FPL – What is the Triple Captain chip and when to use it?

FPL – What is the Triple Captain chip and when to use it?

What is the Triple Captain & When to use it?

If you’re wondering what the Triple Captain chip is, or when to use it, then this guide will answer your questions.

What is the Triple Captain Chip?

The Triple Captain chip provides you with triple points from your chosen captain (as opposed to the double points your captain would normally receive). You can only use it once per season in a single Gameweek of your choosing.

For example, if you have chosen Bruno Fernandes as your Triple Captain and he gained 12 points as his base score, he would receive 24 points as your captain. With the Triple Captain played in that gameweek, his points will be tripled, to 36 points overall.

How do you activate the Triple Captain chip?

You will see a graphic that will display above (or below) your team draft depending on which version of the FPL interface you are using (website or app). If you click on the Triple Captain button (or the PLAY button on the web), it will highlight green (or PLAY will change to CANCEL on web). You can cancel the chip before the deadline (so don’t worry if you press it by accident). Remember, if you pass the deadline with the chip activated, you will not be able to cancel it.

The other two chips, the Wildcard and Free Hit, are irrecoverable once active.

When should you activate your Triple Captain?

The Triple Captain chip is not something you want to use at the start of a new season. You should look ahead and plan for the optimal time to play the chip.

As with the other chips available, you ideally want to maximise the benefit of the Triple Captain chip. Targeting a Double Gameweek is a great way of maximising points output from the chip, as the points total of your captain will be trebled for both games. It is also worth targeting fixtures where your captain is likely to score more points (such as Man City versus Watford or Liverpool versus Norwich). Keep doing your research and look for teams with poor defensive form.

Premium players are key to increasing the likelihood of maximum points. Mohammad Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane and Bruno Fernandes, are prime examples of players who can consistently deliver points and are unlikely to be rotated by their managers. These players also have a proven pedigree of generating points over a number of seasons.

An excellent way to target fixtures is by using the Season Fixture Ticker on our website. The interface is colour coded by difficulty throughout the season.


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