FPL Chips – What is the Bench Boost & when to use it?

FPL Chips – What is the Bench Boost & when to use it?

The Bench Boost chip is one of four chips available to FPL managers. It calculates the points picked up on your bench, for the gameweek in which you played it, and adds the sum of these four players’ points to your overall score for the selected gameweek. Effectively, when the Bench Boost is active, all of your 15-man squad gain points. The Bench Boost chip can only be used once in an FPL season.

Playing the Bench Boost chip in FPL can be tricky to get correct. Many managers deploy the chip at the wrong time and end up wasting what could have been a healthy addition of points to their squad.

When should I use the Bench Boost chip?

The Bench Boost chip is best saved for Double Gameweeks (DGWs). A DGW increases the probability that your players will feature, at least once, which is imperative when activating the chip.

Equally important are the fixtures your bench players have. One fixture against the league’s lousiest defence can be better than two against the league’s best.

To play the Bench Boost, you must be sure that all fifteen of your players can start at least one game. Also, you should be confident that your players can return in their respective fixtures.

How do I get 15 starters in my team?

Acquiring 15 starters in our FPL teams can be challenging. Using a Wildcard is one option, however, that can leave you with an excess of cash spent on your bench. You could use the chip early in the season and ‘Wildcard out of it’. However, that could leave your starting eleven bereft of investment.

I believe the best time to Bench Boost is during a DGW in the second-half of the season. This allows us to develop team value. As we gain greater team value, we can afford to invest more into our benches without under-investing in our starting eleven.



The Bench Boost is an incredibly valuable chip and, when activated at the correct time, can be very beneficial. To make the most of the Bench Boost, I advise using it in a Double Gameweek during the second half of the season, when your players have favourable fixtures.

One thought on “FPL Chips – What is the Bench Boost & when to use it?

  1. It is one of the least valuable chips. Normally when there is a DGW this means rotation. And starting elevens are notoriously unpredictable as many of the competing teams have other priorities. On av. erage a BB chip only nets about 12-16 points I am going to use it gameweek 1 – the first time I have ever done so.
    It is because there are so few of the big names starting after pre season and the euros. It means many cheaper priced players from big sides are likely to start. Greenwood, Jota etc. Plus at the time of writing Tsimikas is a 4m option for Liverpool at left back,

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