Fantasy Premier League – When is the best time to use your Wildcard?

Fantasy Premier League – When is the best time to use your Wildcard?

Fantasy Premier League chips are a vital thing that can make or break your season. Making poor decisions with your chips can literally destroy your entire season, especially for managers who are wanting to finish within the top 10k rank at the end of the season. Using your wildcard at the right time can definitely benefit you and that’s what we are here to discuss with you today.

What chips do you have and how many Wildcards do you get?

Over the past few years in FPL, you start your Premier League season with:

  • Bench Boost
  • Triple Captain
  • Free Hit

These three chips you can only use once in your FPL season. We’ll briefly explain what these chips are…

The FPL Bench Boost chip allows you to play all of your fifteen players, so you will obtain points from your starting eleven, but also the four players that you have on the bench.

The Triple Captain is essential a boost chip which means that your team’s captain will score three times the amount of points. Usually, captains will only gain double the points for your selected captain.

Similar to the other two chips mentioned above, the Free Hit chip can be taken only once per season. This allows you to do unlimited transfers (like the Wildcard), however, this only applies to the single Gameweek. With this, you can replace your entire squad but your 15 man lineup will be returned to how it was prior to using this chip for the following Gameweek.

Let’s talk more about the Wildcard…

Every manager gets allocated two Wildcards each season. The first one needs to be used in the first half of the season which is usually at the end of the year around the 28th of December. After that, you get a second Wildcard which you can use any time before the end of the season. Do bear in mind that if you don’t use your first Wildcard, it doesn’t roll over to the second one, so you have to use it before the end of the year, otherwise, you will only benefit from a single Wildcard.

The Wildcard allows you to make unlimited free transfers throughout a single Gameweek. Essentially, the ideal time to use your Wildcard is when you are wanting to make multiple changes to your team without taking a hit. Some players might use their Wildcard when they have several underperforming players or that have a team consisting of multiple injuries. Others might use their Wildcard when teams play more than once in a single Gameweek which is known as a Double Gameweek.

To use your Wildcard, you have to make at least a single transfer, once you have confirmed this, there is an option to select the Wildcard. Once selected you will be able to make unlimited transfers without detecting any points.

Do take into consideration though, that once you have confirmed the Wildcard option, it cannot be reversed… So be 100% sure you want to do this before activating this.

So when do people usually think about using their Wildcard?

Well, each FPL Managers team will all have different circumstances but usually, it tends to be used in the following ways:

  • You have several players with injuries.
  • You have a bunch of players underperforming and not scoring you points
  • With International Break, you have time to make changes and increase your squad value
  • Or because you are simply planning on using another chip right after playing your Wildcard – The chip that tends to be used after the Wildcard is the Bench Boost chip

Which is the best way to approach the Wildcard chip?

The way we like to deal with Wildcards comes in two steps, one for each Wildcard you are given. Each season can be different and there are situations where it would be more beneficial to go with one approach over the other… In general, though, this is usually how we would approach the two Wildcards:

The First Wildcard

We actually tend to use an early Wildcard. There can be quite a lot of factors where it would determine where we would use it but since the Fantasy League commences in September, and you have to use your first Wildcard by the end of the year; this is what we try to do.

We use the first Wildcard after assessing the players we initially picked at the start of the season, we tend to use this first one to get a full XV squad of players who will play every game. Not only this, but we also look to get players early on who are making a big impact, these tend to be players that are most transferred in. You might be wondering why this is beneficial… Well, by getting players that are most transferred, not only are they in-form players, but they are also players that can increase your squad value early on in the season. For example, you start with a 100 million budget, but this can quite quickly increase your squad value. This means that further down the line, you can improve your squad and get some better picks which would give you a little bit of an advantage.

The Second Wildcard

With this one, we tend to wait for a Gameweek where there is a Double Gameweek, the plan for this one is to field 15 players with the Bench Boost Chip; with all of the players having a Double Gameweek. Do bear in mind though, you can’t use the Bench Boost and Wildcard in the same Gameweek. The way we approach this is to use the Wildcard the week before the confirmed Double Gameweek, and then use the second Wildcard straight after.

It can be difficult to keep 15 players that are actively playing in your team, hence why the Wildcard before Bench Boosting can take a huge effect!


Every FPL Manager will play their Wildcard in different ways, ultimately, it all depends on your squad’s situation. You have to take in a lot of factors, such as injuries, suspensions and various other factors. Essentially, the way in which we have explained how we use our Wildcard is the ‘typical’ or how we intend to use it. It doesn’t always go to plan, so sometimes you have to make your Managerial decisions to give you the best chance of earning more points throughout the season.

Here at The FPL Way, we love to give squad advice, rate your team, suggest transfers and advise when you should use your chips. Simply drop us a message and we will give you advice from multiple members of our team to help you get the most points you can achieve.

We hope you have found this article interesting. Stay up to date with the latest news from our team over on our Twitter Page.

Thank you for reading!

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