Differential Picks For Gameweek 33

Sumptuous Gameweek 33 Differential Picks:


Wow, what a week we have had in the footballing world. First, the news of the Super League and the sacking of Jose Mourinho, talking & even thinking about FPL feels rather odd when there are much bigger fish to fry. However, I’m here to try and resume some normality.

Today I will be exploring some potent picks for Gameweek 33. I wanted to include some players that have a nice fixture this week while also having favourable fixtures in the coming weeks. Just to give you an idea of my current thought process, I had a nice green arrow last week climbing up the FPL ranks so I am now going to be choosing my battles far more carefully when It comes to differentials this week. I am currently sat at 62% on the ‘Template Rating’ on Livefpl.net so my team already includes a fair few interesting players.

Similar to last week, I will be picking five players who I feel will be good to have for this week and for the longer term. My aim for this week is to give you something to think about with your free transfer and hopefully give you an edge over your mini-league rival or increase your overall.

Please note; all stats & figures will be over the last 4 Gameweeks except for one player who has just come back from injury.

Mason Greenwood: £7.0 – 2.9%

Fixture: Leeds United

First up we have Mason Greenwood the Icelandic womanizing wonderkid. He has been in great form recently and with Anthony Martial out injured he has been enjoying greater game time over the last couple. Ole seems to like this kid and he is one of the best finishers I have seen in recent years. Remember towards the end of last season when this geezer was getting FPL managers some serious points? That being said, let’s look at some numbers:

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 1.59 xA: 0.42
  • 4 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 20 Penalty area touches
  • 49 Mins per goal
  • 4 Big chances (Scored 2)
  • 12 Goal attempts (6 Shots on target)
  • 2 Big chances created (3 In total)

Now, these numbers are even more impressive due to the fact he has started twice in the last four and came on as a sub once. Last week I would have said that he is a slight rotation risk however with the form he’s been in recently I don’t think Ole will be taking him out of the team. I think Greenwood is a good pick moving forward due to playing Leeds in his next fixture and we all know how games v Leeds can go (Like a basketball game). Manchester United’s fixtures until the end of the season are looking nice too, they play Aston Villa, Fulham & Wolves.

In conclusion, I would personally be considering Greenwood if I hadn’t already brought in Edison Cavani who seems more of a rotation risk than Greenwood. One thing to keep in mind is that they have the Europa League to navigate & I wouldn’t be surprised if he was rested so he can play in these games. The young man has a shot accuracy of 50% and he is converting 1/3 shots to goals. Leeds is a great fixture and we all know how much space can be left on the counter against Leeds and they do like to bomb forward.

Adama Traoré: £6.0 – 5.6%

Fixture: Burnley

This is another player I would never have been looking at however with his recent form and upcoming fixtures it could be the perfect cocktail of muscle, baby oil & FPL points. He has racked up a cool twenty FPL points in the last three games and considering Wolves don’t have many attacking players left in their entire squad, that is fairly impressive. Now let’s look at some numbers:

Last four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 0.37 xA: 0.33 (Has beed overachveing)
  • xLively: 10.6
  • 1 Goal & 2 Assists
  • 70 Touches in the final third
  • 12 Penalty area touches
  • 7 Goal Attempts (4 In the box)
  • 36 Mins per attempt
  • 5 Chances created (1 Big chance)

As you can see Adama has been overachieving on his underlying stats. However, he does pass the eye test at the moment and always looked very lively. Now Wolves do not have any attacking/creative players left available in the squad. However, it’s that age-old saying; “is your glass half full or empty?”. You can look at this both ways; the positive is that in the recent week; more play has been going through him and he has been seeing the ball far more. As a caveat to this, you can go down the route of him not having that “inform” striker to finish off his chances.

In conclusion, their fixtures are very attractive and we know that on their day; this Nuno team can go through the gears and play some expansive football, we just haven’t seen it enough this season. Wolves next three games are against Burnley, West Brom & Brighton. Looking at these games, I would normally advise a defender; however, I’m pretty sure everyone already has or is lining up a move for Coady or Semedo (or even Saiss for that matter). So I thought I would sprinkle some spice in the mix and throw in Wolves henchest asset.

Ozan Kabak: £5.0 – 0.6%

Fixture: Newcastle

I am sure some of you were expecting this with the shock news that Nat Phillips has a hamstring injury. I would have gone with Kabak on the wildcard if he was slightly cheaper as I’m sure we all know he is the most nailed Liverpool CB at the moment. Due to the injury to Phillips, I am looking at a straight swap to Kabak. I don’t need to bore you to tears with the Liverpool injury list; however they have been unlucky and Kabak has had to adjust quickly. Let’s look at some numbers:

Last four Gameweeks:

  • 2 Goals conceeded
  • 1 Clean sheet
  • 0 Yellow cards
  • 86% Pass Completion
  • Won 50% of his aerial duels
  • 2 Interceptions
  • 4 Clearences
  • 14 Recoveries

I want to stay clear of tackling the defence of Liverpool because it has been improving gradually. They have been conceding fewer goals while the output has been on the up from the likes of Trent. Liverpool’s fixtures are the best from now until the end of the season, they play Newcastle, Southampton, West Brom, Burnley & Crystal Palace. Those fixtures scream Clean sheets (so we definitely hope). My only concern is that Kabak hasn’t exactly been able to form a partnership with anyone considering the constant injuries to the squad’s defence.

In conclusion, I would seriously be looking at the Liverpool triple up if you haven’t already. Trent is yet to prove value for money and I’m not convinced on his defensive numbers. I will however admit his form has improved drastically. The triple up makes perfect sense until the end of the season and two defenders might be a nice differential considering they have been struggling to score loads of goals.

James Maddison: £7.2 – 5.8%

Fixture: West Brom

James Maddison is back from injury folks and I love it. He has been a real star this season for Leicester and has really been a catalyst for their creative play along with Barnes. I think he comes back in for Perez and Brendan Rodger will continue to play with two strikers which will hopefully boost how valuable Iheanacho will. Let’s look at some numbers:

Last four matches:

  • xG: 0.88 xA: 0.17
  • 2 Goals
  • 82 Touches in final third
  • 9 Penalty area touches
  • 15 Goal attempts
  • 3 Chances created (1 Big chance created)
  • 43 passes received in the final third (Getting in attacking positions)

It’s no secret that Maddison is a great asset going forward and will be next season. One thing that I really like about potentially bringing him is the form of Nacho. Kelechi Iheanacho has been getting into some classic poacher positions and we all know Maddison can turn creator just as easy as he can turn scorer.

