Triple & Double Gameweek 35 Differentials!

Double & Triple Gameweek Differentials, done the right way.

Written by: Aiden Smith (FPLCasuals)

Today I will be exploring six differentials that have Double & Triple Gameweeks coming up or a favourable Single game week. I have also taken into account these player’s fixtures until the end of the season. With the announcement of the Triple Gameweek, you will see that I have also included a pick from Manchester United.

At the end of this article, I will also provide you with a differentials team consisting of 15 players that all have juicy fixtures while are also with a low ownership percentage. If you were in a position like me this will help you out as I’m currently ranked 400K and I am looking to gain rank quickly through some interesting selections.

The numbers that you’ll see presented below are all over the last four games.

Eberechi Eze: £5.8m – 0.9%

Fixtures: Sheffield United and Southampton

Firstly I’m not going to sit here and try and convince you that Eze has set the world alight this season, however, if we’re looking at fixtures over form then this pick makes total sense. Not only does Eze have a Double Gameweek, but he is also playing two of the worst defences in the league this season. In a Crystal Palace team that has struggled all season, Eze & Zaha have both looked the most dangerous going forward. Now let’s look at some of the numbers.

Last Four Gameweeks:

  • xG: 0.13 xA: 0.54
  • 0 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 6 Penalty area touches
  • 8 Corners taken
  • 3 Goal attempts (2 in the box)
  • 8 chances created (1 big chance)
  • 68 Touches in the final third

Crystal Palace has three nice games on the bounce after the Double Gameweek week they play Aston Villa at home. However, I have only included one Palace player because their fixtures change after Aston Villa. I have included Eze over a defender because Palace has conceded on average 1.7 goals per game and have scored on average 1 goal per game so the attacking numbers certainly outweigh the possibility of a clean sheet. Southampton has conceded 1.8 goals per game which are only better than West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United (Sheffield United have also conceded 1.8 goals per game) so their defensive numbers would indicate there is an opportunity here for a return.

In conclusion, this is a huge differential however I do feel these fixtures are favourable and can see the likes of Eze performing well and potentially returning with the goal or an assist. The reason Zaha isn’t in this article is due to the fact he may be injured on not start in these games. In terms of talent, we’ve all seen what Eze can do and he has shown glimpses of brilliance on the ball, and his dribbling ability is there for everyone to see which may result in some bonus points as well as a potential attacking return.

Ademola Lookman: £4.8 – 1.4%

Fixture: Burnley

Now if I’m being honest I do really enjoy watching Fulham and I think they’ve really turned a corner since Christmas however, lately their form seems to have dropped at a vital part of the season. I like Scott Parker as a manager and I do hope to see him back In the Premier League soon if Fulham were to be relegated. Now for me, Lookman is Fulham’s brightest spark and this will be proven when we take a look at the underlying numbers.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 0.32 xA: 0.51
  • 0 Goals & 1 Assist
  • 16 Penalty area touches
  • 104 Touches in the final third
  • 5 Goal attempts (59 mins per attempt)
  • 10 Chances created (1 Big)
  • 66% dribble success rate
  • 32 Crosses & 26 Corners

I think it’s clear to everyone that Lookman passes the eye test and from what I’ve seen I can’t imagine he’ll be playing in the Championship next season. I feel that he can add a lot to most teams in the Premier League. Lookman has scored four goals and contributed four assists all season and in a team without a significant striker, it is impressive to me, when you marry this up with Burnley’s poor recent form you do start to get a sense that there may be an attacking return in this game.

In conclusion, you’ll see that I have added more Fulham assets to the differentials team. The reason for this is due to their favourable fixtures towards the end of the season and the sheer determination I have noticed Scott Parker displays. In a recent post-match interview, he mentioned that he does genuinely feel they can get four wins from their last four games and it’s an attitude like this that I do like to see from the manager when picking the assets to have in my own team; you know he’s going to push his players to the limit. In my opinion, you could keep a Fulham player in your team until the end of the season.

