GW3 – Benny & The Captaincy Déjà Vu

Going into GW2, my major conundrum was how to proceed with Gündogan.

As I advised in my last article (here), I had a contingency plan in place with either Benrahma or Greenwood replacing the German.

As Guardiola confirmed Gündogan’s fitness, I decided to let the transfer roll and keep the midfielder.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a return and I had a sense of “what could’ve been” as both my possible replacements each scored points. “C’est la Vie” as the French would say…

Despite the above, it was another good week for my team as I ended GW2 on 75 points. This is with Salah blanking and the ever-growing frustration of Toney not hauling as of yet.

This has me comfortably in the top 500k with 169 points. By far the best start from the 2 previous FPL seasons I have played.

With 2 free transfers burning a hole in my pocket, I have decided to make the one change.

I feel there is huge value in rolling an additional transfer going into the international break as injuries and travel issues can occur.

I have finally let go of the diminutive Gündogan and brought in Benrahma. The statistics and eye-test have really impressed me, and with the rapid price rises (coupled with Gündogan’s price drops), I have made the move 48 hours before the GW3 deadline.

The Algerian favours coming off the left wing which, as a right-footed player, puts him in more shooting positions whilst whipping in crosses.

However, what has really caught my interest are his total touches. Benrahma has had more area touches than many strikers which have enticed me to transfer him in.

Now to the captaincy déjà vu …

During GW23 of last season, I had the captaincy on Bruno Fernandes going into MUN vs EVE whilst also initially having DCL starting the game. In the same Gameweek, West Ham were playing Fulham away with Antonio in form.

In a reactionary move, I decided to transfer in Soucek, benching DCL and putting the captaincy on Antonio.

This failed miserably with Bruno returning, Calvert-Lewin scoring late and taking maximum BPS in a 3-3 draw. This all happened after West Ham vs Fulham dragged out a 0-0 stalemate.

I am in the exact same situation 5 months later. However, this time I am leaning more towards the Portuguese away to Wolves. Antonio is home to Crystal Palace and is likely to get opportunities to add to his fantastic start to the season.

Of course, this is subject to change but for updates, check out my Twitter rey_qur for my finalised team.

Good Luck with your GW and please leave your thoughts and comments.