EURO 2020 Fantasy – Let’s discuss the Final

Right, here we are with the last article of Euro 2020 and what a final it will be!

With only two teams remaining we can expect a very ‘templated’ team, but nevertheless, there is still an opportunity to gain some additional points over your mini-league rivals. Your captaincy choice will no doubt be the most important decision this round.

The Transfer Deadline for the final Sunday 11th July at 20:00 (BST).

We’re pretty confident that you already know, but here is the final fixture which is between Italy and England and will take place at Wembley in London:

We will get to see the lineups before the game so we would recommend making your transfers once they get revealed (usually an hour before kickoff).

The odds for the winner are quite close and England only just have the edge over Italy. The benefit England have is that they will be playing on their home turf at Wembley. That being said, we can definitely see this being a very close game with plenty of action! EURO 2020 has been full of action and it certainly hasn’t disappointed at all.

What’s different in the Final for Euro Fantasy?

There are only a few differences now for this round compared to the Quarter-Finals which are:

  • You can now make 5 free transfers (-4 will be deducted for each transfer thereafter)
  • For this round, instead of picking only six players from the same team, you can now select up to eight.

Your team budget will remain at €105 as it has been from the Round of 16.

Our Wildcard Picks for the Final

So this is our imaginary Wildcard for the final. Although most people would have already used both chips by now, this selected team should still be able to help you with your five free transfers.

Remember, your bench is pretty pointless for the final unless you are using automatic subs. Since we get to see the team reveals beforehand and you can make transfers/substitutions before the kickoff; so your bench doesn’t really matter at all.

To build this team, we transferred in 2 players (a GK and a DEF) that is only €4M. We can’t see many people deviating from this team really, but ultimately, just go with your gut feeling here. If you are backing England to beat Italy, why not get a few additional English Stars in your team (or vice-versa)?

Captains? Differentials?


€11.7M / 61% / Final = ITALY (Wembley, London)

The obvious safe choice, along with Raheem Sterling in close second (€9.9M / 53%), if your strategy is to hold on to a high rank for dear life, Kane is the way. He’s aiming for the golden boot. He’s on penalties. It’s not rocket science. Kane has four goals, two of which are headers, which could be the way in versus Italy as we get the feeling a set-piece might be the way in to break the deadlock of a tight match. 2.3 shots per game, all four goals scored from inside the box, just set Harry as captain and crack a beer open. If you’re wanting a differential and chasing rank, why not Harry Maguire (€5.7M / 27%)? He’s a lock to start, has a header in the bank already (could easily have been more), is playing with a captain’s determination, and will be heavily involved in set pieces. Add to that possible clean sheet points, and the defensive Harry could outscore the striker Harry with a bit of luck.



€10.2M / 57% / Final = ENGLAND (Wembley, London)

Ciro started the tournament on fire, threatening as-can-be as Italy showed they are not the typical Italian side of the past. Since then, he’s cooled off after managing only two points per match over the last three. Media speculation notes there’s even a possibility he might not start (this is where a backup plan and the benefit of knowing the squads pre-match come in), but we are tapping him to start and potentially shine at the moment his country and side need a real striker threat. Immobile creates headaches for defence with his runs, and an assist isn’t out of the question either. He also actually has fewer big chances missed than Kane ( 3 to 5 ), with only one more shot in the box. He has to finish if the opportunity comes against England, as there likely won’t be many. For a relative differential, go Federico Chiesa (€7.4M / 31% ). The pacey, energetic and creative Chiesa has shown he can make chances on his own, seemingly out of nothing. The Juventus man is getting 2.3 shots per match with 10 in the box. He’s also created three big chances, so an assist could come his way. He’s lively and a great differential option if you are chasing rank.


Well, Italy vs England final? Honestly, who predicted this? What a great final it will be and we can’t wait for it to start! It should be a pretty eventful game full of action… Who do you think will be the winner? Let us know in the comments below.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article boys and girls. If you need any help with your team or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via any of our Social Media Platforms.

All the best amigos! <3 From @TheFPLWay Team!