Gylfi Sigurdsson: £6.9m – 3%

Fixtures: West Ham United and Aston Villa

Some of you will romanticise of seasons gone by when having Gylfi in your teams was essential. In his Swansea and Tottenham days, he was in a lot of teams for the majority of the season. Another weapon in Sigurdsson’s arsenal is that he is on set pieces and not only is he on them he is also somewhat of an expert. The reason he’s in this article is that he has found minutes within the Everton midfield. With Rodriguez not yet fully fit, I can see Gylfi playing at least 1 1/2 of these games. Now let’s look at some numbers.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 1.40 xA: 0.26
  • 2 Goal & 0 Assists
  • 4 Starts
  • 11 Goal attempts
  • 10 Penalty area touches
  • 1 big chance (1 Scored)
  • 7 Goal Attempts (4 In the box)
  • 32 Successful passes in the final third (84% completion)
  • 4 Chances created

As you can see from the stats above he is not only a goal threat from set-pieces he is also a provider, creating one chance per game with a high pass completion rate in the final third. As per the FPL App, it says Rodriguez has a 75% chance of playing. When you compare this to the form of Gylfi, I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t start both of these games. Rodriguez’s fitness has always been a minor problem throughout his career. Sigurdsson has scored six goals and contributed four assists in the Premier League this season.

In conclusion, over the last few game weeks, West Ham has been involved in some high-scoring, end-to-end games, and with Declan Rice still injured this could be a contributing factor for space within the midfield where Sigurdsson likes to operate. As for Aston Villa, they do have an impressive clean sheet record this season but their form of late has been questionable. They have conceded chances and goals recently, although on paper these fixtures do not look great for both West Ham and Aston Villa’s defences. As I mentioned before, not only have Everton got a Double Gameweek, their fixtures until the rest of the season are also attractive from an FPL standpoint.

Che Adams: £5.7m – 4.2%

Fixtures: Liverpool and Crystal Palace

Che Adams has been in and out of the team of late and it’s a little hard to understand why. Coming back off the International Break where he scored for Scotland, he has struggled to find minutes and form in the Southampton side. However, with Danny Ings injured I do feel he can find a run within the team.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 0.75 xA: 0.08
  • 0 Goal & 0 Assists
  • 32 Touches in the final third
  • 6 Penalty area touches
  • 3 Goal Attempts
  • Big chances in the box
  • Chance Created

The main reason Adams is included in this article is due to the fact that Ings is injured. Having watched Adams all season (due to the fact I made a bet with my friend that he would score 15 goals this season), I have noticed he does a lot of running for the team. This, unfortunately, means he creates more space for others as opposed to himself and he does sometimes sacrifice returns to benefit the team, which isn’t good from an FPL aspect. Che Adams did find some form with back-to-back goals in a defeat to City & a defeat to Brighton which does indicate he is a streaky player.

To conclude, this guy is featured here due to the fact that I believe he will start both games. And as we saw at the start of the season when The Saints are on form they can bang goals and compete in matches. Again as mentioned at the start of the article, I wanted to include players with nice fixtures this week and for the rest of the season. After the DGW Southampton play Fulham & Leeds. So keeping Adams until the end of the season may not be a bad shout.


Sadio Mane: £11.7m – 5.2%

Fixtures: Southampton and Manchester United

Now I do fully understand that Mane has seriously been off the boil this season. That being said, Mane in my opinion is still one of the best left-wingers in football on his day. Not only that he plays for one of the best teams in the Premier League over the last few years. Mane is one of those players that can score two or three goals out of nowhere. You can look at it both ways, he has missed the chances but he’s also got himself in the right position to get some returns.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 1.61 xA: 0.48
  • 1 Goal & 1 Assists
  • 92 Touches in the final third
  • 26 Penalty area touches
  • 11 Goal Attempts (11 In the box)
  • 36 Mins per attempt
  • 5 Big chances (1 scored 4 missed)
  • 5 Chances Created (2 Big chances created)

As per the app “FotMob” which is widely used with the football community Mane is actually Liverpool’s top-rated player with a rating of 7.31 across the whole season. Although he’s been off the boil this season he’s scored 8 goals & 5 assists in the Premier League this season. Liverpool has created the second most big chances this season (66) only behind Man City. As we know Southampton’s defensive numbers are pretty shocking. They have won one game in the last five and in that time last three on the bounce so I am expecting goals in this fixture.

