GW23 Differential Pick – Philippe Coutinho

Rey (@rey_qur) picks the asset (under 10% TSB) that FPL Managers should strongly consider for Gameweek 23 and beyond. Who is this person? It’s…

Philippe Coutinho

When AVL announced the loan signing of Coutinho. I, like many I’m sure, reminisced on the fantastic returns in the past from the Brazilian.

Despite this thread mostly driven by nostalgia, there is no doubt that AVL have enticing fixtures on the horizon which may include a DGW as soon as GW23. From the limited minutes Coutinho had in his debut match, FPL managers should take notice of his patterns during the game.

At 0-2 down, the Brazilian came off the bench and had an instant effect on the game which we can see on the heatmap below. AVL seemed to switch to a 4222/4231 with Coutinho given license to roam into attacking areas.

With his touches and passes in advanced areas, Coutinho quickly became one of the main protagonists for the AVL attacks. He was constantly moving into pockets of space to dictate play.

The Brazilian repetitively penetrated the attacking areas which eventually led to the equaliser. Should he play as the “10” when selected, I expect this pattern of movement to continue which is extremely exciting as a potential owner of the Brazilian.

If we averaged Coutinho’s performance per90, he was extremely explosive during the game.

Gerrard on Coutinho

“We’ve signed a wonderful footballer, It makes no sense for me to listen to keyboard warriors in Barcelona. I know the player, I know the boy and I’m confident we can get him moving. He’s a fantastic talent. He needs to smile and enjoy his football, feel the confidence, support and the love, and I’ve got no doubt that we’ll see the real Philippe Coutinho.”

With such a glowing reference by Gerrard, coupled with his first hand experience of playing with Coutinho – I am certain the Brazilian will become a first team option in the near future.


Coutinho is still short of match sharpness, thus I would “tread softly” before transferring in the Brazilian. I would be surprised if he were to start the next game, and would not want to bring him in for a -4.

However, if AVL have a confirmed DGW23, I could see the allure of bringing in Philippe as the explosive hauls are realistic based on historical performances. I also expect Coutinho to eventually take set-pieces which makes him a viable asset.


What are your thoughts on the Brazilian?

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