The Premium Discussion

Ronaldo, Salah and Lukaku. These are three players that we all want to have in our FPL teams. Can we fit all three in though? That is what we will be looking at in this article. We will also analyse which of the premiums are best for the upcoming Gameweeks.


Which Premiums?


Ronaldo, Salah, and Lukaku are by some distance the most popular premiums, each owned by over 30% of FPL managers. Son and Vardy are each owned in 11% of FPL teams. Whilst De Bruyne is only owned by 1% of the game. Going without Ronaldo or Salah could prove detrimental to your rank as they both hold such high ownerships. However, opting for De Bruyne could significantly improve your rank.



All six players have reasonable fixture runs, with Leicester and Chelsea boasting the easiest FDR. Below is a table outlining the best weeks to captain the premium assets. Captaincy is crucial when buying premium players.

Over the next ten Gameweeks, the table suggests that De Bruyne and Ronaldo have four captain-able fixtures. Son has five. Whilst Salah, Lukaku, and Vardy have the most captain-able fixtures with six each. The best combination is probably Salah and Lukaku, although Gameweek twelve would see them facing Arsenal and Leicester respectively. Vardy also rotates well with Salah.



Below is a table of data comparing the premium assets. The stats are representative of each player’s performance per 90 minutes.

From the table above, we can gather that Ronaldo has the most goal threat with an xG (1.67), shots (6.5), and shots on target  (3.5) per 90. De Bruyne carries the most assist threat according to the table – attempting 5 assists every 90 minutes, whilst he also has the highest xA (0.54) per 90 minutes. Salah tops the pile for expected points (10) per ninety, Ronaldo not too far behind (9.5).


Salah is the one premium that everyone should have regardless of fixtures or form. He can score in any game and is a superb FPL asset. To choose a second premium asset, we must look at captaincy and see who can rotate with Salah. Vardy and Lukaku both offer great rotation with Salah for captaincy. However, Lukaku’s stats and form lean towards me choosing him over Vardy.

If you are going for three premium assets in your FPL team then I would choose Vardy or Son. De Bruyne and Ronaldo are great assets, but their fixtures are poor and the extra money saved allows you to invest in the rest of your squad.

A Team with Two Premiums vs Three Premiums:

The following players will feature in both teams. These are the players I believe are “essential” and should be in every team.

  • Sanchez (BHA)
  • Foster (WAT)
  • Alexander-Arnold (LIV)
  • Livramento (SOU)
  • Antonio (WHU)


Two Premiums:


Three Premiums:

Both teams are reasonably well set up. However, the team with three premiums is very inflexible. The money is spread evenly across the team making it difficult to shift money around when necessary.

The team with two premiums allows plenty of flexibility and covers most price points. The extra money also allows for a stronger bench. This allows you to play the fixtures and hold players if they are injured.

After writing this article I have concluded that I think having two premiums in our teams is most advatageous. Salah and Lukaku are the two I would choose.

What are you thinking about doing? Let me know in the comments below.