In conclusion, we now have news that Liverpool will have a double Gameweek, this news came as I was writing this article so, in theory, this makes Mane a much more attractive asset moving forward. As mentioned before, Mane has very favourable fixtures until the end of the season after the Double Gameweek. He plays West Brom, Burnley & Crystal Palace. I do understand he has a high price value and you would have to sacrifice another “Premium”, however, this isn’t called a Differential Article for nothing!

Mason Greenwood: £7.1 – 6.3%

Fixtures: Aston Villa, Leicester & Liverpool

In his last four matches, Greenwood has been one of the most in-form players in the Premier League. Similar to last season he seems to have hit a run of form towards the end of the season and with the news breaking that Manchester United will have a Triple Gameweek I had to include a Manchester United player in this differentials article. Ole seems to really like Greenwood and he has seen a consistent run in the team in the last few weeks. He is also one of the best natural finishers in the league and probably the best natural finisher at the club.

Last Four Games:

  • xG: 1.82 xA: 0.62
  • 4 Goal & 1 Assists
  • 109 Touches in the final third
  • 26 Penalty area touches
  • 16 Goal Attempts (13 In the box)
  • 18 Mins per attempt on goal
  • 72 Mins per goal
  • 4 Big chances (2 Scored 2 missed)
  • 4 Chances created (2 Big chances created)

I have to admit I can’t believe these numbers when I was putting this article together. I knew that Greenwood had been in good form however these underlying numbers blew me away and has actually convinced me to transfer him in this Gameweek. Obviously, the decision was made easier with the announcement of the Triple Gameweek. With the underlying numbers like the ones above, I don’t really think I have to convince you much more.

In conclusion, I wish I was able to triple up with Manchester United players. I have two free transfers and I’ll definitely be using one of them for Greenwood. Keep in mind that United do have a blank Gameweek after the triple so it is good to get a balanced team.

The FPL Way Differentials Team:

This team comes to £91m, meaning that you do have some funds left in the bank. Please keep in mind that this team isn’t essentially how we would go ahead with the Gameweek,  it is more a bit of fun to point out some differential picks in certain positions. We wanted to continue the theme as we have provided you with an FPL Way XV Scout Picks and the value (budget) squad already this week.

I do really hope you enjoyed reading and digesting this article. Good luck in the upcoming Gameweek and hopefully if you decide to go with a pick included in this article that it provides you with a nice green arrow. If you do decide to transfer in one of these players let us know below which one and how it went.



Differential Picks For Gameweek 34

With only five Gameweeks remaining to determine our end-of-season rank, now is the time to really push on and go differential to boost your rank. In this article, I will discuss four differentials you should consider to end your season with. Whether you’re looking to push on in rank, get an edge on mini-league rivals or play for enjoyment we have you covered. All our picks are under 10% ownership.

Timothy Castagne – 5.8m

Ownership: 6.3%

A goal and assist against Crystal Palace and West Brom respectively highlight Castagne’s attacking potential. He also plays for a Leicester side who have the league’s third-best XG conceded (4.45) in the last six matches. Southampton and Newcastle provide excellent short-term fixtures for output on both ends of the pitch. While fixtures against United, Chelsea, and Spurs are likely to be close, cagey affairs perfect for clean sheets.

Seamus Coleman – 4.8m

Ownership: 1.8%

Since being highlighted in our differentials article a few weeks back Coleman has been involved in three clean sheets and managed two assists. At 4.8m he represents great value, surprisingly ranking sixth among defenders for xA (0.64) over the last four matches.

Everton’s fixtures also look great, with fixtures against Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Wolves, and the recently leaky Hammers. Everton are also set to play a double gameweek, most likely in GW35. Boasting an upcoming double gameweek, great fixtures, exceptional value, and low ownership Coleman could be a great buy for the season run-in.

Matheus Pereira – 5.5m

Ownership: 5%

Since Sam Allardyce deployed Pereira through the middle against Chelsea he has managed four goals and two assists. He also sits second behind Salah for xGI (3.37) in those last four matches. West Brom’s fixtures may look tricky on paper, however, they are facing inconsistent Liverpool and Arsenal sides, a recently leaky West Ham team, and a Wolves side who have just conceded four to Burnley. Pereira’s set-piece duties also provide him with another route to points.

