GW5 – Antonio suspended, still likely to roll a transfer

Cristiano Ronaldo

Like many FPL Managers, I shoehorned Cristiano Ronaldo into my team as soon as I got word that the Portuguese would start against Newcastle.

With the above analysing Ronaldo’s Heatmap and Touches, it is clear that the Portuguese has become a potent Striker (compared to his former MUN days as a winger).

His primary role is to be a “box” player in order to get in the positions to finish chances or, much like his opening goal, react to any rebounds to tap in from short range.

With the next 4 fixtures looking favourable (I disagree with the FDR), I can envisage captaining Ronaldo for the fixtures at home against AVL & EVE respectively.

GW4 Review

It was another slow and steady Gameweek as we rose from 485k to 398k.

The real frustration was the lack of returns from Diogo Jota.

He was constantly in such dangerous positions and, if not for the rare poor finishing from his teammates (Salah & Mane), would have hauled big.

The first map shows his attempted assists, which coupled with his average positioning, should have led to a big score. However, there are positive signs that he will keep getting in dangerous positions to haul well.

Especially taking into account 3 of the next 4 fixtures;

GW5 Plans

Despite the unfortunate absence of Antonio, I am favouring letting my transfer roll this week. Thus having 2 x FT going into GW6.

Luke Ayling would then step in for the Jamaican which would make the formation a 4-4-2.

The captain will be Salah at home vs Crystal Palace.

Of course, this is subject to change but for updates, check out my Twitter @rey_qur for my finalised team.

Good Luck with your GW and please leave your thoughts and comments.