In conclusion, with Leicester’s fixtures, It would not surprise me if we saw his ownership rise over the next few weeks. In his next four Gameweeks, Leicester plays West Brom, Crystal Palace, Southampton & Newcastle. I wouldn’t say no to the triple up and a Defender, Midfielder & Attacker wouldn’t look out of place in people’s teams. Playing devil’s advocate here they have dipped in form lately at a vital part of the season, however, with Maddison back this may spearhead them to finish strong.

Leandro Trossard: £5.7 – 2.4%

Fixture: Sheffield United

Leandro popped up in my differentials thread previously when we first launched The FPL Way and here he is again. In a Brighton team that has been struggling for goals and that spark all season, he has been the only one to really turn it up a notch and make the difference. Let’s look at some numbers:

  • xG: 0.29 xA: 0.43
  • 1 Goal & 1 Assist
  • 65 Touches in the final third.
  • 11 Penalty area touches
  • 6 Goal Attempts (3 In the box)
  • 38 Mins per attempt
  • 4 Chances created

Now you’re probably wondering why I would include a Brighton player with their form this season. however, their next 3 fixtures look tasty. They are playing Sheffield United, Leeds & Wolves. Brighton’s goals scored per game (1.1) slightly outweigh their goals conceded per game (1.2) hence why I have suggested an attacker for these next fixtures. Let’s remember though, Sheffield United have now officially been relegated from the Premier League. Sometimes this takes away the pressure, but Brighton is still fighting to stay in the league themselves. This means they’re going to be fighting for every chance they can get. Leeds though, leave a load of space behind and have scored a lot of goals. With that in mind, they have conceded just as many.

In conclusion, I know this is just a punt so it is not something I’m considering for my team exactly. As you saw in the intro, my template rating is low rather low. I have seen a few people considering him and the last time he popped up as an option; people even threw the captaincy on him, so he has the potential to deliver big time.

Well, this concludes this weeks differential article for Gameweek 33. Thank you for reading and follow me on Twitter @FPLCasuals for more FPL related content.


Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW33?

Posted by: @FantasySilva

Here is our FPL Way XI in preparation for the 18:30 Friday deadline.

As always we have compiled the best picks for this game week in our FPL Way XI. This week’s team comes at just under 99 million. Obviously, many of you will have money to upgrade players. This week only 16 teams are playing as Man City, Spurs, Southampton, and Fulham all blank.

Liverpool vs Newcastle

We have two picks from Merseyside Nathaniel Phillips (4.1m), and Mohamed Salah (12.5m).  Liverpool has a great run of upcoming fixtures warranting two players in our GW33 selection. Liverpool’s favourable run definitely boasts clean sheet potential and at 4.1m surely Phillips is a no-brainer.

Salah has finally come back into form scoring in his last two. And with Liverpool’s sole focus now lying in the Premier League I suggest having him for the season run-in. His race for the golden boot may also spur him on.

West Ham vs Chelsea

Yes, Jesse Lingard (6.6m) is obviously our pick here. Since debuting in GW22 against Aston Villa no player has averaged more points per game (8.9) than Jesse. Although he picked up a late knock in the game against Newcastle, it’s only minor and he should be back for the Chelsea match. With West Ham boasting amazing fixures until the end of the season and with the form Lingards in, I don’t see any reason to get rid of him.

Wolves vs Burnley

We’ve looked at the Wolves defense in this game and decided to go with Rui Patrício (5.3m) and Nélson Semedo (5.3m). Wolves have some great fixtures coming up which is why we have two Wolves defenders in our XI. Wolves have looked shaky defensively this season, but have recently shored up at the back keeping back-to-back clean sheets for only their second time this season.

Leeds vs Man Utd

Here we have gone for a differential pick with Edinson Cavani (7.9m). Although he didn’t start against Burnley game he came off the bench to score. The Uruguayan has now scored in each of his last three games, definitely one to keep an eye on. We have also gone with Bruno Fernandes (11.6m). While his form of late may be questionable, I feel he has been unlucky not to have picked up more FPL points in recent weeks. Maybe Greenwood could be a cheaper alternative.

Leicester vs Crystal Palace

Here we have tripled up on Leicester assets with Wesley Fofana (5.0m), James Maddison (7.2m), and Kelechi Iheanacho (6.1m) being our picks. Crystal Palace, Newcastle, and Southampton make up Leicesters’ next three fixtures. Three teams who have conceded a combined 29 goals in their past four games and only scored 18. To add to these fixtures we have Maddisons return which can surely only boost Iheanachos appeal.

Our Bench Picks

Emiliano Martínez (5.4m)

Martinez (5.4m) has been wonderful this season, providing the best value for money in the FPL game this season. Although he hasn’t kept a clean sheet in the last four games, he has still provided some extra points with either bonus points on saves.

Matheus Pereira (5.4m)

Pereira has been West Brom’s star player this season but has struggled for form when being deployed on the flanks. Pereira however has recently been deployed down the middle and has produced 5 attacking returns in the last two games during that time.

Matt Targett (5.0m)

Aston Villa has the second-best defence this season managing 15 clean sheets. On the other hand, West Brom has only scored 28 goals this season. Targett also has attacking potential to come off the bench.

Rob Holding (4.2m)

An Arsenal defender at 4.2m is an easy pick in this team. Arsenal also has some great upcoming defensive fixtures.


If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay

Who’s The Best Captain For Gameweek 32?

Who Will You Choose⁉️

This article was written by @FPL_D5l (Daniel Lison)

I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 32 (GW32).

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Who Are The Top Performers (Stats Table)

📌 Premium & Differential’s

📌 My Conclusion

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band


Results of the Poll:

First of all, 82% is extraordinary for a poll percentage, I might as well just stop here as we know who will be the clear favourite for this Gameweek. But nevertheless, let’s explore some possibilities for the other candidates.

The following stats will be sourced from @FFscout.

Who Are The Top Performers?

