useful for your Gameweek 37 decisions. As you already know, the FPL season is coming to an end, but fear not; we’ll continue over the summer to help you with your Euro 2020 teams.

We’re preparing a lot of great features for the next season since our team will be working hard to get as many features in one central hub ready for then.

As always, we wish you the best for GW37 and we sure hope you all finish on a high!


If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay


Let’s look at one of The FPL Way’s Team…

To add some extra depth to this article, we will look at one of the members of The FPL Way Team; @FantasySilva. FantasySilva’s team is currently 10,798k and he is hoping for a top 10k finish this season. He currently has £105.6 million squad value due to the price transfer rises he has accumulated over the season.

The current side he has going into Gameweek 37 is as follows:

He currently has 104 million squad value and 1.6 ITB (In The Bank). Since Jota picked up a foot injury and won’t feature in the remaining games, you might be thinking that he is the obvious substitution… However, with only two Gameweeks to go, you could make a transfer elsewhere (in some cases, there is no need to worry about benched injuries at this stage of Fantasy Football).

However, for this specific team, we would actually suggest making the transfer of Jota to Greenwood (simply because this particular team can afford to do this change and keep Maddison for bench fodder). Well, this goes to show that there are a lot of considerations to take into account when making your managerial decisions, it all differs based on your current situation.

So what would you do with this team?

Don’t forget to send across your teams in the comments below, we’ll let you know what decisions we would make with your team!

The FPL Way Value Picks for BGW36

Posted by: @FPLKarlll

Here are The FPL Way Value Picks for Blank Gameweek 36 which commences on Friday 14th May at 18:30.

This is our third edition of the Value Picks selection; where we pick a side of 15 players (all with a low budget). This is to help you with your transfers should you need to get a budget player into your squad. This week’s team comes out at only 81.1 million.

After last week’s Double Gameweek, we find ourselves yet again at the mercy of another Blank Gameweek. So don’t forget to have Chilwell, Ihenancho, Saka, and Fernandes playing left-back on the bench this week as we’ll be without our Chelsea, Leicester, Arsenal, and United assets. However, luckily you’ve come across the infinite wisdom that is The FPL Way so hopefully, our value picks can aid you in making the right moves to bring on an almighty hail of green arrows in these closing weeks.

Everton (H) vs Sheffield Utd

Everton vs Sheffield presents a huge opportunity for Everton assets hence our decision to triple up with Pickford (4.8M), Holgate (4.8M), and Sigurdsson (6.9M). We’re feeling they will be able to secure clean sheet points in this fixture and with Sigurdsson on penalties these are pretty safe value picks to hold onto. The week following the Toffees, they will go up against Wolves so their defensive assets may be of high value the next two game weeks.

Leeds (A) vs Burnley

Patrick Bamford (6.3M) had the final say with a penalty at Elland road the last time these clubs face. After finding himself on the scoresheet this GW, this takes his league goal tally to 15 goals so far in the Premier League. With the season coming to an end, I’m sure the Leeds forward has a goal or two left in him. Coming in at a price point of 6.3M, the Leeds striker is a no-brainer in any squad

Liverpool (A) vs WBA

Diogo Jota (7.0M), unfortunately, missed Liverpool’s last game vs WBA due to injury and although he has found himself blanking since GW30 he’s maintaining 3.65 Shots per 90. The Portuguese man’s quick dribbling and excellent passing could be what Liverpool require to break-down WBA’s low block.

Crystal Palace (H) vs Aston Villa

Eze (5.8M) and Mitchell (3.8M) could be two players to look at with Eze providing owners with 25 points over the past 3 game weeks. In addition to this, Aston Villa hasn’t had a clean sheet since GW27 Eze’s involvement so we may see Palace attacking returns, especially since the Villa side appears to be leaking goals recently.

Burnley (H) vs Leeds

Chris Wood (6.4M)  has been on a man on a mission as of late blanking only once since GW27 with half of Wood’s 132 FPL points this entire season coming since GW27. Somethings clearly in the water of at turf moor and with Ihenancho not playing this week. Wood is the ideal value pick replacement.

James Tarkowski (5.3M) on the other hand has also seen his fair share of returns collecting 21 points the past 4 game weeks and picking up 3 bonus points after an immense performance against Fulham, Tarkowski may be due for another colossal performance to avenge their earlier loss to wolves this season.

Southampton (H) vs Fulham

James Ward Prowse (5.9) has gained 19 points over the last 4 Gameweeks and now have Danny Ings to add to the Saint’s firepower; it’s likely he has more in store. The English international will also be eager to earn his place on the flight to the Euros this summer and with his last 3 fixtures being against Fulham, West Ham, and Leeds he may just prove his point.