Gareth Bale – 9.1m

Ownership: 3%

With Spurs set to have only one game a week from now until the end of the season, this should provide Bale with enough rest time between matches. Son may be the safer pick out of the two however, Son is out of form and Bale provides a great differential to get an edge on mini-league rivals and gain rank. Spurs’ fixtures also look brilliant and could even warrant a triple up on the Spurs attack.

The FPL Way Value Picks – GW34

Posted by: @FantasySilva

Here is The FPL Way Value Picks for Gameweek 34 which commences on Friday 30th April 18:30.

This is our first edition of Value Picks which we will be doing on a weekly basis from now on. Basically, we pick a side of 15 players (all on a low budget) to help you with your transfers should you need some budget players in your team. This team comes out at only 79.8 million.

Southampton v Leicester

Our first pick is no other than the man who is in top form; that is Kelechi Iheanacho (6.2m). With 4 goals and 1 assist in the last 3 Gameweeks and bagging himself 4 bonus points in these games, this was simply a no brainer!

Crystal Palace v Man City

In this fixture, we have the young star Phil Foden (6.0m). In the last two Gameweeks where he played the full 90 minutes, he has accumulated 20 points with 1 goal and 3 assists. Should Pep start the player, this could well be a very nice differential pick as well with only 7.6% ownership.

Brighton v Leeds

For Brighton, we have selected Joël Veltman (4.4m). Brighton has managed to keep two clean sheets in the last 3 Gameweeks. The clean sheets actually came from two top sides; Everton and Chelsea. Could Brighton make it 3 out of 4 clean sheets? We believe so, hence we have him in our starting XI.

For Leeds, we have the star striker Patrick Bamford (6.5m). Although his current form hasn’t been the best in recent Gameweeks, we have a feeling this guy could bounce back and it could well be in this Gameweek. For his value and the fact that he has scored 14 goals and 10 assists this season, we just had to include him in the team.

Newcastle v Arsenal

We have two picks for this game; Rob Holding (4.2m) and Bukayo Saka (5.1m). With quite a few Arsenal players out with injury, it’s very likely both of these players will start. For only 4.2 million, Holding is a very good pick, not only for this week but also next week when they face West Brom at home. The same applies with Saka, but hopefully, this man will get an attacking return as well.

Spurs v Sheffield Utd

Our only selection here is Eric Dier (4.6m). This game has a clean sheet written all over it on paper. For the low price and the fact he has become a regular starter again, we just had to select him for the team. Spurs have some very nice upcoming fixtures as well which boosts his value.

West Brom v Wolves

Our only pick here is Matheus Pereira (5.5m). After the shocking 4-0 home defeat for Wolves in GW33, we feel there will definitely be some goals in this fixture. Pereira has accumulated 4 goals and 2 assists in the last 4 Gameweeks. For that reason, if there is someone who will get some attacking returns, it will most likely be this geezer!

Burnley v West Ham

For Burnley, we have selected Chris Wood (6.3m). In the last 6 Gameweeks, Wood has scored 6 and got 3 assists. 3 of the goals came in the last fixture against Wolves. With his great form, this was an easy pick for us.

For West Ham, we have the current star of the show and one of the best loans in the Premier History; the man; Jesse Lingard (6.6m). Since joining West Ham, he has managed a point average of 8.3 points. This is a whole 1 point higher than the second-highest average by Harry Kane. Lingard has managed 5 goals and 3 assists in the last 5 Gameweeks and we’re pretty confident he will continue his great form.

Our Bench Picks

Sam Johnstone (4.5m)

Johnstone has accumulated 23 points in the last 3 Gameweeks and will be playing an inconsistent Wolves team. Following Wolves 4-0 home defeat to Burnley, this could work out in this fellas favour.

Youri Tielemans (6.4m)

Leicester is in incredible form at the moment, and as a nailed on player; we just had to include him in the team. Providing 6 goals and 3 assists so far this season, he could potentially increase this tally in the next match.

Luke Ayling (4.4m)

Leeds managed to keep a clean sheet in their last fixture against Man Utd. They also have very nice fixtures for the remainder of the season so we feel this is a very strong pick.