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

The table above you is an attacking stats table I like to choose from when I’m choosing my captaincy picks. If I narrow it down to 2 stats, I particularly look out for shots on target and shots in the box. The more shots on target you see in a player, the higher the quality of a player’s shooting ability & accuracy in front of goal.


Harry Kane: £11.7m

Fixtures: Southampton (H) & Everton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 3.37
  • Goals: 3
  • Shots Inside The Box: 9
  • Assist: 0
  • Chances Created: 0
  • Big Chances: 4

We start off with the main man himself Harry Kane, who clearly will have the most EO for this game week & I’m definitely not going to talk you out of him in this article. But what I am going to do is write why we should captain Kane.

I have heard some mumblings about Spurs not doing so well against Man United in Gameweek 31 & therefore doubting captaining Kane due to their poor performance. However, I need to remind you guys, Man United have a really good record against the top 6 teams, so don’t let that game put you off.

Spurs are playing Southampton at home, let me throw in some stats: In the last 6 games, the Saints sit 3rd for Big Chances Conceded (18), Top 6 for xGC (9.78), & 2nd for Goals Conceded (13). Looking at these poor defensive stats it’s very encouraging from an attacking point of view for Harry Kane. Everton are looking slightly better defensively, they sit bottom half of the stats table for Goals Conceded (10), bottom 6th for xG Conceded (6.73) & sit in the bottom 5 for Goals Conceded (5). Everton will be the trickier team out of two teams & the stats proves that.

So if we take a look at Kane’s attacking stats, I’m going to introduce you to more favourable stats that I like to choose when I look for my captain. In the last 6 matches, he’s joint second for chances in the box, 7 Big Chances which is joint best & 11 shots on target (also joint best in the league). We also need to mention his goal involvement; Harry Kane has 32 goal involvements this season, Son 23, which makes them both extremely good FPL options. I would strongly recommend owning them. Kane is clearly a very strong candidate & will be hard to match.

Son Heung-min: £9.4m

Southampton (H) & Everton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 0.75
  • Goals: 1
  • Mins Per Goal Attempt In Box: 48.8
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 4
  • Big Chances: 2

Now we’ve cleared up the clear favourite, I’m now going to add the second most voted player; Son (12%). Worthy for the captaincy? Well, compared to Kane he doesn’t have as much attacking potential as we would like him to have. Son’s creative ability has become more his game this season than goals: in the last 6 matches he has (4) chances created to Kane’s (0), but that doesn’t strike me as the go to stat. I’m going to show you some comparisons between them both.

Kane & Son

Shot’s in the box: 9 ↔️ 5

Shots on Target: 7 ↔️ 3

Goal Attempts: 17 ↔️ 6

As my go to stats, this show’s Kane has far more attacking potential than Son. I would Say Son is the creator not the scorer, so that dents his chances for the armband. I do think if you need play aggressively to gain rank, Son is a good differential Captain.

Bruno Fernandes: £11.6m

Burnley (h)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 1.56
  • Goals: 1
  • Mins Per Goal Attempt In Box: 119.3
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 11
  • Big Chances: 3

Now we go to the 3rd most voted (3%), Bruno Fernandes. I think its fair to say Bruno Fernandes is running out of steam slightly & to be honest I’m not surprised considering how long he has performed so strongly in FPL since joining United last year in January. It just shows that he is actually human after all. Bruno is heading to Burnley and on a defensive note I will put out some stats on the table: In the last 4 matches Burnley are in the top 4 for Big Chances Conceded (13), top 6 for Goals Conceded (7) & in the top 5 for xG Conceded (7.52). I think Bruno has a good chance of an attacking return in this match.

Taking a look at Bruno’s attacking stats he only has (1) assist in the last 4, which isn’t great. What I do like to see is his Shots on Target (7); that is comparable to Kane, Lingard & Iheanacho. As you can see Bruno is much of a distance shooter as he has (3) Shots In The Box, compared to the like’s of Kane (9), Lingard (10) & Iheanacho (10), which again put’s him down as the non favourite compared to the others.

Of course, we have to note down that Bruno is on penalties, which is good as if he scores he inevitably gets at least 10pts. But if you compare that to Kane, he’s 1) on a Double Game week, & 2) his attacking potential is far greater. Bruno is a brilliant player and playing against Burnley is a tasty fixture, but he will not be my captain this week.


Jesse Lingard & Kelechi Iheanacho:

Fixtures: Newcastle (A) & West Brom (H)

Underlying attacking stats compared in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 2.35 ↔️ 2.75
  • Goals: 5 ↔️ 6
  • Mins Per Goal Attempts: 35.7 ↔️ 34.1
  • Assist: 2 ↔️ 0
  • Chances Created: 4 ↔️ 6
  • Big Chances: 5 ↔️ 4

We now come to the interesting part, the other choices of the poll with (3%) of the vote. Jesse Lingard! A worthy differential captain as he can’t stop scoring right now, with 6 goals in 4 games. He is also playing Newcastle (A) which is a nice fixture to target. I did mention in my last article whether Lingard would play as well without Antonio due to him having no shots after Antonio came off in the 1st half. Obviously I was wrong as he scored 2 goals against Leicester.

Let’s run through Jesse’s last 6 matches. He’s joint second in the whole league for Shots on Target, he also has had (5) Big Chances which is joint 3rd highest in the whole league. Surprisingly Lingard’s xG doesn’t match up compared to most of the players above but he still provides a decent amount of shots on goal & his chances compared to those above are pretty good too. If Spurs weren’t playing a double game week then he would be most likely my captain this week.

Iheanacho has also been in top form recently. Scoring 6 goals in 6 games, they have very similar xG: Iheanacho (2.75) and Lingard (2.35). Iheanacho’s other stats are similar to Lingard: Shots on Target 8 ↔️ 8, Shots Inside the Box 10 ↔️ 10 & Big Chances Total 4 ↔️ 5. You can see clearly the stats are great for both players. Leicester are playing against West Brom, who I would say are one of the best defences in the league at the moment. So again, compared to the mighty Kane, these boys just can’t compete and for the obvious reasons both will not have the armband. After Gameweek 32 they are very much up for consideration, but just not this week.