Manchester City (A) vs Newcastle

Gündogan (5.9M) has gone missing since GW28 but due to a lack of minutes played rather than through effort. With an all-English Champions League final and the Premier League secured, this could see Pep rotating starters. This allows them to play more freely which could see Gündogan pressing higher up the pitch where he was able to achieve 12 goals so far this season.

Tottenham (H) vs Wolves

Eric Dier (4.6M) has improved massively under the defensive coaching work of former manager Jose Mourinho. They face Wolves who are a side still lacking firepower so a clean sheet is possibly on the cards for the English international.

Bench Picks

Philips (4.1M)

Philips returned from injury and put up another aerial masterclass in Liverpool’s clean sheet victory against the Saints. He was accompanied by the young Rhys Williams facing a pacy Saints side with Che Adam’s and Walcott. Despite these hurdles, Philips still managed to bring those 6 points to his fantasy owners. The only reason he’s featured on our bench is due to the uncertainty of Liverpool’s CB partnership with Kabak not spotted in training ahead of the Northwest derby. Otherwise, he would be a nailed Value pick starter for sure.

Mitchell (3.8M)

If you’re struggling to find funds to make a big transfer then Mitchell is the go-to defender to free up some much-needed funds. Especially with his low cost and likeliness to start. His clean sheet record is definitely a gamble, however, if you’re freeing up money to get a big player whose output might cover Mitchell’s, then he would be ideal.

Fabio Silva (5.2M)

Silva has a goal and assist in his last two games and seems to be picking up steam ahead of his trip against Spurs. He is definitely worth watching to see if this newfound form may translate into the following season.

Illan Meslier (4.7M)

Whilst Meslier managed to keep a clean sheet again Burnley at Elland Road. Burnley has managed to find the net in their last 9 games with no signs of slowing down. However, with the reaming fixtures of Southampton and West Brom, buying Meslier to bench him for the last two GW’s could be ideal to go all out for the rest of the season.

Blank Gameweek 36 Differential Picks – Fantasy Premier League

Blank Gameweek 36 Differential Picks, done The FPL Way!

Written by: Aiden Smith (@FPLCasuals)

Happy Wednesday ladies & gents and welcome back to my weekly differentials article. Wow, what a crazy swing between Gameweeks. We’ve gone from a Triple & Double Gameweek to a Blank Gameweek which has proven very hard to navigate. If you are like me and decided to triple up on Manchester United along with having triple Chelsea alongside a sprinkle of some Leicester players, then you may be in a little bit of a sticky situation! For me taking a hit is definitely on the cards and I’m absolutely fine with that.

Similar to previous Gameweeks I will be identifying five differential picks for this week’s round of fixtures. It was fairly tricky this week due to the teams that were blanking and at the point of releasing this article, all of these players were under 10% ownership. You’ll notice some of these players have just come back from injury so again I’ll be using data from the last four games played, not Gameweeks.

Ferran Torres: £6.9 – 0.8%

Fixture: Newcastle

Here we go! The one, the only Ferran Torres! I’ve been waiting all season to include him in my differentials article. As you can tell I do enjoy watching Torres play and I have been looking for an excuse to bring him into my team, I have once this season and he scored so let’s hope it can happen again.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 0.73 xA: 0.53
  • 2 Goals & 0 Assist
  • 3 Starts
  • 17 Penalty area touches
  • 7 Goal attempts (6 in the box)
  • chances created
  • 80 Touches in the final third

Love these stats above! I’m so excited to bring him into my squad this Gameweek. City made the UCL final meaning that we know there is going to be rotation within the next few weeks and in my opinion, I really feel we could see minutes for Torres in the next few games. My reasoning for this is we can kind of predict the UCL starting 11 for City and I don’t see Torres starting. I cant see Pep risking the fitness of the likes of Mahrez, Foden & Silva as I can imagine they will get the nod.

In conclusion, I think Torres will be chomping at getting the minutes as he will want to gain some momentum for the Euros and play his way into the Spain squad. He could be your secret weapon moving forward until the end of the season!

Ben Godfrey: £5.0 – 0.8%

Fixture: Sheffield United

Godfrey has started all four of the last games. For anyone wondering if he is nailed on, he has played 90 minutes twenty-four times this season. He can play various positions across the backline and has appeared at CB & RB and has passed the eye test in both.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 0.21 xA: 0.21
  • 0 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 2 Clean Sheets
  • 13/15 Tackles completed (86%)
  • 4 Goal conceded
  • Loose Ball: Interceptions – 6 Recoveries – 16 Clearances – 2 Blocks – 7
  • 1 Chance Created

This might be my favourite differential. When you blend the fixtures and the talent from Godfrey, I do feel like a clean sheet + bonus points is on the cards.  Looking at the next two fixtures, Godfrey plays SHU & WOV; correct me if I’m wrong, however, both these teams seem to be sat on a sunny beach sipping cocktails. As you can see from the defensive stats Godfrey is right up there for tackle completion % and loose ball situations and this means that with a clean sheet his bonus points will be nice as well.