Vladimir Coufal (4.7m)

Coufal has provided 4 assists in the last 4 Gameweeks. With the potential of a clean sheet and adding another attacking return to his tally, this was a confident pick for us.


If you need any help or advice with your team transfers/selections, feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us via Twitter: @TheFPLWay

Hope you like our new addition of Value Picks in our weekly Gameweek articles!

Have a great GW34 everyone!

Another Double Please, Bartender

This article intends to explain in simple terms why some teams might double/blank, when this might happen and what it is conditional on. Advice on which teams to target will come once the FPL Gameweeks are confirmed.

I almost feel greedy demanding another big Double Gameweek (DGW) having already been given two massive ones this season, but here we are. I demand it. I demand every single one of my players plays twice, with all of them gripping me firmly by the buttocks and thrusting me up the greasy pole that is Overall Rank.

The problem with these weeks is the high level of brainpower needed to figure out in advance how to maximise your team’s chances at getting the holy doubling eleven. The prophet/demi-god @BenCrellin does a fantastic job of alerting us to when these weeks are going to rear their heads. I (like many) have benefitted massively from his tweets, which act like air raid sirens warning us that fixture congestion is coming over the English Channel.

Double and Blanks will be caused by one of three things:

  1. Existing Postponed Fixtures
  2. FA Cup Final
  3. Fans Re-entering Grounds


The very simple flow of events that is most likely to happen is as follows:

  1. The Premier League is moving fixtures back to let every team have home fans for one fixture.
  2. FPL will likely move their deadlines too: GW36 will replace GW37 and GW37 will go between the original GW37 date and GW38.
  3. The FA Cup Final will then clash with GW36 instead of GW37, and 2 fixtures from GW36 will have to move to GW35 because of this clash.
  4. Therefore, due to the FA Cup Final, 4 teams will play twice in GW35 and blank in GW36.
  5. The 2 postponed fixtures from earlier in the season get added to GW35, giving another 4 teams a double fixture that week.
  6. 8 teams play twice in GW35, 4 teams blank in GW36.


Simple, right?

The next sections will break down which teams are involved and who their fixtures will be against.


Existing Postponed Fixtures

Currently there are two fixtures postponed earlier in the season left to be rescheduled:

  1. Everton vs Villa
  2. Palace vs Southampton


These two fixtures will definitely cause a double gameweek when they are slotted into the schedule: GAMEWEEK 35 has been deemed the likely place for these fixtures, as there is a free midweek to accommodate them.

The double fixtures for these teams would be:

Everton: WHU (A) + VIL (A)

Villa: MNU (H) + EVE (H)

Saints: LIV (A) + PAL (H)

Palace: SHU (A) + SOUT (A)


Fans Re-Entering Grounds:

Currently, the FPL deadlines for GW36-GW38 are as follows.

GW36: Tuesday 11th May

GW37: Saturday 15th May

GW38: Sunday 23th May

However, May 17th is when the next stage of unlocking lockdown begins, which only leaves one round of fixtures available for fans to attend. Therefore, the fixtures have been pushed back to allow for fans to re-enter the grounds:

GW36: 11/12th -> 15/16th

GW37: 15/16th -> 18/19th

GW38: Remaining the same.

We are now just waiting for FPL to confirm the new deadlines that will accommodate these date changes.

It is worth noting that if FPL didn’t change the deadlines (which is considered very unlikely), then huge numbers would double in GW36 and blank in GW37.


FA CUP Final

After English participation in the ESL collapsed quicker than you can shout “greedy f******* b******* get out of English football now!”, it seems that the FA Cup final between Leicester and Chelsea will go on as planned. This final clashes currently with GW37, however, due to the Fans Re-Entering Grounds project, it is likely that it will end up clashing with GW36 instead. This means that Leicester vs United and Chelsea vs Arsenal will have to be rearranged, most likely to Gameweek 35.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and Man United would therefore all DOUBLE in GW35 and BLANK in GW36.

Chelsea: MCI (A) + ARS (H)

Arsenal: WBA (H) + CHE (A)

Leicester: NEW (H) + MNU (A)

Man U: VIL (A) + LEI (H)



Therefore, it seems likely that GW35 will be a big double with:

  1. Villa, Everton, Southampton and Palace doubling due to the postponed fixture being slotted in.
  2. Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and United also doubling due to the FA Cup Final the week after.