My Conclusion:

We finish off with my conclusion. I think it goes without question who my captaincy pick will be in Gameweek 32. When it comes to stats, form and comparing the other players that we have previously mentioned, the choice is obvious. This man has a double game week, is the top goalscorer in the Premier League and has 34 goal involvements this season. There’s only one man we can choose and that is Harry Kane. So yes, he is my captain for this week. The other candidates would all likely be great options if he didn’t have the double gameweek. You don’t have to Captain Kane, but you have to consider what could happen if you don’t. We know his effective ownership is very high and he could really cause some damage to your rank. On the flip side, if he doesn’t get any points and you go for a differential perhaps, you could potentially gain a bit of rank here. I’m pretty confident Kane will bag quite a few points in his double Gameweek, and in all honestly, I couldn’t justify captaining anyone else.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, I wish you all the best for your Gameweek. Please give me a follow @FPL_D5L. Below you will see who’s winning the armband, all the order for all the candidates we have spoken about from 1 to 5

Have a great weekend!

Who’s Winning The Armband?

1️⃣ Kane

2️⃣ Son

3️⃣ Lingard

4️⃣ Iheanacho

5️⃣ Bruno Fernandes

Differential Picks For Gameweek 32

Juicy Differentials For Gameweek 32:




Today I will be looking at some interesting differentials for Gameweek 32! I wanted to look at some players that are maybe getting overlooked at the moment & also some that may be well known, however not highly owned. I have chosen five players to look at, all with nice fixtures for Gameweek 32 (and beyond if you were planning to keep them long term).

I enjoy looking into differentials personally, as I feel my rank needs improving and I like the idea of jumping on a player before they are doing well and become heavily owned. I feel the fixture swing that happened last week gives players like me a chance to gain rank by moving away from the “template” team by transferring in some players with lower ownership.

Lastly, I’d like to note that these figures & stats are all taken from the last 4 Gameweeks. Now, let’s jump into some of the picks!

Lucas Moura: £6.6 – 2.3%

Fixtures: Everton & Southampton

First off ladies and gents, I present to you Lucas Moura. Now, some of you may be thinking: “I’ve already got Kane & Son’. Managers with those two might be right to not be looking at Lucas Moura as an option, but for those who are priced out of Kane & Son then this could be a great budget option for you to consider. Let’s look at some of his numbers:

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG:0.06 xA: 0.52 
  • 3 Assists 
  • 47 Mins per chance created
  • 7 chances created (2 big chances)
  • 85 touches in final 3rd of the pitch (6 in the box)
  • 9 Corners taken

One of the main reasons I wanted to put Lucas Moura in here is because a Tottenham player is the obvious choice considering their Double Gameweek coming up. You can also look at a defender, however, we’ve seen that the Tottenham defence can be fairly unreliable. Tottenham have kept only 10 clean sheets all season and when you think about the manager they have (Jose Mourinho) who in the past has been far more defensively capable, you start to wonder if the Tottenham defence is a bit stale at the moment.

In conclusion, Lucas Moura does pass the eye test for me and is usually heavily involved/influential when Tottenham play well. I feel if you’re slightly priced out of transferring in Son, then Moura is a good alternative to cover the Double Gameweek. I’m not saying Lucas Moura can cover Son’s score, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he bagged at least an assist.

Jarrod Bowen: £5.9 – 2.1%

Fixture: Newcastle

First of all, I would just like to bring to your attention that Jarrod Bowen’s xGI over the last four Gameweeks is higher than Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford & Diogo Jota. He has been a real dark horse and has definitely flown under the radar of Fantasy Premier League Managers. Let’s have a look at some numbers for Mr Bowen.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 1.08 xA: 0.29
  • 3 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 3 Big chances created
  • 8 Goal Attempts
  • 2 Winning Goals
  • 11 Penalty area touches

I really like the idea of doubling up on the West Ham attack. Even without Antonio, they have scored the most goals (9) in the last 4 Gameweeks (this is the most in the league). However, as a caveat to that, West Ham has also conceded 8 goals so I do not really want to go near the defence; we have seen in recent games they keep letting in goals from winning positions.

In conclusion, I think Jarrod Bowen might be my pick of the bunch, especially with the fixtures West Ham have. They probably have the best fixtures of any team and also seem to be flying really high of late. They have been super entertaining to watch and if you’re a little bit like me and are looking to gain rank quickly in the final stretch; strongly consider Jarrod Bowen!

Youri Tielemans: £6.4 – 3.6%

Fixture: West Brom

Youri Tielemans has really impressed me and I’m sure a lot of other people this year. He came to the Premier League with a reputation of a young, super talented player for the future. He came with big boots to fill and at such a young age I wasn’t sure how he would look playing week in week out. However, he has proved that he can certainly hold his own. Let’s have a look at his stats.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 0.26 xA: 0.99
  • 1 Assist
  • 10 Chances created
  • 5 Goal attempts (2 in the box)
  • 36 Minute per chance created
  • 7 Penalty area touches
  • 83 Touches in final 3rd

Referring back to a point I made in the Jarrod Bowen discussion, Leicester has great fixtures; both for their defence and attack. In the next four Gameweeks, they play WBA, CRY, SOU & NEW. Another little link between WHU & LEI are that in the last few games they have both scored a lot of goals. In the last four Gameweeks, Leicester rank fourth for goals scored. This again is another reason why the double attack does look to make sense. The 36 mins per chance created stat really does resonate with me the most considering they have probably the most prolific goal scorer in the league right now, meaning hopefully more assists are on the cards.

In conclusion, I feel Tielemans does warrant a serious consideration; even a triple attack might be an option as a super differential tactic, especially when they are scoring on average 1.8 goals per game this season. Watching Tielemans is truly a joy, he has it all… He can run with the ball, beat a man, loves a tackle, picks a great pass & goes box to box.

Alexandre Lacazette: £8.3 – 7.9%

Fixture: Fulham

Alexandre Lacazette is one of those players that you ask me if I wanted him five or six Gameweeks ago, I’d have probably laughed in your face. However, he has been undeniably good over the last few Gameweeks. Arsenal’s form has been fairly average this year but they do still provide entertainment going forward with the likes of Emile Smith-Rowe & Bukayo Saka (even with those two injured and not getting as many minutes they are still managing to score goals). Let’s have a look at some stats.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 2.86 xA:0.72
  • 4 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 13 Goal attempts
  • 5 Big chances & Scored 4 of them
  • 6 Shots on target
  • 18 Penalty area touches

Alexandre Lacazette has the second best xG in the league over the last four Gameweeks and is second for goals scored only behind Iheanacho. Another string to the bow of Lacazette is that he is on penalties which is always a nice bonus. If an FPL asset isn’t having a good day at the office (Bruno’s made a season off of this).

