GW16 – Mason Mount vs Bernardo Silva

In this article, I will be comparing two great assets to get into your team for Gameweek 16. Both players have the same price tag of £7.5m, quite a similar ease of fixtures and have accumulated 25 points each in the last two Gameweeks. Bernardo has a slightly higher TSB with 22.3% in comparison to Mounts 15.1% as of the time of writing.

I’ve created a graphic below which highlights some important stats for both players over the last two Gameweeks where both have performed incredibly well.

The stats are provided from Fantasy Football Fix and the stats are based upon the average per 90 mins.

Do we go with just one of these players, or do we get both? I’m not a fan of taking hits personally but following the latest news regarding the Tottenham match being under threat after a Covid outbreak; I felt it was a good opportunity to do a comparison between the two players to help make the decision a little bit easier…

Let’s take a look at some further comparison stats

Again, this is based on the last two Gameweeks, but let’s firstly have a look at the heatmap comparison for the two players:

Now, let’s look a bit deeper into the stats by comparing their defensive/attacking radar per 90 minutes within these two matches:

Let’s take this one step further and look at some Opta Stats between the two players:

The decision between the two players is very close in my opinion, I think we now have to look at the upcoming fixtures and projected points for the next 6 GW’s; which player has the most expected points in a longer period of time…

Again, it’s very close here, with Mount expected to get the most points very marginally.


So, if you don’t own either of these two players yet, who would you go for? Well, I actually ran a poll on Twitter and here are the results so far:

Bernardo Silva was the clear winner here, but is that the right choice? I guess there are pros and cons against each really. Bernardo has nearly played double the amount of minutes this season but this was mainly due to the fact that Mount was out with injuries. Now that we have Romelu Lukaku back in the Chelsea squad, it could well mean that Mount could potentially offer more assists now if Lukaku can get back into his scoring habits.

To be honest, it’s a very close decision between the two. Let us know in the comments below what option you would go for. If you already own one of these players, are you considering the double up?