Followed by GW36 with:

  1. Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and United all blanking due to Chelsea and Leicester’s involvement in the FA Cup final.

Who’s The Best Captain For Gameweek 32?

Who Will You Choose⁉️

This article was written by @FPL_D5l (Daniel Lison)

I’m going to be exploring the best options for captaincy for Gameweek 32 (GW32).

📌 Results of the Poll

📌 Who Are The Top Performers (Stats Table)

📌 Premium & Differential’s

📌 My Conclusion

📌 Who’s Winning The Arm Band


Results of the Poll:

First of all, 82% is extraordinary for a poll percentage, I might as well just stop here as we know who will be the clear favourite for this Gameweek. But nevertheless, let’s explore some possibilities for the other candidates.

The following stats will be sourced from @FFscout.

Who Are The Top Performers?

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

The table above you is an attacking stats table I like to choose from when I’m choosing my captaincy picks. If I narrow it down to 2 stats, I particularly look out for shots on target and shots in the box. The more shots on target you see in a player, the higher the quality of a player’s shooting ability & accuracy in front of goal.


Harry Kane: £11.7m

Fixtures: Southampton (H) & Everton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 3.37
  • Goals: 3
  • Shots Inside The Box: 9
  • Assist: 0
  • Chances Created: 0
  • Big Chances: 4

We start off with the main man himself Harry Kane, who clearly will have the most EO for this game week & I’m definitely not going to talk you out of him in this article. But what I am going to do is write why we should captain Kane.

I have heard some mumblings about Spurs not doing so well against Man United in Gameweek 31 & therefore doubting captaining Kane due to their poor performance. However, I need to remind you guys, Man United have a really good record against the top 6 teams, so don’t let that game put you off.

Spurs are playing Southampton at home, let me throw in some stats: In the last 6 games, the Saints sit 3rd for Big Chances Conceded (18), Top 6 for xGC (9.78), & 2nd for Goals Conceded (13). Looking at these poor defensive stats it’s very encouraging from an attacking point of view for Harry Kane. Everton are looking slightly better defensively, they sit bottom half of the stats table for Goals Conceded (10), bottom 6th for xG Conceded (6.73) & sit in the bottom 5 for Goals Conceded (5). Everton will be the trickier team out of two teams & the stats proves that.

So if we take a look at Kane’s attacking stats, I’m going to introduce you to more favourable stats that I like to choose when I look for my captain. In the last 6 matches, he’s joint second for chances in the box, 7 Big Chances which is joint best & 11 shots on target (also joint best in the league). We also need to mention his goal involvement; Harry Kane has 32 goal involvements this season, Son 23, which makes them both extremely good FPL options. I would strongly recommend owning them. Kane is clearly a very strong candidate & will be hard to match.

Son Heung-min: £9.4m

Southampton (H) & Everton (A)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 0.75
  • Goals: 1
  • Mins Per Goal Attempt In Box: 48.8
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 4
  • Big Chances: 2

Now we’ve cleared up the clear favourite, I’m now going to add the second most voted player; Son (12%). Worthy for the captaincy? Well, compared to Kane he doesn’t have as much attacking potential as we would like him to have. Son’s creative ability has become more his game this season than goals: in the last 6 matches he has (4) chances created to Kane’s (0), but that doesn’t strike me as the go to stat. I’m going to show you some comparisons between them both.

Kane & Son

Shot’s in the box: 9 ↔️ 5

Shots on Target: 7 ↔️ 3

Goal Attempts: 17 ↔️ 6

As my go to stats, this show’s Kane has far more attacking potential than Son. I would Say Son is the creator not the scorer, so that dents his chances for the armband. I do think if you need play aggressively to gain rank, Son is a good differential Captain.

Bruno Fernandes: £11.6m

Burnley (h)

Underlying attacking stats in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 1.56
  • Goals: 1
  • Mins Per Goal Attempt In Box: 119.3
  • Assist: 1
  • Chances Created: 11
  • Big Chances: 3

Now we go to the 3rd most voted (3%), Bruno Fernandes. I think its fair to say Bruno Fernandes is running out of steam slightly & to be honest I’m not surprised considering how long he has performed so strongly in FPL since joining United last year in January. It just shows that he is actually human after all. Bruno is heading to Burnley and on a defensive note I will put out some stats on the table: In the last 4 matches Burnley are in the top 4 for Big Chances Conceded (13), top 6 for Goals Conceded (7) & in the top 5 for xG Conceded (7.52). I think Bruno has a good chance of an attacking return in this match.