In conclusion, I am considering Lacazette as a replacement for Sergio Aguero due to him not looking like he is going to be fit enough to be a strong player in my team. Lacazette does make sense and with FUL, NEW & WBA in the next four, I think he is a sensible option moving forward. However, with his form + Arsenal’s fixtures, he probably won’t be a differential for long.

Nelson Semedo: £5.2 – 2.7%

Fixture: Sheffield United

Eh, where do I start with this guy… I had him all the way up to the deadline in my wildcard team and at the last minute transferred him out to bank funds for the easy transfer of Ferran Torres > Son. He then goes and bags all three bonus points in the next game! However, I had been singing his praises and having watched a lot of La Liga before I knew what Wolves were getting when they signed Semedo. Let’s have a look at some numbers.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 0.13 xA: 0.30
  • 16 Tackles (3rd of any Premier League defender)
  • 2 Clean sheets
  • 4 Chances created
  • 2 Goal attempts in the box
  • 19 Recoveries & 12 Clearances
  • 5 Penalty area touches

Nelson Semedo isn’t on my radar anymore due to the fact I have already got Coady, but as I mentioned before I had strongly considered him on my wildcard. In the last few games, I have seen him getting forward more and almost playing as a RW for Wolves due to their injury worries further up the pitch. Semedo has got a better xA than Andy Robertson, Ricardo Pereria & Aaron Cresswell in the last four Gameweeks.

In conclusion, one thing that I took into account when bringing in a Wolves defender is that they are usually a low scoring team and are involved in low scoring games. This means a lot of the bonus points will go to the goalkeeper and defenders. With SHU, BUR, WBA & BHA in the next four, I anticipate at the very least one clean sheet within this four game period.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this useful!

Follow me on Twitter: @FPLCasuals


Who Are The Best FPL Players To Own For GW32?

The FPL returns again on Friday 16th April with a deadline to finalise your team by 18:30.

To help you out with your team, we’ve created our top picks for Gameweek 32. As always, our picks are based on having 100 million in the bank and this week’s team comes out at just 99.4 million. We understand you have probably gained a lot of value from players so possible upgrades could be on the cards for your team.

Here are our Gameweek 32 Picks

DGW: Everton vs Spurs | Spurs vs Southampton

With Spurs playing twice in Gameweek 32, it’s inevitable that we have tripled up on Spurs assets. For this selection, we’ve gone with Harry Kane (11.6m), Heung-Min Son (9.4m) and Sergio Reguilón (5.5m). Kane is currently the joint top goal scorer along with Mohamed Salah; both players have an incredible 19 goals so far this season. With this in mind, we feel Kane could easily get a few goals/assists in these two matchups, especially since we expect him to start both games and get at least 70 minutes of game time in each match. Although he blanked in the last meet up with Man Utd, we feel he will bounce back and have a great partnership with Son. He needs to be fighting for goals every week to become the golden boot winner! Son got a goal in the previous game and is looking locked in to start at the moment, which is why we have added him to our selection also. With Reguilón being a regular starter for Spurs, we’ve simply added him for the possible benefit of playing two games with high hopes of him bagging at least one clean sheet as a minimum.

Newcastle vs West Ham

Our only pick for this fixture is nobody other than the main man; Jesse Lingard (6.4m). Did you know that Lingard’s current points per game this season is 9.1 points! That’s two points higher than the second contender which is Kane. Lingard has been an exceptional player on his loan to West Ham and with a whopping 9.5 form, we simply couldn’t imagine going without him in our Gameweek 32 selection.

Wolves vs Sheffield Utd

Wolves are up against the bottom of the league which is why our pick for this game is Nélson Cabral Semedo (5.2m). Semedo achieved 9 points in his previous game against Fulham away (with 3BPS), so we feel pretty confident he will get another clean sheet in this fixture and hopefully some bonus points along the way! With Sheffield Utd only managing to bag 17 goals this season in 31 matches, we have high hopes of him repeating a similar score to the previous fixture, especially with Wolves playing at home.

Arsenal vs Fulham

Our pick for this fixture is Alexandre Lacazette (8.3m). He seems to be getting more game time recently and following the 2 goals he scored against Sheffield Utd, we have no doubt that he will start and add to his scoring tally. With only 7.3% ownership as well, he could well be a very good differential, not only for this week but in upcoming fixtures as well.

Man Utd vs Burnley

Once again, we have only one selection in this fixture and it is none other than Bruno Fernandes (11.6m). Burnley have not managed to keep a clean sheet in their last 8 Gameweeks. Fernandes is definitely due to a burst of points and we can’t ignore him for this Gameweek 32 fixture. With 16 goals and 13 assists so far this season, how could you possibly ignore this Portuguese star?

Chelsea vs Brighton

In this fixture, we have gone with Edouard Mendy (5.2m) and Kai Havertz (8.2m). The reason behind the Mendy pick is that he has managed 4 clean sheets in Chelsea’s last 6 fixtures and we can definitely see this becoming 5 in 7. And then for Havertz, if you saw him play in his last game against Crystal Palace, you’ll no doubt already be thinking about bringing this guy into your team. Fulham have conceded 9 goals in their last 4 games, so we are expecting a high score in this fixture, especially in Chelsea’s favour!

Leicester vs West Brom

Finally, our picks for this game are Wesley Fofana (5.0m) and Kelechi Iheanacho (5.9m). The next four fixtures for Leicester are against teams rated ‘2’ in the FPL fixture difficulty ratings and in 3 of those games they are playing at home. With their incredible upcoming fixtures, these two picks were a no-brainer, especially for a combined value of only 9.9m for a solid defender and striker. We’re expecting some clean sheets here and at great value too, which is why we have selected Fofana. Iheanacho was an easy selection following their game against West Ham, where he managed to bag 2 goals. If that hasn’t sold it to you already, did you know that Iheanacho has only blanked once in his last 5 games? During those games, he has managed to score 7 goals and get 1 assist! I’m pretty sure I would be hiding behind the sofa during Leicester games if I didn’t have this guy in my team.

