Rey’s GW2 Gündogan Conundrum

After a very satisfactory 94 points for the opening GW, I go into GW2 with slight concern over the possible injury of Ilkay Gündogan.

Let’s assume for a moment that the German was ruled out by Guardiola (not that Pep has ever given clear information regarding player availabilities), than I have narrowed it down to two options; Mason Greenwood or Saïd Benrahma.

One of the key attributes that would sway my decision is the touch maps during the respective games. Much to my surprise, the Algerian has had significantly more touches in the box than Mason. If we also take into consideration the price difference, coupled with the potential rotation risk for Greenwood, Benrahma seems the safer choice on paper.

However, Greenwood is an OOP midfielder and likely to start the next 2-3 games with Cavani just returning from holiday. When you also take into consideration how expansive MUN seem to be playing, there are major hauls potentially on the horizon for the Englishman.

Thus my preference: Mason Greenwood

So, now to my GW2 Team Reveal

It is pretty much cut & paste from last week. Should Gündogan be available, then I will roll the transfer and look to make some changes in GW3 which includes 0.5m in the bank.

If Pep doesn’t give a clear indication of the Germans availability, I will “try” to avoid making a transfer and trust Ayling as first sub.

Of course, this is subject to change but for updates, checkout my twitter rey_qur for my finalised team.

Good Luck with your GW and please leave your thoughts and comments.