Taking a look at Bruno’s attacking stats he only has (1) assist in the last 4, which isn’t great. What I do like to see is his Shots on Target (7); that is comparable to Kane, Lingard & Iheanacho. As you can see Bruno is much of a distance shooter as he has (3) Shots In The Box, compared to the like’s of Kane (9), Lingard (10) & Iheanacho (10), which again put’s him down as the non favourite compared to the others.

Of course, we have to note down that Bruno is on penalties, which is good as if he scores he inevitably gets at least 10pts. But if you compare that to Kane, he’s 1) on a Double Game week, & 2) his attacking potential is far greater. Bruno is a brilliant player and playing against Burnley is a tasty fixture, but he will not be my captain this week.


Jesse Lingard & Kelechi Iheanacho:

Fixtures: Newcastle (A) & West Brom (H)

Underlying attacking stats compared in the last 4 matches (games where he was out injured/rested are not included):

  • XG: 2.35 ↔️ 2.75
  • Goals: 5 ↔️ 6
  • Mins Per Goal Attempts: 35.7 ↔️ 34.1
  • Assist: 2 ↔️ 0
  • Chances Created: 4 ↔️ 6
  • Big Chances: 5 ↔️ 4

We now come to the interesting part, the other choices of the poll with (3%) of the vote. Jesse Lingard! A worthy differential captain as he can’t stop scoring right now, with 6 goals in 4 games. He is also playing Newcastle (A) which is a nice fixture to target. I did mention in my last article whether Lingard would play as well without Antonio due to him having no shots after Antonio came off in the 1st half. Obviously I was wrong as he scored 2 goals against Leicester.

Let’s run through Jesse’s last 6 matches. He’s joint second in the whole league for Shots on Target, he also has had (5) Big Chances which is joint 3rd highest in the whole league. Surprisingly Lingard’s xG doesn’t match up compared to most of the players above but he still provides a decent amount of shots on goal & his chances compared to those above are pretty good too. If Spurs weren’t playing a double game week then he would be most likely my captain this week.

Iheanacho has also been in top form recently. Scoring 6 goals in 6 games, they have very similar xG: Iheanacho (2.75) and Lingard (2.35). Iheanacho’s other stats are similar to Lingard: Shots on Target 8 ↔️ 8, Shots Inside the Box 10 ↔️ 10 & Big Chances Total 4 ↔️ 5. You can see clearly the stats are great for both players. Leicester are playing against West Brom, who I would say are one of the best defences in the league at the moment. So again, compared to the mighty Kane, these boys just can’t compete and for the obvious reasons both will not have the armband. After Gameweek 32 they are very much up for consideration, but just not this week.

My Conclusion:

We finish off with my conclusion. I think it goes without question who my captaincy pick will be in Gameweek 32. When it comes to stats, form and comparing the other players that we have previously mentioned, the choice is obvious. This man has a double game week, is the top goalscorer in the Premier League and has 34 goal involvements this season. There’s only one man we can choose and that is Harry Kane. So yes, he is my captain for this week. The other candidates would all likely be great options if he didn’t have the double gameweek. You don’t have to Captain Kane, but you have to consider what could happen if you don’t. We know his effective ownership is very high and he could really cause some damage to your rank. On the flip side, if he doesn’t get any points and you go for a differential perhaps, you could potentially gain a bit of rank here. I’m pretty confident Kane will bag quite a few points in his double Gameweek, and in all honestly, I couldn’t justify captaining anyone else.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, I wish you all the best for your Gameweek. Please give me a follow @FPL_D5L. Below you will see who’s winning the armband, all the order for all the candidates we have spoken about from 1 to 5

Have a great weekend!

Who’s Winning The Armband?

1️⃣ Kane

2️⃣ Son

3️⃣ Lingard

4️⃣ Iheanacho

5️⃣ Bruno Fernandes