Our Bench Picks

We selected Fraser Forster (4.0m) as he is a current starter for Southampton and because of his value. For only 4.0m we then had the ability to upgrade our team elsewhere. For that exact reason, we have also selected Jorginho (4.7m). Rob Holding (4.2m) again was a simple decision, especially when injuries to other Arsenal defenders means he is likely to start. Finally, for the same reason, we have also selected Nathaniel Phillips (4.1m). It’s always good to have a strong bench of reliable players to come on in case one of your main picks doesn’t play. Not only that but if you still have your Bench Boost Chip, you will no doubt be wanting a reliable bench to get points from all fifteen players!


It seems a lot of people have used their Wildcard in Gameweek 31 due to the fixture swing and to prepare their teams in the best possible way for the end of the season. With a DGW for Spurs, the obvious captains here are Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son, who will you pick? Don’t worry if you have not decided yet, we will have an article later this week to help you with your final decision. We sure hope our FPL Way XV picks have helped you with your managerial selections for the upcoming Gameweek and as always, we wish you the best of luck!

If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay


The Gameweek 31 Wildcard Thoughts & Draft

Today I will be exploring the various reasons to wildcard in Gameweek 31 & Provide you with a draft

In this article we will point out:
  • Why I’m Wildcarding in 31
  • Teams to target
  • Players to target
  • WC Draft

The squads we all made to navigate Gameweek 29 generally had one final ripe fixture in Gameweek 30, there is now an advantage to be found in mixing up your squad and targeting the season run-in based on the fixture swings that happen in Gameweek 31.

A reason to target the Wildcard in Gameweek 31 is the opportunity to move away from the template slightly – this is being echoed around the community and having a strong influence on my decision to follow suit. Breaking away from the template seems likely to happen because a lot of players that are heavily owned right now will become less owned due to upcoming fixtures. In turn, the players who have maybe not had a look in will start to come to the forefront, meaning a shift in the ‘template’.

This will allow people to start looking at differentials and have the opportunity to climb rank when these players start returning and this point moves me nicely on. Now, I will pick four teams with good fixtures and give some good options/differentials to look at moving forward. I’d like to point out that you will have free transfers to navigate your way around certain blanks (GW32 & GW33) whilst also being able to make moves such as jumping on the Spurs double in GW32.


Goals For: 28
Goals Against: 38
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.3
Goals Per Match: 1.0
Big Chances Created: 22 (Lowest In the Premier League)
Players to target: Conor Coady, Nelson Semedo, Romain Saiss & Pedro Neto

Wolves have been another one of those underwhelming teams this season coming off the back of a good season last year. Now I’m not going to sit here and try and convince you that they’re an in form team or a goal scoring machine. When writing this article, I had to double take when I saw how many goals they have scored (28).

However, look at those fixtures… If we are not targeting the likes of SHU or WBA then why are we even playing FPL. In my opinion, based on the numbers above, I’d be targeting defensive assets from Wolves. They don’t have a viable attacking asset to target apart from Pedro Neto – another interesting number is that they have missed 24 big chances which is the 3rd highest in the Premier League.

In conclusion, I will be bringing in a Wolves defender in my WC team this week. The teams they play are not in goal scoring form or in any form whatsoever. I personally like Nelson Semedo as he’s been really attacking in the last few GW’s.

Liverpool: AVL(H) LEE(A) NEW(H) MUN(A) SOU(H) WBA(A) BUR(A)

Goals For: 51
Goals Against: 36
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.2
Goals Per Match: 1.7 Big Chances Created: 61 (2nd in Premier League)
Players to target: Diogo Jota, Mohammed Salah & Nat Phillips

Liverpool has been a strange old team this year …..going from a title winning team with an air of invincibility about them to a side that has lost to Fulham, Brighton & Southampton this season. With that being said, Liverpool is still Liverpool and can turn the magic at any moment with the players and manager they have and I really feel they are turning a corner and will want to close in on that top 4 spot.

Looking at these fixtures I am seeing more goal scoring potential rather than clean sheet potential and with Jota back from injury and firing on all cylinders, he is as ‘essential’ as it gets at the moment for these run of fixtures. Jota has scored a goal every 92 minutes for Liverpool in 13 games this season, it’s even more impressive due to the fact he’s come off the bench to score half those goals.

In conclusion, I will look to bring in Jota + one other Liverpool asset – I will either keep Mohammed Salah or bring in Nat Phillips for the clean sheet potential due to him being a great enabler to get on the Liverpool defence. Trent has not convinced me enough to make it into this article.

Leicester: WHU(A) WBA(H) CRY(H) SOU(A) NEW(H) MUN(A) CHE(A) TOT(H)

Goals For: 53
Goals Against: 34
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.1
Goals Per Match: 1.8
Big Chances Created: 38
Players to target: Wesley Fofana, Kelechi Iheanacho, Timothy Castagne, Jamie Vardy, James Maddison

I’ve really liked Leicester this year – they have been a joy to watch when they’re all singing off the same hymn sheet. Now that James Madison is back and fully fit, I think this will only add to Leicester’s attacking threat and provide more opportunity for Jamie Vardy who hasn’t scored in 16 games but has provided Iheanacho with some juicy assists.

Looking at the fixtures above I see more of an attacking threat rather than clean sheet potential. However, I do imagine they will keep at least two clean sheets between now and the end of the season. With Wesley Fofana back, this will sure the defence up and mean the clean sheet potential is slightly higher.

In conclusion, I originally thought the attacking double up of Vardy and Iheanacho would be a really nice differential. However I do want to cover both bases now that Fofana is back so I may triple up and use Iheanacho as more of a 1st sub.


Goals For: 48
Goals Against: 37
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.2
Goals Per Match: 1.6
Player to target: Aaron Cresswell, Craig Dawson, Jesse Lingard & Michail Antonio

West Ham, a little like Leicester, has been a fun team to watch and it’s nice to see them pushing for a Champions League spot as it made the race for the top 4 much more interesting. I think Lingard suits the more counter attacking style of football that West Ham has been playing since he’s come.

David Moyes has become a strong candidate for manager of the season. The one thing that concerns me is that 1.2 goals conceded per match stat – I know that defenders are bought for their clean sheet potential but if you’re looking at Cresswell (xGI 4.76) or Dawson (1.61 xGI), you’re probably interested in their attacking threat as well those stats are season long. Dawson has overachieved and contributed with 3 goals & Cresswell has contributed with 7 assists.

