Who’s The Best Captain For Gameweek 34?

Who’s The Best Captain for Gameweek 34?

This article is written by @FPL_D5l (Daniel Lison).

I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 34 (GW34).

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Who Are The Top Performers

📌 Premium Options & Differential Choice

📌 My Conclusion

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band

Results of the Poll:

Welcome back to another captaincy article. As you can see above we have a captain poll for Gameweek 34. I’m going to try to break down key attacking stats to help you with your decision. In conclusion, I will narrow all the candidates down and choose the best 5 players.

Who Are The Top Performers?

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

Who are the top performers? In the stats table above I have chosen 5 players who I think are worthy candidates.


Harry Kane £11.8m

Sheffield United (H)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 4.20
  • Goals: 4
  • Shots Inside The Box: 12
  • Assist: 0
  • Chances Created: 2
  • Big Chances: 6

I’m going to start off with the most votes from the poll and that’s Harry Kane, I’m pretty sure he will get the most effective ownership this Gameweek. Spurs are facing Sheffield United at home. First of all, I will break down the blades defensive stats.

Underlying stats in the last 6 matches for Sheffield United ⤵️

Big chances conceded: 21 (1st)

Goal attempts in box conceded: 63 (1st)

Goals conceded: 13 (2nd)

xG conceded: 13.19 (1st)

Goal attempts conceded: 98 (4th)

As you can see Sheffield United is a good team to target due to their defensive records in the last six matches. Tottenham at home has not lost to Sheffield United in the last four encounters. United’s away record this season is 1-1-14. Add that to the Blades having lost seven away matches in a row…

The Premier League top goalscorer is Harry Kane with 21 goals. He will be feeling fairly confident to add to his goalscoring tally that’s for sure. Let’s take a look at his attacking potential for this Gameweek. As you can see Kane has six big chances, which puts him at the top out of all the Spurs players. Along with his shots inside the Box (12) and his (19) goal attempts; his open play potential is very good. To top this off, he’s also on penalties which is even more encouraging for returns.

If we take a look at Harry Kane’s expected goals which is (4.20), that’s the highest in the league as it stands in the last four matches. Below him is Chris Wood with (3.31). His expected goal involvement (4.44) is the highest in the league; this shows his assist potential. More importantly, in the last four matches, he has five goals, which is the highest in the league and six big chances total.

Kane has also scored two goals in the last two games against Sheffield United, including one in the reverse fixture. He’s also had 10 attacking returns in the last eight games, that’s eight goals and two assists which is a league-leading total.

We can understand why Kane will have the most effective ownership for this Gameweek; it makes total sense. Playing against one of the worst teams in the Premier League this season & especially looking at their poor away record is very encouraging for FPL Managers.

To finish off, Kane is the Premier League current top goalscorer (with 21 goals), he’s the favourite for the golden boot & the second-highest scorer in fantasy asset this season.

It will be a tough one to compete with the one and only Harry Kane.

Son Heung-min  £9.5m

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 1.53
  • Goals: 2
  • Shots Inside The Box: 7
  • Assist: 0
  • Chances Created: 7
  • Big Chances: 2

It would be very rude of me to not include Heung-min Son in this article. As we know, Harry Kane’s attacking potential compared to Son’s is way off the charts. In my opinion, if Kane wasn’t to play then Son is far more appealing, but I’m pretty sure that this will not be the case.

If we take a look at the ‘who is the top performer’ attacking stats table and we compare Son, Kane & Iheanacho, you can see that Son is some way behind in that pecking order. But what he does have is a better advantage on chances created; (7) to Kane’s (2) and Iheanacho’s (6). Now this shows he is creating chances but the stats do show that in terms of shots inside the box and shots on target, he’s way off the mark. So in terms of a lack of quality potential in the attacking phase, I would find it difficult to stick the armband on someone who I can’t totally rely on getting goals. As for his teammate, I have all the trust and the stats to back him up.

Kelechi Iheancho £6.2m

Southampton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 1.84
  • Goals: 4
  • Shots Inside The Box: 10
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 6
  • Big Chances: 2

Now, this is a player I’m looking forward to writing about. He’s playing in the best form of his life right now & we need to take this lad serious.