In conclusion, at Goodison Park this year, Everton have not exactly been solid at the back keeping only 2 clean sheets all season whereas Away from home they have been much more solid. Godfrey has kept 7 clean sheets on the road this year and my point is they will want to improve that home record before the end of the season.

Stuart Armstrong: £5.5 – 0.5%

Fixture: Fulham

Stuart Armstong has been popping up all season and I feel against a wounded Fulham side he could prove to pop up again with a goal contribution. Scoring four goals and providing four assists for his team this season, he has been a thorn in the side of teams and seems to always be a threat when on the pitch. However, we have to take into account that without Ings they have looked a little blunt going forward.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 0.31 xA: 0.14
  • 0 Goals & 0 Assist
  • 7 Penalty area touches
  • 7 Goal attempts (2 in the box)
  • 51 Mins per attempt
  • 1 chance created
  • 64 Touches in the final third

With this less than 1% ownership, this differential would be taking a risk. However, he plays FUL & LEE in his next two fixtures. He has started 3/4 games and has received 48 touches in the final third meaning he is getting into attacking positions. He ranks 4th amongst Southampton MID for xG only behind Redmond, JWP & Minamino.

In conclusion, yes you might be thinking I’m crazy, however, my job here is to go out and find some differentials with nice fixtures moving forward that I think are going to do well. I truly believe that we can see an attacking return. As mentioned they are playing a wounded Fulham side & a Leeds side we know can either be hammered or do the hammering.

Raphinha: £5.4 – 5%

Fixture: Burnley

I’m not going to sit here and do too much talking in regards to Raph as we all know exactly what he brings to the table; flair, silk & finesse. With him back from injury, I can see Leeds having a strong end to what has been a really exciting season for Leeds. I’m glad they’re staying in the PL and I’m excited to see what they bring next year. The question is will Raph be playing for them?

He ranks 8th for chances created (57) all season from every MID.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 0.88 xA: 1.13
  • 1 Goal & 2 Assist
  • 16 Penalty area touches
  • 11 Corners taken
  • 5 Goal attempts (3 in the box)
  • 10 chances created (2 big chance)
  • 30 Mins per chance created
  • 79 Touches in the final third

Look at those stats! This bloke is such an exciting player and brings nothing but joy to the football pitch and your FPL teams. From an FPL standpoint; he has been a joy to have in my team this year and he would have stayed if he didn’t get injured. Leeds are such a forward-thinking team and it really is like a Basketball match every time they play.

In conclusion, Raph plays BUR, SOU & WBA between now and the end. I know this is a BGW36 article, however, it’s always good to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be keeping players you can keep until the end of the season. Burnley’s defensive form has dropped now that they are pretty much nailed on to play in the PL next season and they’re another one of those “On the beach” teams to target.

Michail Antonio: £6.4 – 5.5%

Fixture: Brighton

If this guy could just stay fit he would be one of the best strikers in the league. Based on the season West Ham have had, I do really think if he could stay fit he’d be right up there with the most owned players this season. The combination play that West Ham can produce is up there and he is the perfect man to get in your squad for the run-in.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 2.76 xA: 0.36
  • 2 Goals & 2 Assist
  • 26 Penalty area touches
  • 14 Goal attempts (12 in the box)
  • 4 Big chances (50% conv)
  • chances created (1 big chance)
  • 101 Touches in the final third

Disgusting stats from a next-level baller. Antonio ranks second amongst all strikers in the last four Gameweeks for xG, only behind Chris Wood! He has proven that when even 70% fit he is scoring goals. West Ham has BHA,  WBA & SOU between now and the end of the season and he is another player I am seriously considering. West Ham scores 1.6 goals per game on average and that ranks 6th in the PL all season and have 4.2 shots on target per match which ranks 10th. He ranks 3rd for penalty area touches & 4th for total goal attempts.

In conclusion, FPL managers are going to be really split between DCL, Bamford & Antonio in my opinion. The big man Antonio is the way to go looking at the stats above


Above is our differential picks for this Gameweek. Please keep in mind that this team isn’t essentially how we would go ahead with the Gameweek, it is more a bit of fun to point out some differential picks in certain positions that you could add to your team. We wanted to continue the theme as we have provided you with an FPL Way XV Scout Picks and the Value (budget) squad that we release each week.

I do really hope you enjoyed reading and digesting this article. Good luck in the upcoming Gameweek and hopefully if you decide to go with a pick included in this article that it provides you with a nice green arrow. If you do decide to transfer in one of these players let us know in the comments below and tell us which one went with and how it went.