In conclusion, I think West Ham are a very viable option to bring in on your Wildcard this Gameweek. Jesse Lingard I feel is a no brainer and then I’d maybe look into a defender as I feel they will be involved in a few more goals before the end of the season.

My Wildcard draft for Gameweek 31:

This is my wildcard draft for 31 onwards. I will reiterate again that you will have free transfers to navigate the following blanks & the double for Spurs. A team like this bring positives and negatives to your journey through each game week. It will provide value on the bench to navigate rotation from most teams at the moment whilst on the other hand, will give you a major benching headache each week. However, I’d rather have a benching headache rather than a £4m player coming off your bench with a big fat blank.

Holding is another great option due to the fact you have no problem benching or playing him when needed. I do feel he is at a little bit of a rotation risk, however that is happening all over the Premier League right now.

Formation: The formation that I would play with this team is a 3-5-2 as you can see the midfield is packed and I wouldn’t advise benching any of the midfielders at the moment as they all have big potential for points.



GW30 – Who Will You Choose!?

Posted by: @FPL_D5L

I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 30.

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Best Captain vs Decent Differentials

📌 Which Fixtures Should Be Targeted?

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band?

📌 Conclusion

Results of The Poll

Ok so as you can see out of Kane, Bamford & Bruno Fernandes, Kane is easily in the lead with 57% of the vote. As for the other comments, there are some interesting suggestions from the FPL Community. The Following stats will be sourced from @FFscout.

Who’s The Best Captain?

Kane vs Son

Underlying stats for the last 4 GW’s ⤵️

Fixture: vs NEW (a)

G: 4 ↔️ 0
A: 2 ↔️ 3
xG: 3.58 ↔️ 0.52
Shots in the Box: 10 ↔️ 3
Chances Created: 6 ↔️ 10
Big Chances Created: 2 ↔️ 6

Kane (£11.6m) leads the xG by some way as you can see & has a great case for the armband. He’s in super form; throughout the international break he’s scored 2 goals in 2 matches. Up against Newcastle (a),  Kane’s record against the Magpies is as follows: 11 matches played, W5, D1, L5, G5 & A1. This isn’t such a bad record, only one concern would be is his last goal against the Magpies was in the 14/15 season in a 1:3 win. Nevertheless, this is Kane in top form, as in the last 4 GWs he’s scored 4 goals & registered 2 assists, making him a worthy candidate.

Looking at Kane’s trusty teammate Son (£9.4m) who was carrying a hamstring injury before the break, we will find out more about his recovery when we hear Mourinho’s press conference. Looking at his stats against Kane, it is easy to ignore Son for the armband. His record against Newcastle is: 9 matches, W5, D1, L3, G2, A1. Not very appealing… but if you want to be a little risky & gain rank then Son could be your guy. He could be a great differential going into GW30 as his goal involvement rate is crazy high this season and we certainly can’t completely ignore him.

Raphinha vs Bamford

Underlying stats for the last 4 GW’s ⤵️

vs SHU

G: 1 ↔️ 1
A: 0 ↔️ 1
XG: 1.50 ↔️ 1.20
Shots in the Box: 8 ↔️ 7
CC: 11 ↔️ 3
BCC: 1 ↔️ 1

These are two players who have been mentioned a lot over the international break as they come up against a poor form SHU (H). Comparing the two, there isn’t a lot between them. Raphinha (£5.7m) is the most creative player in the Premier League in the last 5 GWs. In the last 5 GWs, he top’s for Key Passes (3.5), Big Chances (0.8) & xA (0.34) per game. Raphinha is creating many chances every GW & is heavily involved inside the box.

Bamford (£6.7m) I was very happy with his 22pts in GW29! I asked my wife a question 5 mins before the deadline: “Charlotte! Kane or Bamford captain?”  and thankfully I got the answer Bamford! So again for me, in GW30 he’s a great shout for the armband. Bamford scored in GW3 against SHU, getting 8pts in total, played a full 90 mins & I wouldn’t be surprised if he adds to his tally in this match. In the last 6 appearance’s Bamford has scored 2 goals, created 2 Big Chances, 5 Big Chances, & a decent 35 Penalty Touches. In my opinion good stats going into this weeks game. He’s fully rested after not being picked for the England squad, so I’m sure he’s ready to pounce on a poor SHU team. Only one negative for Bamford, he’s shooting less per 90 (2.5) & has a lower XG per 90 (0.33) than earlier in the season.

Underlying stats for the last 4 GW’s ⤵️

vs BHA & vs FUL

G: 1 ↔️ 0
A: 0 ↔️ 2
XG: 1.26 ↔️ 0.16
Shot in the Box: 2 ↔️ 2
CC: 11 ↔️ 9
BCC: 0 ↔️ 2

Looking at these two, both players have decent attacking potential, but of course the favourite is the trusty Bruno Fernandes (£11.5) who is a wise pick for the armband. United’s talisman has been involved in 28 goals in the league already & that represents a number which no midfielder across Europe’s top five leagues can better. Bruno averages (7.2) points per game at Old Trafford in his last 14 home matches.

Jack Grealish (£7.5m). He’s back and ready to play after missing the last 6 GW’s with an injury, with managers expecting him to feature against Fulham (H). He is Villa’s talisman & with him back in the team he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. He is heavily involved in every goal Villa score, and he has created the highest number of chances (75) and big chances (14) in the league. He has been one of the most consistent players across the whole season. A nice differential & could be a dark horse for the armband.

Which Fixtures To Target?

The Whipping Boys! These are the underlying stats in the last 6 GW’s 📊

Leeds vs Sheffield United

This game has the potential to be a thrilling game for Leeds as in the last 6 GWs SHU are second for the most goals conceded (13), 1st for big chances conceded (24), 1st for xGC (14.01) and 3rd for goal attempts conceded (94). In the past 5 GWs, SHU have only scored 1 goal which is the joint lowest alongside West Brom. There is strong clean sheet potential for Leeds and you would fancy Leeds to score big against one of the worst defenses in the league. Leeds have won 2 of their last 3 league games against the Blades, having only won once in the 11 games before that (D3 L6).