Leicester played Crystal Palace on Monday night where they found themselves 1-0 down at half-time. It was a very poor first half for The Foxes, creating hardly any chances, and struggling to create any combinations in the final third. In the second half, Brendan Rodgers got an instant reaction from the 49th minute where Castagne levelled the game, with an assist from Iheanacho to then winning the game by an excellent finish from the star man himself.

Leicester is up against Southampton (A), let’s take a look at their defensive record in the last 6 matches.

Big chances conceded- 17 (4th)

Goal attempts in box conceded- 47 (12th)

Goals Conceded- 14 (1st)

Expected goal conceded- 10.5 (8th)

As you can see, the standouts are goals conceded, combining that with big chances conceded. This tells us that whenever Southampton give away a big chance, they are likely to concede a goal.

Iheanacho has (2) big chances in total in the last four matches. If we take that even further to the last six matches; his combined big chance total goes up to (7), levelling Kane (7) & even Son as well. So the point I’m making here is that Southampton have conceded a lot of big chances and with Iheanacho on a high, I’m sure that he will take those opportunities and convert them to goals.

He has also been directly involved in 14 attacking returns in the last nine appearances for Leicester (12 goals, 2 assists).

He’s only blanked once in the last seven Premier League games and in that time he’s returned 68 points which no other player can beat.

Leicester has had a decent last three games at Saint Mary’s, scoring 15 goals; nine of those coming from last season.

In my opinion, Iheanacho is a very good captain pick. For those FPL managers who would like to go for a slightly more differential pick and try to push for more gains in your rank, then this guy would be your go-to man.


Chris Wood £6.3m & Matheus Pereira £5.5m 

West Ham (h) & Wolves (h)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where both players was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 3.31 ↔️ 2.53
  • Goals: 4 ↔️ 4
  • Shots Inside The Box: 14 ↔️ 6
  • Assist: 3 ↔️ 2
  • Chances Created: 6 ↔️ 9
  • Big Chances: 5 ↔️ 3

Going into my two differential picks, I have chosen Matheus Pereira and Chris Wood.

If we take a look at the “Who are the Top Performers” stats table, you will find that Chris Wood is only 1 behind Harry Kane. With expected goals (3.31) and the most shots inside the box (14). That’s two more than Kane’s 12 which sits him top for shots on target (10).

In Chris Wood’s last match he got himself a nice hat-trick and provided an assist against a very poor Wolves side. In the last seven meetings against the Hammers, Wood has six goals and one assist. They have won the last two home games against West Ham, scoring five goals without conceding. To top that off, over the last seven games he’s returned six goals and accumulated 57 points with only Kane and Iheanacho actually being more prolific.

The next differential is Matheus Pereira. If we compare him to the other players, he sits third for expected goals (2.53), with an xGI of (3.37) & joint with Kane for shots on target (8).

Pereira has been involved in 60% of West Brom’s goals since Sam Allardyce took over in Gameweek 14. He has returned four goals, two assists and obtained 42 points in the last four matches.

In the reverse fixture against Wolves, Pereira scored twice & returned 15 points.


There are many good candidates for the captaincy for this week but my number one pick will be Harry Kane. In the last Gameweek, I went with Iheanacho and he returned a pretty nifty 24 points. If we compare Kane and Iheanacho, there isn’t a lot between them in all honesty. One man is clearly in the form of his life and the other has been in great form all season. Effectively Kane (in my opinion) will get the most effective ownership and I think there is a better Gameweek to go for a differential. For this week I’m going to be playing it safe. On the other hand, if you’re looking to go more differential then Ihanacho could be a low-risk punt. Who knows with FPL right?

So my Gameweek 34 captain will be Harry Kane…

Whos Winning the Arm Band:

1️⃣ Kane

2️⃣ Ihanacho

3️⃣ Son

4️⃣ Wood

5️⃣ Pereira


Good luck everybody! I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish you all the best for Gameweek 34.