Newcastle vs Tottenham

These are the underlying stats for the Newcastle’s last 6 GWs: xGC (8.86), 3rd highest for Goals Conceded (10) & in the top 10 for Big Chances Conceded (13). For Kane, Son or Bale owners, this is a tasty fixture to target. Newcastle have lost five of their last six Premier League home games against Spurs (W1), more than they lost in their previous 26 games against them in top-flight (W13, D9 & L4). Tottenham have won their last three Premier League games against Newcastle, ever since a 1-5 loss on the final day of the 15/16 season.

Chelsea vs West Brom

In the last 6 GWs, WBA have an xGC (6.60) to Chelsea’s xGC (2.56); a big difference between the two. However, WBA have only conceded 3 goals in their last 6 matches, which is the 3rd best in the league. Therefore, this game might not be that thrilling. Chelsea are unbeaten in their last seven matches against West Brom (W5 D2) and the Baggies are winless in their last 15 away matches against Chelsea (D3 L12) (the last time they won an away game vs Chelsea was in 1978!). I’m going for a clean sheet for Chelsea, bringing my attention to the likes of Mendy, Rudiger & Azpilicueta.

Who’s Winning The Arm Band?

1️⃣ Kane ©️

2️⃣ Raphinha

3️⃣ Bamford

4️⃣ Bruno Fernandes

5️⃣ Grealish


Okay! I think Harry Kane will be the ‘effective ownership pick’ once again, but regardless of effective ownership he is justified as the first choice for captain. He’s in brilliant form and facing an average Newcastle defense. In 2nd & 3rd place are Raphinha & Bamford, both up against a very poor defense who are leaking goals; I like these boys. As it stands, Bamford is my captain, with Raphinha knocking on the door (I may ask the wife which to pick again!). Bruno’s 4th place is reasonable and interesting. We know how reliable he can be & if the 1st, 2nd & 3rd picks blank then there’s some decent rank to be gained from a Bruno captaincy.

There are some players we haven’t mentioned yet who deserve a mention and the comments on my poll were very interesting. We had the Chelsea assets mentioned by @FPLCasuals; he’s looking at Alonso which isn’t such a bad shout if he starts, I’ve never captained a defender but I must admit this season has proven Captaining defenders isn’t such a bad shout, especially for the likes of Man City & Chelsea’s excellent defensive record this season. @Bez_FPL is looking at Mount, a nice differential & @FPL_Levy says he is going for Jack Harrison! Nice one. Many comments mentioned was Kane, Raphinha & Chelsea’s defense, mixed with Attackers such as Mount & Havertz. Good luck to you guys!

We can’t forget KDB; he’s had a good international break & City continue with their incredible dominance, making him a good punt for sure. I also like DCL as an outsider; his stats aren’t great but he is up against Crystal Palace side who in their last 6 matches have an xGC of 9.34, & kept 3 clean sheets. I’m sure he’ll get at least one decent chance.

So there you have it. I hope this article helps! I haven’t made my mind up yet on my Captain pick but it’s definitely going to be one of the Leeds boys.

Good luck with GW30!



Who are the best FPL Players to own for GW30? The FPL Way XV

Posted by: @FantasySilva

As we all know, FPL returns on Saturday 3rd April with a deadline to finalise your team by 11:00 am.

With that in mind, we’ve created our top picks for Gameweek 30. Our picks are always based on having 100 million in the bank and this week’s picks comes out at 99.5 million.

Chelsea vs West Brom

With a very favourable home fixture for Chelsea who are playing 19th in the league (a team who have conceded the most goals this season), we have decided to triple up on Chelsea assets with Edouard Mendy (5.2m), Marcos Alonso (5.7m) and Mason Mount (7.0m). On paper, this has got clean sheet written all over it for the home side, especially since Chelsea have managed to keep four consecutive clean sheets. We also have a good feeling about Mount who has netted two goals in the last 5 gameweeks and was on form for England.

Aston Villa vs Fulham

Our pick for this fixture is Matt Targett (5.1m). With Aston Villa keeping 14 clean sheets this season so far (joint with Chelsea), we feel there is a good chance of a clean sheet here. Although we have some decent bench fodder in our selection, we have high hopes for this pick.

Leeds vs Sheffield Utd

With Leeds playing bottom of the table at home, we’ve decided to triple up on Leeds assets. We’ve picked Stuart Dallas (5.1m), Raphinha (5.7m) and Patrick Bamford (6.7m). All three assets have had some fine form recently and we’re expecting the whites to build on their 2-1 win over Fulham. We’re feeling positive that they will continue their attacking-minded approach against the bottom side in the league and rack up some goals.

Arsenal vs Liverpool

With Diogo Jota (6.7m) netting 3 goals in his last two fixtures for Portugal on international duty, we’re expecting him to get some decent game time in this fixture. With only 4.9% ownership at the time of writing, he could well be a very nice differential for Gameweek 30.

Man Utd vs Brighton

Our selection for this game has to be none other than Bruno Fernandes (11.5m). With Brighton only managing one clean sheet in the last 5 gameweeks, we’re expecting to see some goals in this fixture and Fernandes to play a big part in the Red Devils’ attack. Although we’ve not selected him as our captain, he was a very strong contender which is why we selected him as our vice-captain.

Everton vs Crystal Palace

We feel that Dominic Calvert-Lewin (7.6m) is coming back to the form which he had at the start of the season. He netted 2 goals on international duty for England in their 5-0 victory against San Marino and was rested in their last fixture against Poland. That being said, we’re expecting him to have a good game on Monday, hence why we’ve selected him in our starting XI.

Newcastle vs Spurs

We’ve gone for Harry Kane (11.6m) in this fixture. Spurs have managed to score 12 goals in their last five fixtures with Kane netting 4 goals and bagging 2 assists in those fixtures. Kane is now joint top goal scorer (with Mohamed Salah) with a whopping 17 goals this season. Following his great form on international duty, we’re expecting big things in this fixture, especially against a struggling Newcastle side. Therefore, we’ve also decided to select Kane as our captain for this gameweek.


It feels like it has been a long time since the last gameweek with the international break dragging on and we can’t wait to get started with GW30 now! We have a strong feeling Harry Kane will continue his great form and come out on top! We hope our selection helps you ahead of the gameweek with your managerial selections and we wish all you FPL mangers a great gameweek!